Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Gearing Up For NAZIFEST

September 15th, 2021

My Dear America:

Does anyone besides me feel as though they are living in a Nightmare in which we never wake up.  I really thought that after Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election fairly and squarely that I would wake up from this Incredible Four Year Long Bad Dream and once again be peacefully living in the Actual United States Of America once again.

No Chance:

Although Donald Trump is no longer living on Pennsylvania Avenue in our Nations Capital his Ghostly Spirit  continues to haunt us every day of our life.  

Trump's Ghastly presence haunts the Supreme Court as the Justices he chose begin to issue midnight rulings that start to put Roe Versus Wade and Women's Right to Choose what happens to their bodies in serious Jeopardy.

In the Halls of Congress the Stink of Right Wing Jackasses that mistakenly call themselves Patriots does not seem to be able to be removed no matter how hard Democratic Leaders try to scrub it away.

In all of my 78 Years I have never seen anything as frightening as what has been happening in recent years and particularly in recent months and days in the United States of America.  

Although I still have trouble with looking to George W. Bush as my Political Guru I certainly agree with his assessment of the fact that the January 6th Mob that stormed the Capitol Building and the September 11th Terrorists truly are "Children of the Same Foul Spirit."  

Thank you George Bush for joining with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in showing us that the Grand Old Republican Party is not dead after all.  It is only sleeping.

Every once in awhile there is still some good news.  Certainly last night's Recall Election result in California is something for Democrats to be proud of and encouraged by.  Trumpism took a shot across the bow in California.  But at the same time that Democratic California Governor, Gavin Newsom defeated his Republican Recall Challengers Numerous American Republican State Governors and Legislators are preparing to pass legislation that, Like Texas, will Take Away Voting Rights from Americans and Jeopardize a Woman's Right to Choose what happens with her body when she gets pregnant.

Let us take some time to savor the California Governor's Recall Success story and the positive coming together of Americans to remember 9/11 last weekend because this coming weekend is bound to be another story.

This coming Saturday, September 18th is going to be a gathering of Nazi and Ku Klux Klan Trump Lovers who are supposedly looking for "Justice For January 6th" So Called Political Prisoners.  

Personally I am looking for Justice for January Sixth, as well.  Those individuals who broke doors and windows, beat police officers, threatened to "Hank Mike Pence" and left feces on the floor of the Capitol deserve justice and I sincerely hope they get it.

Those of us who respect the Capitol and the Congress should not be bullied by Trump's Goon Squad.  I am pleased to see that the Capitol Police are doing what they can to prepare for whatever is coming this weekend.  They are putting up the large fence that was installed after January 6th.  As terrible as it is to have that fence up it seems to me that it might be a good idea to leave the fence up permanently.  We should not have to be putting up with these Nazis but alas we live in a free country where even the rights of the worst of us need to be protected.  

I hope the Police are prepared and that the National Guard are on alert on Saturday.  

It certainly will not be the same situation as January 6th, when Donald Trump sat in the White House enjoying himself watching his supporters on television break into the Capitol and refused to do anything about it.  

This time Joe Biden will be in the White House and He will not be watching the Capitol Scene with Glee.  He will be looking to put the Phony Patriots in their place and if need be in prison.     

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher


Friday, September 3, 2021

Desert (Shit) Storm: Lessons Hopefully learned In Afghanistan

September 3rd, 2021

My Dear America:

Perhaps History should have taught us what 20 years of fighting in Afghanistan has now taught us.  Many Countries in the world have been conquered and permanently changed by those that conquered them.  

Not Afghanistan.

They have had a long history of Invasions by Outsiders but from Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Britain, Russia and now the United States, Afghanistan has a long history of kicking the asses of Invaders and preserving their country from what other countries of the world have viewed as "Progress."

Certainly seeing the Taliban take control of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting with them is not something that anyone in their right mind could view as Progress.  The truth is that as hard as America tried to remake Afghanistan in our Democratic Image it was never going to work.  They did the unthinkable, just as the North Vietnamese did decades ago.  They kicked our asses out of their country.  

We can find many reasons to blame why we didn't in the end succeed in Afghanistan.  The main reason we didn't succeed was the same reason no outsiders have ever really succeeded in Afghanistan.  We were invaders who didn't belong there who were fighting against Afghan citizens who were defending their country.  We never really had a chance.  

That doesn't mean we never should have gone to Afghanistan.  Initially we had a fairly legitimate purpose to go to that country.  We were chasing Osama bin laden and Al Quida after 9/11 and when we found them they almost immediately left Afghanistan for Pakistan.  Those Terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11 were our enemies.  Not the Taliban.  

Certainly the Taliban were an organization which treated their citizens horribly and were terrorists themselves in a real sense but it was clear to some like former CIA Operative, Malcolm Nance, who spent time early on in the War in Afghanistan that we were never going to really successfully conquer this country.  

Afghanistan was and is a Tribal Society that Nance recognized early on was never really going to be a successful Democracy.   

In our defense we tried very hard to turn Afghanistan into a Democracy but like many other democracies that we have tried and failed to remake in our image we  only ended up with corrupt and failed Afghan governments which in many cases stole us blind.  

We did do some things right in Afghanistan.  We certainly improved the lives of Afghan girls and women while we were there.   That cannot be denied.  We led women in Afghanistan out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century where they could show their faces and could study and work which they could not do before. 

Unfortunately, as we leave their country we need to hope that the hopefully new and improved Taliban do not return women in their country to the Dark Ages.  As we have left the country we have certainly tried to take a large number of Afghan Girls and Women with us to the outside world.  I hope that in the end we are able to see those girls and women progress in their new lives and that the Taliban will follow through on their promise to be a New and improved Taliban that treats women differently in their country and recognizes that they cannot and should not put their women back into a position of slavery to men in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden was right in his decision to get American troops out of Afghanistan.  It was a decision that was way too long in coming.  Joe was the one Obama Administration official who opposed the military recommendation to send more troops to Afghanistan.  George Bush was also correct in his decision to pursue Al Quida in that country.  When bin laden and his crew ran into Pakistan American Troops should have been removed from Afghanistan and gone after bin laden in that country.  Instead, we left troops in Afghanistan and put American troops into Iraq falsely claiming that Saddam Hussein was aligned with bin laden.

Now, Clearly Saddam Hussein was a bad guy but there was never any credible evidence presented that showed any cooperation going on between Saddam and Osama.  They were, in fact, bitter enemies and bitter rivals.

Bob Woodward in his books indicated that although others in the George W. Bush Administration were often blamed for pushing Bush into sending American troops into Iraq, it was actually George W. who pushed the issue into invading Iraq and by doing so took America's eye off the ball in Afghanistan.  It seems to me that George W. was highly annoyed that Saddam Hussein survived the Gulf War after George H.W. Bush, George W.'s Father, wisely chose not to pursue Saddam after American troops drove Iraqi troops out of Kuwait.  Papa Bush clearly had the good sense to realize that invading and taking over Iraq would create the kind of shit show that it became once George Junior did what Daddy had wisely refused to do.  

What is clear at this point in time is that if Democracy in Afghanistan was not able to survive on its own after 20 years of American Monetary and Military Assistance, The time was right for Americans to recognize what Malcolm Nance recognized 20 years ago.  

We were clearly fighting a losing battle and if we continued fighting in Afghanistan we were only going to lose more American lives.  It was time to get out.

Clearly our exit from Afghanistan could have gone better but in every way it could have also gone worse.  We certainly gave little or no thought to what was going to happen to those Afghans who assisted us during the 20 years war.  Before we gave up the Bagram Air Base we should have gotten our interpreters and other allies out despite the red tape bullshit of the Special Immigrant Visa program.  Instead we trusted the Afghan Government that begged Biden not to ship out Afghan allies because of what that would look like to Afghan citizens and military members.  

So as the Afghan Military fell like dominoes all over the Country the Afghan President and other Government leaders ran like rats from the Taliban.  One couldn't blame them.  They certainly knew what their fate would be once the Taliban took over Kabul and the entire country of Afghanistan.

Certainly Joe Biden has much to answer for with regard to the American Exit from Afghanistan but I agree with Michael Moore who recognized that the somewhat organized exit of Americans and Afghan Citizens from the Kabul Airport was a "Miracle".  

Clearly it was in both America's interest and the Taliban's interest to get Americans out of Afghanistan in recent weeks.  It was not necessarily in the Taliban's interest to allow so many Afghan's to escape from Afghanistan.  Clearly there was communication and cooperation between the Taliban and the American Military.  Based on past history the Taliban could have chosen to make the American Endgame in Afghanistan a bloodbath at the Airport.  It was not the Taliban, but an ISIS Afghan offshoot named ISIS K, that killed 13 American Servicemen along with over a hundred other Afghans at the Airport.  

It was a shame that 13 Americans were killed at the Kabul Airport but it is certainly a miracle that we got so many Americans and Afghan Allies out of Afghanistan alive.

The details of what happened in those final days in Afghanistan will be debated for many years to come but in the future we will certainly not be sending troops to Afghanistan to die as long as Joe Biden is in the White House.  

Thank you, Joe Biden, for pulling off the band aid and recognizing what should have been done a long time ago in Afghanistan and having the courage to do it. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Legend Of The Headless Translator

 August 10th, 2021

My Dear America:

The Former Afghan Translator had spent 16 months working with the United States Army in Afghanistan as a Translator/Interpreter.  Although he had to maintain a good working record with the American Military to be able to keep his job for 16 months, his employment was abruptly terminated after he failed a polygraph test that was administered by a Contractor hired by the American Armed Forces.  The Translator had applied for a Special Immigrant Visa in order to receive assistance from the U.S. to successfully get out of Afghanistan with his family but due to the mysterious Polygraph test failure he was not eligible to be approved for the Special Immigrant Visa.

Like many other Afghan Translators with previously good records, The Afghan Translator was never told why or how he apparently failed the Polygraph test.  He was simply terminated from his Translator position with no explanation of why he was being let go from a job that he had been successfully performing for nearly two years.

According to a close friend of the Translator he was being accused of being a spy for the Americans by the Taliban and his life had been threatened by the Taliban.  He told his friend that not only was his own life threatened but also the lives of his family members, including his wife and 9 year old daughter, were in jeopardy.

On the afternoon of May 12th, 2021 the Former Afghan Translator was driving from his home in Kabul to nearby Khost Province to pick up his Sister so that she could join his family for a celebration of the end of the Muslim Holiday, Ramadan.  

On this particular day, however, he was in a good mood and looked forward to the holiday celebration with members of his family.  On his way to pick up his sister the Translator sped through a checkpoint that was apparently set up by the Taliban.  

Local Villagers who witnessed the incident stated that the translators vehicle was riddled with bullets before it stopped.  the witnesses stated that when the car stopped the Translator was dragged out of the car and beheaded.

Many former Translators and Interpreters for the United States Military in Afghanistan are realizing that if they don't get out of Afghanistan with their families they may face a similar fate as that received by the beheaded Translator.

On a day when Joe Biden and the Congress are receiving well deserved accolades for helping to put together a hopefully successful and sorely needed Infrastructure Program I hate to rain on that parade but as much as I admire Joe Biden and root for his continued success in so many areas the fate of the Afghan Translators is something that needs to be taken care of NOW.  

I certainly agree with Joe Biden's decision to get our troops out of Afghanistan.  We have spent too much money and wasted too many lives in that country but in getting out of Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021 why didn't someone somewhere in the Administration raise their hands and say: 

"Wait a Minute. What about the Interpreters and Translators who have worked with us for the 20 years we have been in Afghanistan.  What the hell are we going to do about them?"

Indeed, What are we going to do about them.  Nobody in the Administration seems to be caring much for the fate of those brave Translators who hitched their wagons to the American Cause and as we have literally blown out of Afghanistan like a hurricane we have left them to fend for themselves as the Taliban races to drive humanity out of the Afghan Government.

Clearly the whole question of what is wrong in Afghanistan is complex and difficult to understand and deal with.  

But the question of the Afghan Translators is not that complex or difficult.

We got these people into this mess.  We told them we needed their help and made promises.  They made their choice to help us and now we must make a choice to help them before their heads and the heads of their families are rolling around all over Afghanistan.  

I know that we have a lot of difficult problems going on in the United States besides Infrastructure.  Voting Rights.  Republican willingness to give up Democracy in many States in the Union, Covid 19.  It seems like our problems are endless.

I know that President Joe Biden has had a lot on his plate trying to clean up after what seems like an endless mess created by the Trump Administration.  Biden started on Day One and has been moving rapidly and boldly to do what needed to be done to actually Make America Great Again after Donald Trump had turned what had previously been Great into something ominously close to a Third World Dictator Driven "Shithole Country."

I certainly don't mean to denigrate what Joe Biden has done and continues to do.  I think that his efforts on the whole have been Superhuman. 

I simply think that in his race to get our troops safely out of Afghanistan to protect them that Biden and others along the line didn't give enough thought to  what was going to happen to those Afghans who worked with us once we left their country.

What had occurred at the disturbing end of the Vietnam War should have been an alarming lesson to learn from.  But apparently the disastrous end of that disastrous war didn't register in 2021 political memories.

It may be already too late to save them.  Clearly the Taliban is racing to once again take over the country that they used to brutally run.  The consequences of our leaving and the Taliban coming back to control Afghanistan are unknown.  But the consequences to those Translators who served us well and have been left behind can be figured out quite easily.  Things are not looking well for them unless the American Government can get their fate to the top of the priority list because that is where it belongs.

What is happening and what is going to happen to the Afghan Translators depends on whether or not the Biden Administration is willing to cut through the Red tape and the bullshit to save the lives of those who are left out in the cold in the deserts of Afghanistan.  

Although this issue has received limited attention from other Media figures, Rachel Maddow seems to have gone to great lengths to provide a bright light on this time sensitive subject.  She has pointed out that several Congressional Representatives who have served in the Armed Services in Afghanistan and worked with these Translators are speaking out in favor of saving the Translators and their families from the brutal swords of the Taliban.  In addition to having Representatives like Jason Crow on her program she even had the Leader of Guam on her program offering her country as a refuge for the Afghan Translators when and if we can get them out.  

While Rachel was on vacation from her program recently Allie Velshi, who filled in for her on her program had an interview with an Afghan Interpreter who worked with the U.S. Marines in his home country.  Zak pleaded in the interview for President Biden to save him and his family.  Zak (Not his real name, of course) not only worked for the Marines but also worked with a defense Contractor after working with the marines.  He has had no luck in contacting the Contractor since the E Mail of the contractor is no longer a working E Mail and his work with the Marines was only for 9 months, which is apparently not long enough to qualify for the Special Visa Program.  Also on the program with Ali Velshi was U.S. Marine Corps Major Thomas Schueman, who was Zak's Commanding Officer and verified that Zak not only was a good interpreter but that he went above and beyond his expected duty and risked his life to protect American Servicemen.

It seems to me as though Failed Polygraph Tests are a great issue of concern.  Certainly many Translators that had, according to their American Comrades and Commanding Officers, rather successful and distinguished careers as American Translators were fired due to these Polygraph Tests.  Certainly anyone can fail a Polygraph test.  There are many good reasons why they are not acceptable as evidence in judicial proceedings.  They are not reliable in this matter of Life or Death

Who administered these tests that ended the careers of successful and brave Translators?

What were the questions that they asked that the Translators didn't answer correctly?

Those and many other questions should be answered but we don't have time to answer those questions right now.   We need to get the translators out of Afghanistan to somewhere that they can live in Peace and safety and not fear for their lives.

Another reason that many Afghan Translators have been rejected for Special Visa Status is that they didn't work long enough for America to qualify for a Visa.  This is Bullshit.  If they worked for us for any length of time and did a good job they deserve to have their lives and the lives of their families saved from the Taliban Butchers.

One Afghan Translator who was rejected for the Special Visa Program because of  a Polygraph test was described by his American Commander as "A Valuable and Necessary Asset who braved enemy fire and undoubtedly saved the lives of Americans and Afghans alike"

This same person received a visa rejection letter from the U.S. Embassy stating that he was being rejected for a Visa due to "Lack of Faithful and Valuable Service."

Clearly something is radically wrong with this picture when so many "Faithful and Valuable" human lives are on the chopping block in Afghanistan.

Yes, Clearly we should Leave Afghanistan.   

But we should not leave Afghanistan without taking with us those who stood alongside us over the long haul of 20 years fighting for their Freedom.

We owe them a Great Deal but at the very least we owe them protection so that their lives and the lives of their families are not thrown away on the deserts of Afghanistan.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Message For Simone Biles

August 3rd, 2021

Dear Simone:

You don't know me and I really don't know you but I have been a big fan on yours for quite awhile now.  You have a lot of fans like me who have seen you growing up in America looking kind of like many other kids in America but having a talent that catapulted you far above even the best of other gymnasts in the world. 

When it comes to gymnastics you have done it all and you have done it well and through it all it seems to me that you have radiated a sweetness and kindness and a respect for others that is not found in all athletes.  You truly have been to the "Mountaintop" of gymnastics competitions and have found yourself alone at the top of the gymnastics heap over and over and over again.  You have a gymnastics record at your young age (24) that will probably never be surpassed.  You have 30 combined Olympic and World Championship medals.

You, My Dear Simone, have nothing more to prove.

You had a rough start to your Olympic Competition this time out.  You could tell and others could tell that you were not at the top of your Gymnastic Game and you were faced with a choice of what to do about it.  You made the choice to partially sit this one out because you were well aware of the fact that if you did compete you could have seriously injured yourself permanently.

For the most part, your decision to back off and allow your American teammates to pursue their dreams in your place was accepted and encouraged by most Americans and indeed athletes and citizens from around the world.  Regardless of what others thought about your decision it was a decision that only you could have made and should have made.  It was a decision that really should not have promoted controversy.  Unfortunately, however, we live in a Nation and in a world where people who have no talent in gymnastics and generally no interest at all in gymnastics, feel as though they are entitled to have an opinion regarding what you have done in the 2021 Olympics.

Certainly there are people in your life who are entitled to have an opinion about what you do.  Your parents, your foster parents, your coaches, your boyfriend certainly might be entitled to express their opinions to you.  But in the end the only person who should really be entitled to decide whether or not you are in shape to safely participate in your Olympic Competitions is you.  

The only reason that I am writing this message to you is because, as I suppose should have been expected, some mainly right wing jackass commentators have taken it upon themselves to make negative and insulting judgements about you.  Words like Quitter, Loser and other epithets have been used to describe your situation unfairly.

I am writing this message to you in order to ask you to ignore these unfair criticisms.  You have done nothing wrong and, in fact, you have done everything right.  You saw that you were not in shape to compete initially and instead of leaving the competition you stayed and heartily encouraged your teammates, who certainly came through on their own merits.  You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  You have competed and won at the Olympics before.  You encouraged your teammates to victory and you avoided a disaster happening for yourself because you weren't ready.  When you were ready you did compete and you were successful.  You made the correct choices.

Perhaps this Olympic Experience is actually a blessing in disguise.  Your whole life has been gymnastics.  Maybe it is time for you to move on to other pursuits.  You are articulate and attractive.  Maybe Writing, Broadcasting, Podcasting might be something you might like to do and would be good at.  Certainly, like Michael Phelps and others a sports commentator position might be something you might enjoy.  Settling down and raising a family might also be healthy for you but only if you are ready. 

You are a young woman who has certainly lived an interesting and a fulfilling life so far.  But you really do have your whole life ahead of you to pursue other things.  Don't push things in gymnastics to a point where you might get hurt.  

You will always be a hero to children interested in sports, especially black children.  Young black kids, like yourself, don't have enough heroes to model themselves after.  You have shown yourself to be the kind of heroine that all kids could model themselves after.  Perhaps starting a foundation to work with young kids would be something you might like to do.

You have always been a winner and you will continue to be one if you continue to make the right decisions like the ones that you made this year at the Olympics.  Don't let the Nay Sayers get to you.  It is easy to be a Critic.  It is not so easy to get to a level in a sport like Gymnastics where you have been.

We in America and in the World are very Proud of You and what you have accomplished in your young life.  

You are a World Champion.  You Continue to be a Champion and even if others do outpace your accomplishments in the future You will still always be a Champion and an incredible Inspiration to other Young Athletes who may follow you to the Olympic Podiums of the Future.

Godspeed Simone in whatever you choose to do in your Future.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Blue Lives Matter Although Not At The United States Capitol Building on January Sixth

 July 31st, 2021

My Dear America

They were lined up seemingly from shortest to tallest.  The Boys in Blue.  The  Police Officers who bravely defended the Nations Capitol Building on January Sixth, that terrible day that we all wish didn't happen.  That is all of us Except Donald Trump and apparently those Republican Allies who are foolishly sticking by him in his efforts to Eradicate Democracy and install a Hitlerian Form of Dictatorship in The United States Of America.  

The Police Officers testifying before the January Sixth Commission were Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone of the D.C Metropolitan Police Force and Sergeant Aquillo Gonell and Officer Harry Dunn of The United States Capitol Police Force.

The Police Officers were testifying at the First Public Session of the House of Representatives Select Committee appointed To Investigate the Invasion of the Capitol Building on January Sixth, Twenty Twenty One.  This Investigative body has been charged by the House of Representatives to investigate Who Invaded The Capitol, Why They Invaded the Capitol,  What damage the Invaders did while in the Capitol and Who Planned and Encouraged the Capitol Invasion.

There had been considerable arguing between Democrats and Republicans regarding whether or not there should have been an investigation by the Congress to begin with.  Democrats said Yes, there  should be.  Republicans (With The Exception of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger) said No, There should not be an investigation by the House

On the Morning of Tuesday, July 27th, however the matter was moot.  The January Sixth Commission was fully in operation with Several Democratic Members of the House, including Commission Chairman, Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, Zoe Loghgren, Adam Schiff and Pete Aguilar, from California, Jamie Raskin from Maryland, Stephanie Murphy from Florida and Elaine Luria from Virginia and the Two Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who were now being called "Pelosi Republicans" by House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy.

I guess being called "Pelosi Republicans" must mean that they are Republicans who believe in telling the Truth rather than parroting and promoting Donald Trump's Bullshit Lies.

The Police Officers Testimony was riveting and certainly made it clear that Donald Trump and his Republican Allies had good reason not to see this investigation take place.  

Republicans had downplayed the necessity of an investigation of the January Sixth Insurrection. 

One Republican House member characterized the Capitol Incursion as being like a bunch of 'Tourists' walking calmly through the Capitol Building, apparently not taking into consideration that the mob smashed windows to get in for their "Tour" of the Capitol shouting "Where's Nancy" and "Hang Mike Pence." They even crapped on the floor.  

Metropolitan Police Officer, Daniel Hodges had a different term for these "Tourists" which was certainly more appropriate.  He called the members of the mob "Terrorists" every time he spoke of them during his testimony to the Committee.  They certainly were that to him during his encounter with the Trump Goon Squad.  He and all four of the Officers testifying spoke of the horribly violent treatment they had all received at the hands of the Trump inspired mob.  

They were beaten with pipes, flag poles carrying Trump Flags and American Flags kicked and spat on and subjected to all manner of degradation by the "Terrorists."

Officer Harry Dunn was bombarded with epithets including countless cries of "Nigger" when he bravely acknowledged that he had voted for Joe Biden after he was told by a Crowd member that "Nobody voted for Joe Biden."

Sergeant Gonell stated that he was called a "Traitor" and a "Disgrace' by the rioters despite the fact that he was an Iraq Army Veteran, as well as a Police Officer.  He was also told that he should be executed and, in fact, thought he was going to be.  He was beaten badly by the rioters, as were the other testifying officers, and has numerous continuing Physical as well as Emotional wounds, as do the other officers on the panel.  Gonell mocked the Trump claim of "Hugs and kisses" given by the rioters to the officers. Gonell likened the violence of January Sixth to the violence of a medieval battlefield.  He stated that January Sixth was worse than anything he ever experienced during the Iraq War.

Officer Daniel Hodges said he was told by one of the "Terrorists" that "You will die on your knees.

Officer Michael Fanone testified that he was pulled into the crowd beaten, shocked repeatedly with a taser, robbed of his badge and knocked unconscious, suffering a heart attack.  Fanone also said he heard a rioter say "Kill him with his own gun."

Although one woman was shot inside the Capitol the officers testified that they did not use their guns in their attacks because they realized that shooting rioters would only make a very bad situation worse. I think we should applaud them for their obvious restraint when it came to shooting.

Although Republicans found it appropriate to fund countless investigations of Benghazi, Mitch McConnell had the nerve to state that he couldn't find the time to tune into the January Sixth Hearing which was Televised.  

Everything revealed in the testimony of the Police Officers about January Sixth is Deeply Disturbing.   That testimony  combined with the nationwide efforts of Republicans to rip away voting rights from Democrats makes it time to recognize that we are knee deep in a political quicksand that is about to kill Democracy in the United States Of America.

Yes, Democrats right now control the White House, The House and Senate but if Republicans nationwide get their way Democrats will not be in the driver's seat for long.  Efforts are continuing in nearly every state in the union to restrict voting for many Democratic constituencies.

It is time for Democrats to get active in every way possible in every state, County and municipality in the country  

It is time for Real Patriots to step up and do what we can to save the benefits of Democracy that we have taken for granted for so long.  

It is time to put Donald Trump and his White Nationalist-Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Patriots out to pasture and regain sanity again in both the Republican and Democratic parties.  We owe it to our Founding Fathers and we owe it to Ourselves to rid this nation of this Anti Democratic Cancer on our Democracy before it is too late to save what Democracy we have left.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Nancy With The Slapping Face

 July 24th, 2021

Republicans seem to have an obsession with trying to denigrate and demean Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  They have tried it over and over and time after time Nancy Pelosi comes out on top and remains one of the most effective House Speakers and indeed Politicians we have ever had.  Yet in this increasingly Male Dominated Political realm the Republicans don't seem to learn their lesson that Nancy Pelosi is no shrinking violet that anybody in Congress can kick around.  She is widely respected and admired by Democrats in this Congress and she will continue to be the Strong Leader of Democrats that she has always been regardless of Republican efforts to sabotage her.

Nancy has always been Ballsy and Fearless even in the Ugly face of Republican Scorn and Truly UnAmerican Activities on January Sixth when MAGA Monsters invaded the Halls of Congress in search of Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, as well as other Democrat Legislators to hang on a scaffold they had built outside the Capitol Building.  It was not the first time Shameless Individuals like this had wanted to hang people in the United States.  There had actually been a long and shameful history of mobs hanging people in the United States of America in decades long gone.

Clearly on the day of the Capitol Insurrection, urged on by Donald Trump's "Big Lie" and his Minions, the death, destruction and damage at the Capitol could have been even worse than it turned out to be, although what happened was certainly bad enough.  On that dark day in January people died.  Looking back on it and watching the continuing frightening footage that keeps appearing on television it strikes me that it is a total wonder that it did not become the bloodbath it would have been if Black Lives Matter Protesters were the ones storming the Capitol.  

But then it wasn't Black Lives Matter Protestors who invaded the Capitol.  It was those Whack Lives Matter Trump Supporters who stormed the United States Capitol.  

It wasn't Antifa who stormed the Capitol.

It wasn't Democrats pretending to be MAGA Supporters with their Red hats and Trump Flags and American Flags.

It was the MAGA supporters themselves carrying their Trump and American flags on the flagpoles that they beat she shit out of the Capitol Police with.

On January Sixth both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell seemed to know who to be angry with about the Invasion of the Capitol.  They both condemned Donald Trump for organizing a "Stop The Steal" rally in Washington on the same day that Joe Biden would be officially certified by Congress as having been elected President of the United States.  At that Rally Trump continued to spread the Bullshit Lie that the election had been stolen from him.

McCarthy and McConnell both condemned Trump's Senseless and Selfish Actions on that day and shortly afterward.  Yet following that horrible day Mc and Mc seemed to to develop a form of Political Amnesia regarding the actions of Donald Trump on January Sixth.  

Democratic Congressional Leaders including Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, however, have had no trace of that Political Amnesia and have been pushing since January Sixth to have a fair, reasonable and bipartisan investigation conducted regarding What happened on that day, Why it happened and What to do to prevent it from happening in the future.

My wife and I were watching the Election Certification Activities on Television on the afternoon of January Sixth.  Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in the Senate and several Republican members of the House, although the election results were clear that Biden won, were wiling to Obstuct the Certification proceedings in order to kiss up to Donald Trump. 

Plain and simply Donald Trump knew what he was doing on January Sixth.  He knew that his mob would follow his lead and he told them that he was going to go with them to the Capitol.  He did not do that, however.  He slunk back into the White House and according to White House Staffers he really enjoyed the Capitol TV Show and could not understand why others in the White House were not as excited and pleased by the proceedings as he was.

Clearly the Democrats have tried to do the right thing when it comes to investigating the Capitol Insurrection.  They tried to appeal to Republicans in the House and Senate to set up a Bipartisan Investigation of the Capitol Riot.  Republican Leaders and many Republican Legislators rejected that effort.

So when that bipartisan effort failed Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House decided to set up a Select Committee through the House of Representatives including Democrats and Republicans.  

Republican House Leader, Kevin McCarthy was allowed to make Five Choices for appointment to the Committee.  Two of his choices, One of whom was Jim Jordan, who was well know to be a Trump Ass Kissing Disrupter in previous Impeachment Investigations of Trump, were rejected by Nancy Pelosi.  Good for her in preventing the January Sixth Investigation from turning into a Clown Show.

Although McCarthy is presenting Nancy's blocking of two disgustingly partisan Trump allies from being appointed to the Investigation Committee as Abuse of Power, it seems to me that the shoe is on the other foot and it is McCarthy who has mistakenly knowingly made bad choices for the Committee.  Like the fool that he is, McCarthy took his appointees and went home refusing to seat any of the Republicans he had chosen to be on the Committee.

Now he is in the unenviable position of watching Nancy Pelosi outwit him again.

Nancy had already appointed Conservative Republican, Liz Cheney to the Committee and word is that Republican House Member, Adam Kinzinger is also probably going to be appointed to the January Sixth Investigation Committee.  So in the end Kevin McCarthy will not have any of his chosen members on the January Sixth Investigation Committee.

Way to go, Kevin.  Nancy Pelosi has outsmarted you again.  

Now ain't that a Slap in the Face.  

You should be getting used to it by now.     

So as it stands now only the two Republican House Members who have refused to believe in Trump's "Big Lie" will be sitting among the Democrats appointed to the January Sixth Committee when it meets this coming Tuesday to begin its Investigation of the January Sixth Invasion of the Capitol.  They will begin these public hearings by listening to the Police Officers who put their lives on the line on January Sixth to protect members of Congress.

It should be interesting but also disturbing testimony as the officers reveal the details of the January Sixth Invasion of the Capitol from their perspective.  

Even though most Republicans will not be part of the Investigation I hope they do pay attention to the Officer's testimony and will in the end help to insure that what happened on January Sixth will never happen again.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Happy First Anniversary To Podcast For A Lost Nation

 July 12th, 2021

I recorded the first Episode of "Podcast For A Lost Nation" just about a Year ago in July of 2020, the year of the Covid 19 Pandemic.  

Remember that.  

Our President at the time discouraged people from wearing masks and thanks to him several hundred thousand people died who probably could have been saved.  Oh yes, also President Trump had his own Weird theories on how to deal with Covid 19.  He famously said all that was needed was a little bleach and some light inserted through the rear end of the body.

These and many other insane and reckless lunatic fringe ideas from the mind of Donald Trump that Americans tolerated for four long years pushed me in July of 2020 to think about starting a Podcast.

What finally pushed me over the edge into actual Podcasting was listening to several episodes of Michael Moore's excellent Podcast, "Rumble".  On the episodes I heard Michael Moore encouraging listeners to start their own Podcasts on Spotify.  I listened to his encouragement and checked out the "Anchor" Website which gave instructions on what to do to start a Podcast.  I found out that I had the right equipment already with a good Shure microphone and a "Focusrite" Interface to attach to my computer.

After four years of Madness with Donald Trump in the White House I was terrified in July of 2020 that he might get re-elected.  I wanted to do something other than what I had done in other Presidential Elections in which I volunteered to call Democrats on the phone.  I know those calls do need to be done but I hate making calls to people, who on those few occasions that they answer, get annoyed by your calls.

I thought that with a Podcast if someone got annoyed listening to it that they could turn it off and I would be none the wiser if they were annoyed. 

In 2008 I had begun writing a Blog that I called "Letters To a Lost Nation" and had been continuing to write Blog Posts ever since.  I found that it was rather easy for me to take my Blog Posts and read them off my IPad and record them as Podcasts.

So that's what I have done with "Podcast For A Lost Nation" over the past year. I was hoping that by now in July of 2021 that i might be able to write about something other than Donald Trump and I have, at times, but like a Zombie or a Cat with nine lives, even though Donald Trump was defeated in the November 2020 Election he has only gone to Mara Lago but has not gone out of our lives.

I don't know what was wrong with me to think that after the 2020 Election that Donald Trump would behave like every other losing Candidate in every other American Presidential Election and Congratulate Joe Biden as the winner and leave the scene.  I guess I forgot that for Donald Trump the absolute worst thing in the world is to be a "LOSER."  So after what was clearly a good showing for Donald Trump in November of 2020 Trump simply refused to accept the election outcome and apparently, at least to his own mind, he is still not a loser. 

Trump did lose, however, in an election in which the American people can be proud of the Genuine Integrity of the election.  Despite the disgusting raid on the Capitol by Trump's Goon Squad on January Sixth in which Trump incredibly hoped to prevent the United States Electoral System from working correctly, thanks to Mike Pence and the United States Congress it did work correctly, however and the Congress and Mike Pence did their jobs.  Even Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell did their jobs correctly on January Sixth.  They both condemned Trump and the Capitol Insurgents on the 6th but since that time they have once again, along with most other Republicans in Congress, pledged allegiance not to The United States but to Donald Trump.  

Instead of the vast numbers of Republicans waking up to the reality of how bad Donald Trump really is, it seems as though Trump's Narcissism has spread like a Cancer throughout the Republican Party, not only in Congress but in nearly every State House in America.  

Republicans choose to call their Incredibly Anti Democratic Legislation Voter Integrity Bills.  There is no integrity in these bills that are blatantly meant to disenfranchise Blacks and Young Voters, in particular and Democrats, in general.

I saw two interviews this week with Michael Woolf who has written three books about Donald Trump.  The latest book is called "Landslide" and is about the Final Days of the Trump Administration.  Although many commentators have danced around calling Donald Trump what he is, Michael Woolf was very clear in what he thinks about Donald Trump.

Woolf had the following words to say about Donald Trump:

He is Deranged.

He is A Lunatic.

He is Crazy.

Hats off to Michael Woolf.  You can't get much clearer than that.  

Its just too bad that Donald Trump seems to have made the Republican Party just as crazy as he is.

On this First Anniversary of "Podcast For A Lost Nation" I would like to take a minute to thank you, the listeners of "Podcast For A Lost Nation."  It has been encouraging to me to see how many of you have tuned in to the Podcast.  Unlike many other Podcasts that have production teams and sponsors I don't need or want a production team or sponsorship.  I see nothing wrong with these things but I would prefer to keep things simple.  I thank all of the listeners in the United States and in many other countries throughout the world including Germany, England, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, France and the United Arab Emirates who have tuned in to the Podcast.  I especially thank my friends and the members of my family who have tuned in and on occasion have given me some very valuable feedback.  

Thanks to Mickey, Jon, John and Anita, Larry, Rachel and Dom, Colleen, Laura and Evan and to everyone else who has listened to the Podcast.  

I also want to thank Joe Biden for winning the Presidential Election in November of 2020 and his Cabinet and Staff for showing us all how Government should be and could be done correctly. 

I certainly thank Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania and Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania for doing what they can to keep Republican Pennsylvania Legislators under control in our state and helping to keep Democracy alive in Pennsylvania.  

I also thank Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and their Democratic Colleagues in Congress for all they do in keeping Democracy Alive in the House of Representatives and Senate in Congress and in The United States of America. 

I also want to thank Michael Moore for his enduring dedication to keeping Democracy alive in the United States of America and his inspiration for me to keep striving for Democracy even in the face of tremendous Republican efforts to weaken it or, in fact, kill it.  

Although I would like to see a time when I could relax and enjoy the encouraging progress made by the Biden Administration and look forward to many more years of Responsible Democratic Governing, the frightening changes happening in the Republican Party and the United States of America seem bound to keep me focused on keeping our "Lost Nation" a Democracy.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank "Anchor" and "Spotify" for providing me the opportunity and the tools to make "Podcast For A Lost Nation" possible at no cost to me.  

I look forward to many more years of Podcasting to come.  Even though this year has been stressful, it has also been rewarding in a lot of ways.

Once again I say to all of you:  "Thanks For Listening."

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher