Thursday, December 24, 2015

Its Christmas Eve 2015 in America and all is Not Calm

Thursday, December 23rd, 1015

My Dear America:

Well it is Christmas Eve 2015 and many Americans are either ready or getting ready for the big day tomorrow.  2015 has been an uneasy and frightening year in many respects.  We have seen the unbelievably swift and brutal rise of ISIS, a terrorist group of epic and bloodthirsty proportions who seem to wish to kill anyone who is unlucky enough to get in their path.  

Clearly they have shown in the bloodbath that they have taken credit for in Paris, France on an extremely unlucky Friday the 13th, that they don't seem to care who they kill as long as the body count is high and the media coverage is extensive.  

Then, we also need to contemplate on this foggy Christmas Eve the worst Christmas Party of all time out in San Bernadino, California where the seemingly likeable Muslim Health Inspector apparently got angry and stormed out of the party.  He returned to the party with his gun toting wife and between them killed several of his co-workers.  Prior to the couple dying in a hail of police bullets, the Health Inspector's Muslim wife pledged allegiance to ISIS.  Although this Deadly Health Inspector was Muslim we must be careful not to blame all Muslims for the dirty deeds done by some in the name of ISIS.  Most Muslims are peace loving and decent people who reject violence and we must keep that in mind.

And as we contemplate the upcoming year, 2016, on this Christmas Eve we also must look back at 2015 and realize that 2015 was not simply a nightmare year because of terrorism.  It was also a nightmare year in politics primarily due to the startling emergence in the Republican Party of Donald "Trumpzilla" Trump in the race for the Presidency.

Trumpzilla, we can recall was the person who ran the issue of Barack Obama's Birth Certificate into the ground during the last Presidential Election.  At that time we can also recall that Trump threatened to run for President then but chose instead to keep Celebrity Apprentice going for a couple of more years.  

This past year Trump did not threaten to run.  He made it official on June 16th of this year that he was running for President.  On June 16th Trump made his first statements about the BIG WALL he was going to build to keep those Mexican rapists and criminals from coming to America.  Since then Trump has made one outrageous statement after another.  Although each of his outrageous statements seemed to be the one that would seal his doom, Trump has miraculously continued to rise in the polls and on Christmas Eve 2015 he is still ahead of all his Republican Rivals in the latest polls.  

The truth is that as awful and divisive a Candidate as Trump is he is probably not the worst Presidential Candidate in the Republican Party.  The Republicans started out with at least 17 announced candidates.  Although Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and Lindsay Graham have read the writing on the wall and left the race for the Republican Presidential Candidate Coronation, there are plenty of nightmare Republican Candidates left.

Fortunately, we have three good Candidates on the Democratic side.

We can only hope that one of those Democrats comes out ahead in November of 2016 and saves us from the Scourge of Candidates Republicans have to choose from.

Like the Charles Dickens character of Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol" all I have to say on this Christmas Eve is:

                                     GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE  

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher