Saturday, July 26, 2008

BACKFIRE - Barack Obama On The Road in The Middle East and Europe

July 26th, 2008

My Dear America

My strong advice to John McCain is be careful what you ask for.

You just might get it.

McCain certainly got what he had asked for this week. Chances are he is very sorry now that he pushed the issue so hard.

McCain had badgered Barack Obama for a long time about his lack of experience in foreign policy and in particular about his failure to go to Iraq and see for himself what was happening there. McCain's point seemed to be that without going to Iraq and seeing the show that the American Military Commanders and the Bush Administration allowed U. S Legislators to see, that Obama would not be able to tell for himself what a great job "The Surge" had done in Iraq. McCain hounded Obama like a wolf moving in on a sheep for the kill.

"Why Don't you Go?"

"When are you going", McCain taunted.

McCain is not taunting any longer. Chances are he is sitting together today with his confidantes asking them "What were we thinking."

This week after the gentle prodding of John McCain, Barack Obama took McCain's advice and went to the Middle East and Europe with the anchors of CBS, NBC and ABC all in tow, along with other members of maybe the most prestigious Press Corps of all time. He started in Afghanistan and Pakistan as if to send some sort of message about their importance to the United States in the Middle East. Then Barack moved into Iraq, where it seemed like Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki stunned the Bush Administration ( who had been recently talking about "Time Horizons"for American troop withdrawals with Malaki) and the world with his agreement with Barack Obama's assessment that 16 months, give or take a month or two, would be a perfectly feasable time to get American troops out of Iraq. The message clearly was that Malaki not only could work well with Obama but that they were already on the same page when it came to the pullout out of American troops from Iraq.

Who knew that "Time Tables", "Time Lines" and "Time Horizons" were exactly the same things.

While he was in the Middle East Barack decided to stop by and meet with some Israeli Political Up and Comers.

In the end Barack not only made it out of the Middle East Gaffe Free but with apparently successful contacts ready to work with him in every country he visited, especially in Iraq, which had to really gall President Bush, as well as John McCain. The truth was that everywhere Barack Obama had visited in this MIddle East trip things could not have gone any better than they actually did go.

Now it was on to Europe where the American Charmer meeting with the leader of France made the appearance of two very friendly world leaders holding a news conference together. To those in the White House and the McCain Campaign this was a sight that was disturbing enough to make them drop their ""Freedom Fries" on the floor.

Before he was done Barack Obama had also, like other Presidents before him, Kennedy and Reagan, spoke to an overflow crowd in Germany.


Hey, John McCain, any more advice about what Barack Obama should do.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, July 14, 2008

Greetings From Unity, New Hampshire

July 14th, 2008

My Dear America

It has been several weeks since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton got together for their First Post Primary Appearance together on the Road in Unity, New Hampshire. It was an appropriate place for both Candidates to get together for the first time since Hillary acknowledged Barack's Primary win. The name of the town was appropriate, as was the fact that both Barack and Hillary had won an equal number of votes there in that long ago New Hampshire Primary Election that had been Hillary's first squeaker of a primary win.

It was certainly a sight to see and hear for Democrats looking to move on to the next stage of the election. The Dream Team of Barack and Hillary was up and running, at least thats what it looked like and thats what those of us who had supported Hillary in the Primary Election hoped for. Despite Unity Day in New Hampshire, however, the Obama Camp seems to have gone out of their way since to make it clear that the search for a Vice Presidential Running mate for Barack Obama is far from over.

There has also been the issue of Hillary's campaign debts, which Obama's well funded campaign handlers seem to resent being asked to help with. Clearly they have a point. Hillary staying in the race too long caused her own debt. Why should the Obama Campaign share in that debt even if Hillary does end up as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Although Barack, himself, seems to be more open to helping Hillary, he and his campaign is bound by legal limitations, which I am sure Barack is not unhappy about. Barack does seem to be willing to help Hillary by interceding with his backers to help her. it is anybodys guess how that will go in the long run.

When Barack and Hillary got together in New Hampshire last month Barack Obama was considerably ahead of John McCain in virtually every poll by as many as 15 percentage points. In a poll reported today, July 14th, Barack's lead has shrunk to just 3 or 4 percentage points. Why has Barack's lead been shrinking. Who truly knows. For Democrats, however, this is very very bad news.

Some of the reasons for the incredible shrinking polls may be some of the following: Racism is not dead in the United States in either the Republican or Democratic Parties. We also have several Third Party groups who are organizing and presenting their own fringe Candidates for President like former U. S Representative, Cynthia Mckinney (Green Party), Former U.S. Representative, Bob Barr (Libertarian Party) and Ralph Nader (Nader Party), among others. We have also seen Barack Obama indicate a shift to the Center on certain issues. This may have gained him some supporters but some of his views such as indicating that his view on pulling out of Iraq might change may have angered some of his long time supporters. Also another factor that may be in play is the uncertainty of what Hillary Clinton's role is going to be in the Obama Campaign. Clearly there are some Clinton supporters who have no use for Obama and no matter what he does they will not be satisfied. What seemed to be very clear throughout the Primary was that there appeared to be two well organized camps. Hillary has done what she can to bring her supporters into the the Obama Democtratic Camp. Now it is up to Barack to take a chance and once and for all bring the Clintonites home.

There is no way to guarantee that the Clinton Supporters will stick with Barack even if he offers Hillary the Vice Presidency. It certainly seems clear today, however, that this is a gamble that needs to be taken.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher