Sunday, August 30, 2020

Unmoored - A Weeks Worth Of Alternative Facts At The Republican National Convention Ends With A Super Spreader Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue

 Sunday, August 30th, 2020

My Dear America:

Like the Democratic Convention the week before, the Republican National Convention was also a mainly Televised Convention.  

Unlike the Democratic Convention that featured some very well known Republicans including John Kasich and Colin Powell, among others, stumping for Joe Biden there were only a few virtually unknown Democrats willing to show up for Donald Trump at his Convention.  

In fact, most of the people who showed up to support Donald Trump at his Convention were mainly unknown people, although he did score a few Republican Legislators who were willing to put their already soiled reputations on the line for Donald Trump.  Representative Steve Scalise showed up, as did Kevin McCarthy.  Also Senators Tom Cotton, Joni Erst and Mitch McConnell gave short speeches of support for President Trump.  

I did fully watch the first night, third and fourth nights of the Convention.  I taped the second night but after watching some of the "highlights" on Stephen Colbert's show as well as on MSNBC and CNN I decided not to put myself through the torture of watching Eric and Melania Trump extol the virtues of Donald Trump.

For God's Sake didn't anyone in the Trump Campaign staff have the good sense to tell Donald and Melania that her immigrant story is tone deaf to a nation that is tired of seeing immigrants locked up, locked out and immigrant children separated from their families.

In addition, to the very long Week Of A Thousand lies (At Least) we saw some additional very out of touch behaviors and speeches on the part of a lot of the Trump Surrogates.  


Certainly on night one the award for the loudest and the weirdest speech of the night went to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Junior's girlfriend and former Fox News Contributor, who is also inexplicably the Ex Wife of California Gavin Newsom. 

Other Trump Panderers on Night One of the Convention included Representatives Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan.  Jordan actually put on a suit coat for this event. Senator Tim Scott seemed sincere but misguided and former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Representative Nikki Haley took care to look good and feather her own nest as she proclaimed her loyalty to Donald Trump.

Mark and Patricia McClosky, two gun toting Lawyers who got a lot of press and a visit from the police for brandishing guns outside of their home in St. Louis during Black Lives Matter Protests also showed up to profess fealty to Donald Trump. Don Junior was also there on Monday night prompting some people to speculate as to whether Junior might be hopped up on something other than family loyalty.


Some of those showing up to praise the President on night two of the Convention in addition to Melania and Eric Trump were Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, live from Jerusalem where he was traveling on the taxpayers dime and Senator Rand Paul, who had nothing good to say about Donald Trump when they were running against each other in 2016. Now apparently they're Best Buddies. Who could have predicted that. 

Former Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, who killed her investigation into Trump University after receiving a Very Substantial Campaign Contribution from Donald Trump, had the audacity to try to revive the corruption allegations against Hunter Biden that she pedaled when she was one of Trump's Defense Attorney's during the Senate Impeachment Trial.  

Do these people have so little common sense that they scream Nepotism when both Ivanka and Jared are working in the White House and Don Junior and Eric Trump are taking full advantage of making money while their father is the President and Eric's wife is working on the Campaign.  Not to mention the recent allegations that Donald Trump Senior was having his self appointed Ambassador trying to procure the British Open Golf Tournament for one of Trump's golf courses in the British Isles.


Night Three of the Trump Republican Convention was rather light on stars.  Mike Pence and Karen Pence both had their turn and I have to say that I thought Mike was more impressive than I expected.  Of course after Mike's speech he was joined onstage  by Donald Trump.  At Fort McHenry where Pence gave his speech there seemed to be some people making an attempt at social distancing and some people wearing masks.  

Prior to Mile Pence there were presentations by the Governor of South Dakota and Congressional Representatives from Tennessee, Texas and New York, as well as Trump Operatives Kayleigh McEnenny and Kellyanne Conway.  Conway had announced at the beginning of the week that she would be leaving the White House where she had worked as an advisor since Trump's Inauguration to try to work out some issues at home with her daughter, who along with Kellyanne's husband, George Conway, had been discrediting Donald Trump for a very long time.  

A Sacred Heart Nun and Surgeon must have held her nose as she talked about her support for Trump because she was against abortion.  

Football Coach, Lou Holtz, also spoke in Trump's behalf on Night 3, as did Lara Trump and Richard Grenell, Former Acting Director of National Intelligence.  Grenell had not lasted long as DNI Director because even the Republicans thought he was someone who had no experience in Intelligence gathering.


Night Four was somewhat of a Rogues Gallery with Donald Trump being the Rogue in Chief.  The exception to the Rogue Rule was the inclusion of Carl and Marsha Mueller, parents of Kayla Mueller, a young aid worker who was kidnapped in Syria and after being tortured and raped repeatedly was eventually killed.  Although none of this occurred during the Trump Administration Mr. and Mrs. Mueller somehow seemed to feel that the Obama Administration policy of not paying ransom was responsible for their daughter's death and you can't blame them for how they feel.  I doubt whether Donald Trump is deserving of their loyalty to him but regardless the Muellers are riding on the Trump Train and I would certainly not judge them harshly.

Alice Johnson was another person who some might judge harshly.  Alice spent 22 years in prison serving a life sentence for what I believe were drug offenses.  Donald Trump commuted her sentence and more recently pardoned her.  Again, I don't blame this woman for supporting the man who pardoned her.  I would be surprised if she didn't support Donald Trump.  

Other members of the Thursday Night Rogues Gallery beside Trump were Ben Carson, Mitch McConnell live from Kentucky, Senator Tom Cotton, Representative Kevin McCarthy, Representative Jeff Van Drew, who when he saw he was going to lose his New Jersey Congressional seat left the Democratic Party and became a Republican.  Other Thursday Night Rogues included Ivanka Trump (Beautiful, but a Rogue Nevertheless), Rudy Giuliani, Franklin Graham and Dana White, President of the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Then there is the Rogue in Chief, Donald Trump, who after a stirring introduction by his daughter, Ivanka came walking out of the White House with his wife looking like a South American or Middle Eastern or Russian Dictator shuffling out to meet his minions.  

And his minions were there.  All of his Acting Secretaries of Various Cabinet Agencies.  Many members of the Border Patrol.  Many Politicians and many friends and Relations.  Almost all of them were not wearing masks and were sitting close together making a mockery of CDC Covid 19 Guidelines.  

On and On Trump went with Grievance after Grievance for 70 minutes in the middle of possibly the worst Pandemic the world has ever seen unloading on Joe Biden and the Democrats.

There were many things that Donald Trump left out of his speech and were hardly mentioned by anyone at the Republican National Convention.

There was no mention of the at the time 170 thousand (Now Higher than that) Dead Americans filling up American Graveyards because Donald Trump wanted to pretend that the Pandemic wasn't happening because it didn't look good for his Re Election Campaign.  But it was happening.  

There was also no mention of the numerous Trump Campaign Leaders who are either in jail or pardoned by Trump or his Attorney General, William Barr.  Three of his Campaign Managers have been charged with crimes, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon and Corey Lewandowski.  

There was no mention of the Senate Intelligence Committee report stating clearly that there certainly was Cooperation between the Trump Campaign and Russian Intelligence.

There was a mention, however, of the danger of immigrants and black and brown people who are causing problems for American cities according to Donald Trump.

The Convention was very skillfully done, I must admit.  The Republicans presented a rather positive view of the United States from their point of view.  If some alien craft picked up a signal from earth and watched the Convention on C- Span they certainly would have thought that Donald Trump was a terriffic President with a lot of great supporters who gathered in the White House Garden to celebrate one hell of a President.  Did you see all those people sitting there loving this guy, they would say.

Yes Sir,  Donald Trump Put on one hell of a Reality Show during the Republican Convention.

Too bad it wasn't Reality.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



Saturday, August 22, 2020

Thanks Democrats For Showing Us How To Run Things In A Pandemic By Putting On An Outstanding Virtual Democratic Convention

 Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

My Dear America:

I have been watching Democratic Conventions since 1960 and I have seen a lot of good ones, some better than others, but all of them pretty good.  I remember the stunning black and white television sight of John F. Kennedy accepting the nomination for President, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and many other outstanding Convention Speakers.  Even though I really enjoyed the excitement and pageantry of all of the Democratic Conventions there were times that I thought that parts of the Convention were a bit boring and unnecessary.  Sometimes the Conventions went on too long every day with lots of gaps in which many speakers who were unfamiliar to us were getting their 15 minutes of Democratic Party Fame. 

There were, however, some exciting moments of conflict between Democratic Rivals.

John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson

Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter 

Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown

There had been some knock down drag out fights in some Past Democratic Party Conventions.

There were No Real Democratic Conflicts this time around, Though.

Nobody on the Democratic Party side this time around was putting their interests ahead of the Democratic Party's interests, or more importantly the Country's interests or the interests of the Prospective Democratic Nominees for President and Vice President.

The Democratic Party under the leadership of Tom Perez deserves some serious kudos.  You guys not only did a good job.  You did a Great Job, An Outstanding Job throughout the four nights of the First and Only (So Far) Virtual Democratic Convention.

Speaking as a Democrat and speaking for some of my Democratic Friends who I talked to about the Convention, We are in agreement that this Convention was certainly one of the best and most memorable and successful Conventions of our lifetimes.  

A Democratic Convention is meant to decide who will represent the Party in running for President every four years.  It is also meant to present the chosen Candidates for President and Vice President to not only the Democratic Party Members but in the age of Television to the American Television Audience.

This year's Virtual Television Spectacular accomplished so much more than it had in years past that I am sure future Democratic Convention Planners, even those not in the age of Covid, will be using this years Convention as a model for future Conventions even in those future days when Covid is a thing of the past. 

The Virtual Democratic Party Convention featured countless Democratic Luminaries such as Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Kerry, almost all of Joe Biden's Democratic Party Presidential Rivals, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Kamela Harris and so many others, as well as a few of those increasingly rare birds these days, Moderate Republicans, such as John Kasich and Colin Powell.

Hollywood Glamour was also represented by the beautiful Democratic Activists who Emceed the festivities every night including Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington and Julia Luis-Dreyfuss.

There were a lot of young people involved in the Convention this time around singing, as well as talking.  The amazing southwestern young lady who had lost her father to Covid was heartbreaking as she explained that her father's only pre -existing condition was that he trusted Donald Trump when Trump dismissed wearing masks and social distancing.

The most impressive young man at the Convention, I thought was Braydon from Maine who had met Joe Biden on the Campaign Trail and Biden had taken him under his wing because Braydon had a stuttering problem. Joe Biden had overcome his own stuttering difficulties in his younger days and trusted Brayden to speak at the Virtual Convention.  Yes, Braydon did stutter occasionally through his presentation but he made it through his speech successfully and the look of pride on his face when he finished was precious.  The fact that Joe Biden showed empathy, compassion and trust in this  young man was in direct contrast to the complete lack of empathy and compassion for others that is shown by Donald Trump every day of his life and the life of our country.

And then on the last night of the Convention Joe Biden topped off the Convention with the speech of his life.  No, he wasn't Barack Obama but he was the man who Barack Obama chose to be his right hand man in his admirable and successful Administration. Those in the Republican Party such as Trump who have tried to paint Joe Biden as some sort of senile old man who doesn't know what he is doing must have been extremely disappointed in the stirring and stunning speech that Joe gave accepting his party's nomination for President.  It was certainly a good night for Joe Biden on Democratic Party Convention Thursday and it was a good week overall for the First Virtual Democratic Party Convention of 2020.

Now its on to the Campaign Trail for Joe Biden and Kamela Harris and hopefully on to The White House for these two highly skilled Democratic Politicians after one of the best Democratic Party Conventions that I have ever seen.   

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The First Night Of The First Virtual Democratic Party National Convention

August 17th, 2020

My Dear America:

Any concerns about how things would go during the First Virtual Democratic Convention are over now.  Whoever organized and produced this fine All Star filled Television Extravaganza should be extremely proud of their accomplishment.  The evening was loaded with not only Democratic Luminaries but also plenty of lesser known Democrats, many of whom stole the show.

The Emcee for the Night was the lovely and talented Desperate Housewife herself and long time Democratic Party supporter, Eva Longoria.  Eva did a great job keeping the show going strong.  Except for a missed cue by Congressman James Clyburn, the Democratic Party TV Special running live on CNN, MSNBC and C-Span ran with the precision of a Barbra Streisand Special from back in the day when she still did Television Specials.

The show (And it truly was a show from start to finish) was fast paced and interesting, as well as very relevant.  It started off with young kids from all over the country singing "The Star Spangled Banner" on Zoom.  These kids could sing and sing they did.  There were segments featuring several of Joe Biden's Democratic opponents in the Democratic Party Debates stating why they were now Joe Biden Supporters rather than rivals.  It reminded me of the Doris Kearns Goodman's book, "Team of Rivals" and the unprecedented move by Barack Obama in hiring his Presidential Campaign Rival, Hillary Clinton to work as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

Speaking of Rivals, Bernie Sanders, looking fit and trim made it clear that he was on the Biden Team and he was strongly advising any and all of his Primary Election Supporters to get on board the Biden Train also.  

Another surprising endorsement of Joe Biden was John Kasich, one of Donald Trump's opponents in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.  Kasich's appearance tonight was no surprise by the time he appeared tonight, but it was still a stirring, encouraging request for Unity against Donald Trump who had proved to be incredibly, outrageously, reckless and a horribly disgraceful President.  Kasich was joined by other well known long time Republicans who have had it with Donald Trump and recognize that their Country is far more important than their party.  Of Course, Donald Trump, as well as Chris Christie railed against Kasich almost immediately on Twitter.  Certainly Kasich had to expect some serious blowback from his Republican Party Toadies.

One of the most stunning speakers on the Democratic Party Convention Special was a young woman from the Southwest who explained that her father passed away about a month ago after listening to Trump telling his followers that they didn't need masks and didn't need to socially distance.  She stated that her Father had been healthy before he listened to Trump and wore no mask when he went to a Karaoke Bar.  According to the man's daughter the man's only Pre Existing Condition was that he trusted Donald Trump.

The main and last speaker of the night was Keynote Speaker, Michelle Obama. In her charming and sensible manner Michelle did what she had done on other Monday nights in past Convention Speeches.  This very bright graduate of Princeton University  and Harvard Law School and wife of former President Barack Obama once again hit it out of the park and made Democrats wish that she didn't hate politics so much.   

All in all it was a Great night for Democrats and it was only the first night of this unusual but fascinating Virtual Democratic Convention.

My only criticism is that at the end of the night when Stephen Stills played guitar and Billy Porter sang "For  What it's Worth" CNN and MSNBC cut to their Commentators.  There was a simple solution, though.  I switched to C-Span and listened to the great song in its entirety.

I can't wait for Tuesday Night.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Democrats Rejoice - The Dream Team Has Arrived

 August 12th, 2020

My Dear America:

Well it has finally happened.  With only days to go before the start of the 2020 Democratic Convention, Joe Biden has made his Vice Presidential Choice.   Like Bill Clinton's choice of Al Gore and Barack Obama's choice of him, Joe Biden has made the truly Sensational choice of California United States Senator Kamala Harris to serve as his Vice President.  

Democrats across the board are thrilled with this choice of Senator Harris, as well they should be.  

Although I had liked and admired several other VP prospects under consideration, as well, including Stacy Abrams, Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice, I recognize that the extraordinary talents and experience of Senator Harris will certainly help Joe Biden garner votes in the final days of the 2020 Presidential race and that she will add a Great Deal of depth to the 2020 Democratic Ticket.

Of course Donald Trump has already chimed in with his denigrating comments about Senator Harris.  She is "Mean" and "Nasty" according to Trump's present assessment of Kamala Harris.

Never mind the fact that a month ago when asked about her as a prospective VP Candidate for Joe Biden Trump said he thought she was a "Good Choice."  Today she is "Mean" and "Nasty."

Where does Donald Trump get the gall to call anyone Mean and Nasty when he is the Meanest and Nastiest Politician in America.

Its unbelievable.  Of course everything that Donald Trump says is unbelievable.

Trump should be reminded that he contributed a substantial amount of money to the Kamela Harris Campaign for Attorney General of California.  I guess that was back when he was still a Democrat.

Trump has a point, though.  Harris did give Trump Appointees, Brett Kavanaugh (Supreme Court) and William Barr (Attorney General) a thorough going over when they appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In fact Harris also gave Joe Biden one of his worst nights on the debate stage in the first televised Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate.

Harris may not have been intentionally mean and nasty on that night but she certainly knocked Job Biden back on his heels a bit.  If Vice President Biden was an unforgiving grudge holder like Donald Trump certainly he never would have even considered Kamela Harris for the VP spot after that debate incident but lucky for us Joe let bygones be bygones and Kamela Harris will after next week's Convention certainly be on the ticket.

In addition to Kamela Harris being a very attractive candidate she is both a black woman and an Asian American woman, certainly appealing to both demographic groups.  Kamela is also a Bright and Accomplished woman who has served as the District Attorney of San Francisco, The Attorney General of the State of California and most recently the United States Senator from California.

Following the example of Barack Obama even though Kamela Harris was in her First Term as Senator she joined the multi candidate extravaganza in the 2020 Presidential race.

Although she was clearly a fiery and an accomplished debater she recognized reality somewhat quicker than many other candidates and saw that although she had some very high profile and committed supporters that most were not well heeled enough to Keep her campaign afloat so she left the race and returned to concentrating on her work as a Senator.  

Although she has not been in the Presidential race for some time she has not been a stranger to Television Viewers.  Many people know who she is and like her.  

I am sure that representatives of the Trump Campaign will be looking through her record to find dirt on Kamela Harris but I think they are not going to find Ms. Harris's record easy to distort.  

They are already trying to paint her as a Liberal, which she is, but she is also a Law and Order Advocate with an extensive record of Law and Order accomplishments. 

So on today's date as we sprint toward the Virtual Democratic Convention in the age of the Dangerous Donald Trump Plague in America I want to add my welcome to those of so many Democrats who are extremely happy to see Kamela Harris as Joe Biden's brilliant choice for the Vice President.   

Now its on to the Convention and after that lets get Trump out of the White House as soon as possible before he does any more damage to our Democracy.

Let's Go Kamela And Joe.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher