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Slow Walk To Republican Party Suicide

Thursday February 24th, 2021

My Dear America:

What in the holy hell has happened to the Republican Party.

Yes, Donald Trump led the party in the wrong direction for the four years he was President.

But For God's Sake Trump is out of power now and the insanity in the Republican Party is continuing unabated.

I am old enough to remember back when the Republican Party was brutally Anti Communist.  For most of the time that I remember the concept of anyone in the Republican Party kissing Putin's ass, never mind the President doing it, would have been unheard of.

The Republicans were also very strictly Conservative when it came to Federal Budgets and Saving Money.  They are still conservative when it comes to Government Budgets and Saving Money.  But it seems as though They are only concerned about Budget Deficits and Over Spending when Democratic Administrations are in power.  Like Now.

Donald Trump Spent Government Funds like a Drunken Sailor for Four Years and Republicans rarely said a word about it.  Now, watch what happens when Joe Biden tries to gain Republican Support for a Covid Relief Bill.  Suddenly Republicans are Deficit Hawks once again worried about Government spending now that it might be the Democrats who want to vote for responsible but expensive legislation.

Where was the deficit spending concern when Republicans were voting to reduce taxes on the rich and well connected.  There was very little deficit concern then.

When you are looking for Phonies and Fraudsters in The Republican Congress you don't need to look much further than Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.  Cruz, along with his Fellow Harvard Alum, Josh Hawley, were at least partly responsible for the Raiding and Ransacking of the Capitol Building on January 6th, when these two Showboaters were initially the only two Republican Senators who wanted to interfere with the counting of Electors.  Their inappropriate actions encouraged other Republican Senators  and House Members to join them in attempting to illegally keep Donald Trump in power after Trump lost the election by a wide margin and it is speculated that had Cruz and Hawley done the right thing and certified the Electors, the Capitol Republican Trump Mob Revolt might not have occurred and the Capitol might not have been invaded by Trumpsters  

But as we know Cruz and Hawley did not do the right thing on January 6th and at least five people lost their lives in the June 6th Battle of the Capitol.

Last week Cruz took his lack of empathy for others to a whole other level.  During a period of deep freezing in Texas when the right thing for Cruz to do would have been for him to do what he could do to advocate for his constituents and try to influence appropriate Federal and State agencies to assist the people of Texas who were stuck with freezing pipes and lack of heat emergencies that killed a number of Texans, once again, Ted Cruz did not do the right thing.

While his Texas Constituents were freezing their asses off all over Texas Ted Cruz and his Family decided to take a quick Trip to Cancun, Mexico and stay in luxury in the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  What a Great Time for Cruz to decide that he was Okay with Mexicans, after all.

Although Cruz had initially planned to come back to Texas after several days of fun in the Cancun sun, the Texas and National Press got wind of Cruz's escape to Mexico and Cruz was pressured to cut short his Mexican vacation after one night and came back to Texas lying that he had been planning to come back quickly, all along.  

Now, the latest aspect of this still Freezing Cold Hearted Spectacle is that Texas Residents who have their own privately owned Texas Electric Power Company because they didn't want to be regulated by the Federal Government have seen their Electric bills increase by unconscionable amounts that not even millionaires would be able to pay.  Once again the price of being a Republican in Texas is far  too much to pay.

To add insult to injury, Ted Cruz has been going on Fox News and spewing lies about the Green New Deal and frozen windmills being responsible for Power Grid woes in Texas.  Indeed, the windmills did freeze but they are responsible for only a small portion of Texas Energy Troubles. 

In an effort for Cruz to rescue his damaged reputation Cruz made sure to have pictures taken of him handing out water bottles this past weekend to storm parched Texans.  

Cruz is only one symbol of disrepute in a party that is loaded with dead wood at the present time.

House Republican, Kevin McCarthy is another Republican Leader with a reputation badly in need of Repair.  After oddly showing some courage after the Capitol Raid in which McCarthy verbally accused Donald Trump of having "Some Responsibility" for the attack on the Capitol, within days McCarthy was photographed with Trump at Mar A Lago, both men smiling broadly as they were photographed standing next to each other.  Following McCarthy's Mar A Lago trip his voice has once again become strangely silent with regard to Trump's "Responsibility" regarding the Capitol Raid by Trump Supporters.  

Certainly the response to Senators who voted to Convict Trump in his Second Impeachment Trial should be of concern to all Responsible Republicans.  Those Republicans who voted to convict Trump were the following:

Pat Toomey - of Pennsylvania

Lisa Murkowski - of Alaska

Bill Cassidy - of Louisiana

Richard Burr - of North Carolina

Susan Collins - of Maine

Mitt Romney - of Utah 


Ben Sasse - of Nebraska

Instead of Republicans from their Home States being proud of their Senators courage to do the right thing regarding their Impeachment Trial Votes most, if not all, of these Senators have received considerable blowback from their state party leaders complaining about their votes and receiving threats of Censure from their State Republican Party Leaders.  Stunningly, one prominent Republican leader in Pennsylvania stated publicly about Pat Toomey's vote to convict Donald Trump for Inciting an Insurrection that "We did not send him there to do the right thing." 

Clearly, despite the fact that Donald Trump followed the Hitler Playbook to the letter on January 6th, it seems that members of the Republican Party either don't get it or don't want to get it.  With the cooperation of Fox News, Newsmax and OAN, the Republican Party seems to have permanently hitched their wagons to the Wannabe Fascist Dictator and anything he wants to do, including invading the Capitol instead of the Reichstag is Okay with them.

Can every Republican be a Fascist?

I don't think so.  At Least I hope Not.

Clearly some prominent Republicans such as Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Michael Steele and George Conway made their feelings known about Donald Trump during the 2020 Campaign through their participation in the Lincoln Project.  Some of those Republicans have left the Republican Party, some becoming Democrats and some becoming Independents.  They and some other Republicans such as Charlie Dent in Pennsylvania are discussing either starting a new wing of the Republican Party or possibly starting a new party altogether made up of Mainly Moderate Republicans.

Certainly starting a brand new party would be a daunting task but Republicans who are actually conservatives need to be realistic and recognize that the Trump led Republican Party is not where they belong.  The Republican Party that promotes Donald Trump's lies  and Marjorie Taylor Greene's Conspiracy Theories is not welcoming for any real conservative.  

And Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the only Conspiracy Theorist in Congress these days.  She is joined in her Weirdness by Lauren Boebert of Colorado, another Qanon believer.  

Taylor Greene is also joined by Paul Gosar, A Right Wing Dentist from Arizona who has apparently publicly stated that "The country is in a Civil War but people haven't started shooting yet." That may be true but people have begun dying in this new Civil War.  

Gosar has apparently met with some of the "Oath Keepers" group prior to their participation in storming the Capitol.  Gosar is probably the only person in Congress who has had several of his Siblings go on record objecting to his election to Congress and recommending to voters that they should not vote for their brother stating that he is Racist, Corrupt, Ignorant, Hateful and Despicable.  Man, I bet Thanksgiving is a damn difficult day for the Gosar Family.

These and other like minded people seem to have taken over the Republican Party.  There is little left of the Republican Party of Barry Goldwater, John McCain, Bob Dole, Dwight Eisenhower and many other decent Patriots.

I would hope that the events of January 6th are a Wake Up Call to Decent and Law Abiding Republicans who recognize that it is time for them to say Goodbye to the Trump Republican Party and get the hell out of a Party that does not want them and will destroy them if they remain in it.  

I feel bad for decent Republicans these days.  They are in one hell of a bind.  Their true Party is almost nonexistent and there is no sign that it will be coming back any time soon.  They don't have a lot of good choices regarding what to do but if they do not want to be labeled a Fascist , like the real Fascists in their party, they need to abandon ship and let the Trump Republican Party die a disgusting death without them.  Right now, although there are still decent Republicans in the party, soon there will be none.

I think it is a time right now for Democrats to reach out to their Republican Friends and Relatives who are reachable and invite them into the Democratic Party before the Republican Party along with their extremely flawed and Despotic Leader, Donald Trump sinks beneath the waves like the Titanic.  

Come on board our Rescue Ship that we call The Biden Administration.  We will welcome you with open arms as long as you are not carrying weapons and have no ill intents.  After all, in the end, regardless of party, we are all Americans and are lucky to be so.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



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