Monday, April 26, 2010

Inglorious Arrogant Lying Basterds

April 26th, 2010

My Dear America:

Two of my Least Favorite Americans these days are John Boner and Mitch McConnell.  Yes I know the Republican Congressional leader's name is spelled Boehner and is pronounced (Ba ner) but this is my Blog and although I have made a great effort to avoid using curse words in my posts, I find it hard to think of McConnell and Boner (Bo ner) without at least thinking about many curse words regarding these two arrogant individuals.

These two Republican Congressional leaders, McConnell in the Senate and Boner in the House, have been the Chief Obstructionists throughout the Obama Administration.  They weren't happy with just leading the charge against Health Care Reform in Congress.  After helping to water it down (no public option) to where even the Health Care Industry couldn't complain too loudly about the legislation, which was probably going to be a potential bonanza for their profit margins, McConnell and Boner continued to try to completely kill the legislation, lying about its potential effects to the last voting minute and thereafter.  Boner acted like the Health Care Reform was the end of Freedom in the United States as we know it.  Nothing could have been further from the truth and I still continue to be awed by the lying and manipulation skills of McConnell and Boner who somehow were able to convince normally smart American people that the United States Health Care system would be better off without reform.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Health Care Reform.  I think the only way to really reform Health Care is to scrap the system we have which is a system that profits by Health Care Providers not having to pay Health Care benefits to recipients.  This, of course, leads to Health Care Providers having incentives to cut off benefits rather than provide benefits to Americans who need them.  

The only real way to reform Health Care is to scrap the profit making system that we have and go to a Single Payer System similar to Medicare in which everyone is covered and coverage is free and available for all.  Unfortunately with the stranglehold that the Health Care Industry has on Congress it is unlikely that Single Payer will arrive anytime soon.  I am hopeful, though, that with Congressional Advocates like Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers that somedy Single Payer Health Care will be the law of the land.

Recently Boner and McConnell both went to a meeting of Congressional Leaders at the White House where President Obama explained the details regarding a plan to exercise some control over Wall Street abuses of power.   What was explained to the Congressional Leaders was that one of the key provisions of the new legislation was that a fund would need to be set up and contributed to only by Wall Street firms that would essentially be a bail out fund in case Wall Sreet needed to be bailed out in the future.  The legislation would protect America from ever needing to bail out Wall Street Companies in the future.

No sooner had Boner and McConnell left the meeting with Obama than they started lying about the proposed fund and calling the legislation a way to have Wall Street continually bailed out by the United States taxpayers in the future. They had not even left the White House grounds before they started lying through their teeth abouth this legislation. How these people can do what they do day after day and live with themselves is beyond me.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher