Monday, January 10, 2022

On The First Anniversary of January 6th, 2021 The Truth Shall Make Us Free

 January 7th, 2022

My Dear America:

On the day after January 6th, 2022 I finally watched the incredibly moving speech that President Joe Biden gave yesterday morning while standing in the Capitol Rotunda one year to the day after the violent and disgusting attack on the heart of Democracy in America that was engineered by Donald Trump and his Goon Squad.  I had seen comments on Facebook and Twitter identifying the Biden Speech as either one of the best speeches that President Biden had ever given or simply the BEST SPEECH THAT JOE BIDEN HAD EVER GIVEN.  Either way Joe B. gave an outstanding speech that will go down in history as one of the best speeches ever given by a President in defense of Democracy in America.  

Although President Biden has made clear in other speeches who he has blamed for last year's violent assault on the Capitol he made it crystal clear in this speech without mentioning Donald Trump by name that his "Predecessor" was to blame for not only the Capitol Riot but also for other improper and possibly illegal attempts to thwart the peaceful transfer of power from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration by weaponizing "THE BIG LIE" which falsely claimed that Trump had won the 2020 Presidential Election.  In his speech Biden addressed Trump's claims point by point and made it clear that Trump's claim to have won the 2020 Election was total Bullshit.

As is usually the case, some Right Wing Media Outlets found Mr. Biden's speech lacking but these same outlets seem to find everything about President Biden lacking, yet find everything about Donald Trump to be wonderful.  It is perplexing to me that it is the case that in today's America a CERTIFIED LOSER like Donald Trump can still exercise so much power and influence over so many Americans.  I don't understand it.  I will never understand it. Whatever happened to Common Sense in the Republican Party

I woke up too late yesterday to see the Biden Speech live but the online word was that it was terrific so I tried to find a rebroadcast of it on television.  I only found certain short clips of Biden's Speech yesterday but I did luck in on C-Span's coverage of an event that was taking place in the afternoon yesterday afternoon at the Capitol.  That event was an interesting and enlightening exchange of ideas between Historians John Meacham and Doris Kearns Goodwin hosted by the Chief Librarian of Congress.  These two interesting Writers had much to say about last January Sixth and other important events in the History of America.  I didn't realize it at the time but the spread out audience that was sitting there in the Capitol listening to Goodwin and Meacham were primarily Democratic members of Congress.  Along with the members of Congress in the audience, I found out later, were, along with Liz Cheney (The Only Republican Member of Congress willing to show up for this particular January 6th Commemoration),was her Dad, Dick Cheney and the parents of Brian Sicknick, the brave Capitol Policeman who was killed as the result of his injuries sustained on January 6th of last year while defending the Capitol from the Trump Mob.

Following the Meacham and Kearns Goodwin Exchange the same group of primarily Democratic members of Congress lined up to take turns relating their individual tales of terror that they experienced on January 6th, 2021.  It was highly disturbing to hear what these True Patriots endured last January.  It was particularly galling to recognize that those people who denigrated and disfigured the Capitol building the year before and claimed to be "patriots" and "Blue Lives Matter" supporters beat the living daylights out of the brave men and women in blue who were charged with defending the Capitol.  Certainly those people entering the Capitol were not Patriots but Criminals who were either too Dumb or too Twisted by Trump Logic to recognize how they  were being used as pawns by the Former President.

Last Year despite the substantial damage done to the Police defending the Capitol, the Capitol building itself and to American Democracy, the Genuinely Brave Patriotic Members of the Congress with the cooperation of the Vice President, who had been threatened with Hanging by the Trump Mob earlier in the day, returned on the evening of January 6th, 2021 and did their jobs.  Of Course the Republican Legislators tasked with preventing Joe Biden from being Certified by the Congress did their best to disrupt the Certification but in the end the real Patriots in Congress won out and Joe Biden was Certified as the incoming President of The United States.  Thank God.

A Prayer Vigil featuring mainly Democratic members of Congress and the Senate also took place on the Capitol Steps on the evening of January 6th, 2022.  CNN also featured a Moving Remembrance Special featuring members of Congress, their families and their staffs discussing their experiences on January 6th, 2021.  

One thing that was noticeably missing from all of these remembrances of January 6th, 2021 was the participation of Republican Members of Congress and Senators.  

It was almost as if the only members of Congress running for their lives on January 6th last year were Democrats.  Certainly that was not the case.  On January 6th, 2021 all members of Congress and their staffs were threatened.

Congressional Republicans may be faking Amnesia in 2022 but in January of last year they also were running for cover along with their Democratic Colleagues.

It seems to me as though the time has come for Republicans to recognize what damage they are doing to America by sticking with Donald Trump and his Big Lie any longer.  Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters are leading not only the Republican Party but the entire nation to the brink of destruction by not calling out the former President for being the Emperor who has no clothes and Certainly No Integrity.  

Republicans need to wake up and realize that following the insanity of Donald Trump will eventually destroy them and their party and possibly the entire country.  What good will it be for Republicans if they maintain their power only with the permanent loss of their integrity and their good name.  

The time has come for Republicans to recognize what most of us have known for a long time.  And That is:

                                THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE

Republicans can and do in many cases believe in many of the same things that are being advocated in the Build Back Better Program that will soon be voted on by the Congress.  

I have a dream today that on a day that will be coming soon not one but a bunch of Republican Legislators will realize that they have had it with Donald Trump and are no longer going to follow a Madman over a Political Cliff but are going to instead follow their consciences and vote "Yes" for "Build Back Better."

Yes, People I have a dream today that Truth will no longer be shunned in the Republican Party and that Integrity will make a Comeback.

Yes, I have a Dream today.

I certainly hope that my dream comes true and that it comes true in time to save Democracy in America from complete Destruction.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Are We Living In The Final Days of American Democracy

 Saturday, January 1, 2022

My Dear America:

As we step over the fault line from 2021 to 2022 it feels to me as though we are walking through a Mine Field of Epic Proportions.  I have been alive for over 79 Years and I don't ever remember a period of time in my life like the last Five Years.  Before these last Five Years I worried about a lot of things happening in the world but I never really worried about America becoming something like a Third World Dictatorship.  

That could never happen I thought, before the last Five Years.  

That was before Donald Trump somehow stole an election in which he did not win the majority of votes over his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  The ridiculous and criminally outmoded Electoral College System gave Trump his 2016 victory.  And lest we forget, Donald Trump in the 2016 Election never agreed to accept the results of that Election, unless he won.  

In 2016 Trump was lucky enough to have Hillary Clinton as his opponent and Barack Obama as the President, both of whom played by the long established rules of American Democracy.  Hillary reluctantly conceded that Trump won the election even though she had won the most vote totals.  President Barack Obama like all of his Presidential Predecessors before him invited Donald Trump to the White House and did his best to provide Trump with a Cooperative and Peaceful Presidential Transition between the Obama and the Trump Presidential Administrations 

When Trump legitimately lost to Joe Biden in November of 2020 he followed through on the threat that he made in 2016 and had continued to make in 2020 and despite the overwhelming evidence proving that he lost the election, Donald Trump created THE BIG LIE that although those bad people in the Press and the Democratic Party claimed that Biden had actually won the election because he had won more votes than Trump, it wasn't true.  

I think that a lot of us thought that since Donald Trump thought that losing at anything was a fate worse than death that he needed a bit more time to listen to reason and his own family who, rumor has it, were trying to get him to see the darkness at the end of the tunnel.  

So it was clear that Trump needed time to get his head on straight and accept the inevitable reality that he had LOST, that he was a LOSER who needed time to accept the inevitable conclusion that any reasonable President in his position would come to.

But Hey, We were not just dealing with any old joker here.  We were dealing with someone whose four years in the White House were unlike those of any other President in the History of the United States.  We were dealing with Donald Freakin Trump, People and as we now know, despite the fact that nearly everyone in the world was convinced that Donald Trump had LOST the 2020 Election, Donald Trump would never admit that he lost the 2020 Election.  He would never accept that reality as fact.  

"Screw Biden," Donald Trump thought, "I'm not going anywhere willingly.  If they want me out of the White House They're going to have to drag me out."

Dragging the bastard out of the White House was certainly a pleasant thought to many Democrats but as luck would have it, it would not be necessary.

After Exhausting every legal avenue and a few Illegal avenues as well, Trump did finally get on a plane on Biden's Inauguration Day and Fly to Mara Lago with his Family.

That should have been the end of it but of course it wasn't.

We have just lived through a year in which we started out with Donald Trump and Company (Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, Bernard Kerack, John Eastman, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Peter Navarro and others) staging a certified Coup Attempt on January 6th with the expressed purpose of unlawfully keeping Joe Biden from having his Election Certified by the Congress and keeping Donald Trump illegally in the office of the Presidency for God Knows How Long.  

As the Congressional Committee formed by the United States House of Representatives to investigate the January 6th Insurrection continues to try to find out what really happened behind the scenes in the planning and executing that plan on January 6th, Former President Trump has chosen to do his best to obstruct the work of the January Sixth Committee.  Trump has gone to court in order to block the release of information regarding what he did leading up to January Sixth, and more importantly what he did and did not do on January Sixth.

It is common knowledge that Trump sat in the White House watching Television coverage of his fans Rioting outside and inside the Capitol Building on January Sixth following Incendiary Speeches by Trump and some of his Loyalists outside the White House.  Republicans like Kevin McCarthy had harsh words for Trump on January Sixth but these days only have harsh words for the January Sixth Committee and in particular the Republican members of that Committee who have chosen not to gloss over Donald Trump's Treasonous actions like so many of their Republican colleagues have done.  

There are plenty of questions that we hope to have answers to when the January Sixth Committee presents its findings in the New Year.  They have promised not only an extensive Report on what happened on January Sixth but they have also promised to present Televised Testimony that they feel Americans deserve to have regarding the questionable and possibly treasonous actions taken by not only Trump and his Cohorts but also extremely questionable actions taken by others including the Rioters themselves, as well as many Republican members of Congress who seem to have been active participants in the Trump Plan to end Democracy and install a Dictator in America following the events of January Sixth 2021.

Certainly as long as Joe Biden is in office America will continue to be a Democratic Republic.  

But 2024 is one more year closer and it seems as though many members of the press are already inexplicably predicting Republican victories in Congress in 2022.  Clearly Republicans in Congress feel that if they have the backing of the Trump Mob they will be successful in retaking Control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  I hope that these strange and reckless predictions of Republican political victories in 2022 will not occur.  

Why in God's name would anyone vote Republican in 2022 when they have seen the Anti Democratic Rhetoric and Actions by most of these Republican Party Members.  

Why on Earth would people vote Republican when they know full well that instead of Republicans learning from their mistakes in 2020 when we narrowly avoided Donald Trump stealing another Election, Republicans are now taking measures in state legislatures all over the country to stack the deck so that they can turn back the tide of Democracy and disregard the choices of voters and when they need to change the rules so that Democrats may never be able to legitimately win another election again.

If that sounds scary, it is. It should scare the hell out of all of us.  

Donald Trump has completely corrupted the Republican Party with the help of Right Wing Media and what we are headed for in 2022 if we do not wake up to reality is the complete corruption of our Voting system.

It is time for Democrats to wake up and smell the Treason that is raging throughout the Republican Party and throughout the United States.  

We still have time to save Democracy in The United States of America.  We need to all wake up to reality and start taking control of our Democracy before we lose it forever.  We need to ask our Democratic Congressional Representatives and Senators to recognize the incredibly important role that they play in saving our Democracy.  In particular, we hope that Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema recognize how important their role is in saving voting Rights and by so doing saving Democracy.

Not all of our Forefathers were perfect people but they fought hard for us so that we could live and prosper in a country where all men and women are truly created equal and can maintain control of their government.  

We can still control our government but if we don't pay attention and recognize that Republicans are no longer a Grand Old Party but a misguided group of people controlled by a Sociopath who cares nothing for anyone other than himself, our control may be lost forever.  

"Are we living in Nazi Germany," was a question that Donald Trump asked a long time ago.

No Donald, We are not living in Nazi Germany,

Not Yet, at least.  And if we are lucky enough to render you irrelevant in America I pray that my children and Grandchildren grow up in an America that continues to value Democracy.  

 Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Friday, December 17, 2021

Thank You Mike Pence For Saving Our Democracy At Least For Now

Friday, December 17th, 2021 

My Dear America:

My Wife said something the other day that really struck me. 

I can't recall exactly what she said but what it amounted to was that we should really give credit where credit is due to Former Vice President, Mike Pence for being a Decent Man who literally Saved Our Democracy from the corrupt intent of Donald Trump and his Dark and Dangerous Cronies who were insisting that Pence cooperate with their plan to initiate a Coup to end Democracy in our country and install Donald Trump as the First Unelected Dictator in United States History.

Certainly anyone watching the News Coverage of January 6th could see with their own eyes that Good and Decent Government in the United States of America was collapsing right before their eyes.  My wife and I certainly saw it.  It was Frightening and Disgusting and it was Certainly Approved of and Authorized by the man who was still the President of the United States on that day: Donald Trump. 

What was clear on that day was that Something Was Radically Wrong in America on January Sixth of 2021.  

What is becoming increasingly clear in December of 2021 is that what was wrong on January Sixth was the fact that Donald Trump, after exhausting all possible Semi - Legitimate attempts to lawfully steal the November 2020 Election from its Rightful Winner, Joe Biden, felt that he had one more Desperate Card To Play.  That Wild Card was Mike Pence.

What is clear to me after reading Bob Woodward and Bob Costa's Book, "Peril" and other sources, as well, is that there was a Soul Crushing Assault on Mike Pence's Decency in an attempt to bring him over to the dark side of the White House where Trump and those Diabolical Zombies who were still supporting him were waiting to stomp out what was left of Mike Pence's Decency.

Woodward and Costa point out that Mike Pence was at least thinking about succumbing to Trump and his Allies Pressure and might well have done so were it not for the Good and Decent Advice given to Pence by former Vice President, Dan Quayle.  Quayle did his best to keep his Indiana Friend on the right and Decent Democratic Path.  

Could Pence legally stand in the way of counting electors as Trump Insisted, Pence asked his Predecessor, Quayle.

"Absolutely Not", Quayle insisted.  All Pence could do legally, according to Quayle, was to supervise the counting of Electors from all the states.

What Trump was insisting that Pence do was not legal and was not democratic.

What was not really evident to those of us watching on January 6th was just how much incredible pressure that Trump and Company were putting on Pence during the time just before January 6th.  Even on January Sixth while Pence and Congress were being shuttled out of the House and Senate to Safety , John Eastman, clearly one of the Most Important Trump Conspirators, was sending messages out blaming Pence for the Riots because, according to Eastman, Pence had not done the right thing.  

I guess that Trump and company were really OK with the Gallows set up in front of the Capitol and the Blood Curdling Cries of "Hang Mike Pence."

Certainly in his Role as Vice President of one of the most legally and morally corrupt Presidential Administrations in the history of the United States in many ways Mike Pence still has much to account for.  In many ways Mike Pence brought an air of decency to the Trump Administration.  A lot of Christians who trusted and admired Mike Pence found it easier to admire Trump despite the moral chasm that existed between Pence and Trump.

To be honest, I never really cared too much for Mike Pence.  I have always seen him as pretty much a Phony but I do admire some things about him.  I think that he does try to be a Genuine Christian and I am sure that it was difficult to do so while being a charter member of the Trump Administration.  

On January Sixth Mike Pence could have very easily bowed out of the process of counting Electors and stated that he was going home and the process could have been totally screwed.  Pence did not do that, however, and with the cooperation of the Senate and House Leadership Pence returned in the evening of January Sixth and led the process to certify the Electors and Certify the Election of Joe Biden despite the disturbing and unnecessary delays in counting electors led by some of Trump's Congressional supporters.

When it comes to Covid Donald Trump does not get much credit in my book.  Trump tried to downplay the disastrous infection and convince his followers that they didn't need masks leading to countless deaths of Trump lovers.

One thing that Trump did right with regard to Covid was to put Mike Pence in charge of it for a time.  During that time Pence recognized the seriousness of the Pandemic and in many ways took serious and important actions to help our country deal with Covid.  Pence was the one who did what was needed to encourage drug companies to shorten the process of coming up with needed vaccines to prevent Covid infections.  When Pence began to get high marks for his Covid Fighting actions Trump Jealously came back to daily reporting sessions on the Pandemic that Pence had been successfully leading.  Although Trump likes to take credit for the speedy development of the Covid Vaccines, Pence deserves far more credit than Trump.

One more reason that Mike Pence should get some credit is that when Donald Trump left town rather than do the right thing and show up for Joe Biden's Inauguration, Mike Pence did show up to Biden's Inauguration.

My wife was right.  In a Presidential Administration that, for the most part was rotten to the core,  Mike Pence might not have escaped with entirely clean hands but we who are Citizens of the United States owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Pence for his part in saving our Democracy from Destruction on January Sixth.

Thank You, Mike Pence, for doing the right thing on that day when many Republicans did not do the right thing and continue to fail to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, Mike Pence seems to feel that his best bet these days is to once again prostrate himself at the feet of Donald Trump.  That is a shame.  But Pence is certainly not the only Republican to fail to remember what their party used to stand for.  

Only time will tell if Americans will be able to continue to live in a free and democratic country.  

If Democrats have their way we can continue to do it.

If Republicans continue to follow down their increasingly Power Mad Path, God Help Us. 

The next time we may not have a Mike Pence to stand in the way of those who would not preserve our Democracy.

Thank You Mike Pence.  You may be back on the Dark Side with Trump Again but you were there when we needed you on January 6th and we are truly grateful to you for keeping our Democracy Alive at least for a few more years.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Doctor OZ - The Quack Running For The United States Senate from Pennsylvania

 December 4th, 2021

My Dear America:

Just when I thought it was once again safe to go into the voting booth or mail in my ballot in Pennsylvania, the Republicans have once again pulled a Fast One in the early days of an important Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey.  Things were already royally screwed up in my state by Republicans engaged in any number of dastardly deeds concerning Voting: including the following:

During the November 2020 Elections the Pennsylvania Republican Legislature had a Fit when The Monster From Mara Lago legitimately lost the Presidential Election and Pennsylvania State Electors to Joe Biden (who, of course was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania) and tried through various means to Kow Tow to Donald Trump's ridiculous efforts to overturn the election results.  

More recently we have had Pennsylvania State Republican Legislative Figures travel to Arizona to study the mechanics of the Notorious Cyber Ninja conducted  Arizona Voters So Called "Audit" and despite the results of the "Arizona Audit" (Which was to show that Joe Biden had won in Arizona by more votes than was previously indicated) The PA State Legislators still have tried to come back to Pennsylvania and recklessly try to institute procedures in which they are trying to seize not only voting machines but an incredible amount of private information about Pennsylvania voters. The Voters information demanded by the Legislators included the following: 

Voter ID Numbers

Dates of Birth

Partial Social Security Numbers

A Local Pennsylvania Democratic Member of the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives named Peter Schweyer pointed out in an article he wrote in "The Morning Call" Newspaper in Allentown on September 23rd, 2021 that the information being demanded by the Republican Legislators would be dangerous for PA voters.  The following is a quote from Representative Schweyer's article in which he warns Pennsylvania voters of the dangers presented by what Republican Legislators are demanding. 

"Everything a scammer needs to open a credit card in your name will soon be in the hands of some third-party company, hand picked by the same GOP lawmakers who associate with those who massed in Washington D.C., and attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Thank God that there are Lawmakers like Mr. Schweyer to sound the alarm to unsuspecting Pennsylvanian's about what Republicans are trying to pull off right under our noses.  We also need to be thankful that although Republicans control the PA. Legislature, Pennsylvania's Governor, Tom Wolf and the State's Attorney General, Josh Shapiro are not having any of this bullshit.  Wolf will not sign the Republican backed legislation and Attorney General Shapiro has vowed to do all he can to scuttle the Republican effort to confiscate private voter information. Unfortunately, Republicans are doing all they can at this point to oust Governor Wolf and Attorney General Shapiro in the next election.  Josh Shapiro is running for Governor in 2022 and hopefully he will win the states highest office.  Hopefully we will also be able to keep a Democrat in the Attorney General's Office.

In addition to these continuing outrageous voter suppression efforts by Republicans we are also experiencing in Pennsylvania efforts by Qanon members and other Loose Cannon Conspiracy Theorists to not only disrupt legitimate School Board Meetings with their hate filled messages but are also demanding and in some cases getting their way in having longtime Classic Books Banned in certain cases in Pennsylvania Schools.

Now into this disturbing Shitstorm comes Dr. Mehmet OZ, a Heart Surgeon who gained enough fame by being Oprah Winfrey's Go To Doctor on her longtime Television Program to get his own TV Show.  

I have to be honest at this point and admit that before he announced his run for Senate on the Republican ticket I had been a fan of Dr. Oz for a long time.  Some of his shows were boring but some were terrific.  Clearly Dr. Oz is an intelligent man with a lot to offer Television fans.  I particularly found his True Crime Tuesdays and Thursdays rather interesting.  To be honest, I would never have thought that Dr. Oz was a Republican.  He never struck me as blatantly political in one direction or another.  But Dr. Oz Clearly was not what he appeared to be on Television.

There were clues, of course.  

He had Donald Trump on his program and gave him a phony physical and pronounced him healthy.  That certainly should have been a clue, of course.

Then, of course Dr. Oz seemed to be obsessed with "Dog, the Bounty Hunter", Certainly that oddity should also have been a clue.

There are many reasons that I will not be voting for Dr. Oz in the coming year.

The number one reason is that Oz is running as a Republican and I will not be voting for a Republican for Senate.  Apparently Republicans are jumping on the Oz bandwagon because Scott Parnell, Donald Trump's originally chosen primary Candidate for Senate from Pennsylvania just dropped out of the race because due to allegations of spousal abuse he lost custody of his children.  Yes Sir, Another Fine Trump backed Candidate for office bites the dust.  

Another reason that I am not voting for Dr. Oz for Senate is that he has not lived in the State of Pennsylvania for many years.  Oz is a long Time Resident of New Jersey.  Apparently he is using his In Law's Pennsylvania Address to run for Senate.  Certainly he is rich enough to buy a home in Pennsylvania but he should have been a Pennsylvania resident before he ran for Senate.

I don't really know much about Dr. Oz's political connections but I doubt whether he would have run for Senate in Pennsylvania without running it by Donald Trump.  

Another Reason that I will not vote for Dr. Oz is that he is a complete Phony.  He has appeared to me over the years to be a responsible person who cared about truth and people.

Now, all of a sudden Dr. Oz is spouting the same lies and garbage that other Republican Trump Syncophants spout.

All of a sudden this TV Doctor who has long appeared to support masking and Vaccinations is singing a Different Tune.  

Joe Biden is all of a sudden a Freedom Killer because he is mandating the wearing of masks so that Americans don't kill each other by passing along killer virus's.

It sounds like the same old Republican Bullshit to me.

The Democratic Party in Pennsylvania has a number of Outstanding Senate Primary Candidates.  

John Fetterman looks like a tattooed lumberjack but he is a man of integrity. He is also the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and is largely responsible for the introduction of a Medical Marijuana Program in Pennsylvania.

Conor Lamb is presently an impressive young Democratic Member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Malcom Kenyatta is another impressive young man who is black, gay and from Philadelphia.  He is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

Another reason that I will not be voting for Doctor Oz for Senator is that it is going to be very important in 2022 to keep Pat Toomey's seat from falling back into Republican hands.  The Democratic Margin in the Senate is hanging by a thread and it is important to avoid turning over the leadership of the Senate to Mitch McConnell, whose main stated agenda in the Senate has been the obstruction of progress by the Democrats.

In short, We don't need you or want you, Doctor Oz.  You are a phony of epic proportions and that is the last thing we need in the Senate of the United States.  I know that the ratings for your show have been steadily going down in recent years but please don't use Pennsylvanians as your resource for staying relevant. I'm sure you're not a bad guy but you have made some very serious mistakes over the years.  Hydroxycloroquine was not a cure or a valid treatment for Covid.

You talk about the Covid Vaccine as though Donald Trump is the Covid Hero and Joe Biden is the Villain when the opposite is true.  

How can you as a Doctor look at what Donald Trump and his Republican Cohorts did in 2020 concealing Covid and dismissing legitimate Covid Treatments and responses.  How can you, at this point, as a medical professional try to dismiss  everything positive that Joe Biden did to help get Covid under control and jump on the Trump Team when you know the truth about Covid.

Sorry, Dr. Oz.  Find some other way to deal with your sagging popularity.  You should put yourself and your buddy, Donald Trump on one of your 'True Crime" shows. 

You two would fit right in.

Suffice it to say, Dr. Oz that you do not have my vote and furthermore I will be doing everything I can in the coming next year to make sure that we in Pennsylvania,  I mean the True Pennsylvania Residents, will not be voting to send you to the United States Senate.

 Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Texas Handmaids Tale

 Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

My Dear America:

I used to like watching Disaster Films and Television Dramas.

Not so much anymore.  

I came home today and my wife was watching "The Day After Tomorrow," an interesting and extremely well produced Movie which is a cautionary tale about what is likely to happen if the issue of Global Warming is not addressed by The United States and the rest of the world in the coming years.  The movie was made in 2004 and we are living these days in what were the coming years for 2004

Spoiler Alert:  The movie shows that we might be in for the Snowstorm from Hell.

I did sit down and watch the last hour of the movie before beginning to write this post.  

Although I did recognize the High Production Quality of this film I realized that when I saw this movie for the first time I thought that certainly this Frozen Horror Story could never happen on earth, Never Mind in the United States Of America.  

We would never stand for our President and our Government to allow things to get so completely out of hand that we might have our nation Frozen over in the face of Climate Change.  

We were certainly too smart and too aware for that awful disastrous prospect to occur in our lifetime or in any American Lifetime.  That's what I thought the first time I saw this movie.

One of my Favorite Television Series streaming on the Hulu Platform in somewhat recent years has been "The Handmaid's Tale." I watched a couple of Seasons of this Thoughtful but Frightening Series depicting what Women might expect living in a world where many of them are relegated merely to people who have very little control over their bodies and almost no control over whether or not they can choose to have Children or not to have Children.

Spoiler Alert:  No Abortions for these Unfortunate Young Ladies.

Although I am sure that I will at some point return to watching "The Handmaid's Tale" I can't do it right now.  This show is too close to reality at the moment.  This show is too close to Gilead, the Fictional Place where The Handmaid's Tale" takes place. 

Suffice it to say that as bad as Gilead is we have found a place in The United States of America which may be even worse than Gilead when it comes to that third rail of politics that affects women.  ABORTION.

That Place where the Real Life "Handmaid's Tale" exists is called TEXAS.

In the State of Texas where Previous Governors such as George W. Bush and Rick Perry have not always been the Sharpest tools in the shed, Present day Governor Greg Abbott has proved to be the Rightest but not the Brightest Governor that Texas has seen in some time.

Before he was Elected Governor First in 2014 he had been appointed by Governor Bush to the Texas Supreme Court And following that became Texas Attorney General prior to running for Governor on the Republican ticket.

Recently Governor Abbott seems to have been in a Governor's Race to the bottom of the Barrel competition with Governor Ron De Santis of Florida to prove that Governor Abbott is by far the most outrageously Right Wing Governor of the Twenty First Century.  

So far, Governor Abbott's track record seems to show that he is winning that stiff competition with Governor De Santis to see who can out do each other in destroying Democracy and appealing to Donald Trump and his supporters.

Both Governor's have fought hard against the reasonable prospects of mandating Face Masks and Vaccinations in their states to combat the spread of Covid 19.  

Abbott has quite a few other Right Wing accomplishments under his belt such as putting Millions of his Texas residents at risk of death and bankruptcy by promoting the Texas Power Grid that was responsible for many lives lost when Texas Froze over fairly recently and the power grid shut down.  When the power grid was reactivated those Texans who were still alive found themselves paying outrageous sums to ERCOT, the Texas Power Company to keep their electric power on.

Although Governor Abbott's Outrageous Right Wing accomplishments in Texas seem to be endless and heartless, the Texas Heartbeat Law and Abbott's Assault on primarily Democratic Voting Rights in the State seem to standout as incredibly awful legislation signed into law by Greg Abbott and his primarily Republican Legislature.

The Texas Heartbeat Law sets up a situation in which any individual in or out of the state can sue anyone who assists a woman in getting an abortion in Texas and make money doing it.  It is a law that is truly diabolical in avoiding the scrutiny of the Judiciary in setting abortion standards.

Abbott has been for years blatantly setting up the voting system in Texas so that Democrats can be easily purged from the voter rolls and otherwise be prevented from voting in their state and Consequently Republicans can be elected more easily.

It seems as though with Abbott's terrible record of accomplishments, or lack thereof, that he might easily be defeated by Democrats in the state.  

Time will tell on that score.  At the present time, however, like the "Lone Ranger" coming to the Rescue in Texas, Former Sitting Congressman, Senate Candidate and Presidential Candidate, Beto O'Rourke is riding in to attempt to rescue the State of Texas from further abuse by Governor Abbott by running for Governor himself.  

Hopefully Beto O'Rourke coming to the Rescue might turn this state around but it remains to be seen how much damage Abbott has been able to do in this state not only to women but to voter rolls.

Let's hope that "Lone Ranger" O'Rourke might have the goods to rid the state of Texas of the Tragic Stranglehold of Governor Greg Abbott.  

The Women and The Democrats in Texas will certainly be grateful to O"Rourke if he can eventually rid Texas of this Human Scourge.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, October 25, 2021

A Fond Farewell To Colin Powell - One of The Last Of The Reasonably Moderate Republicans

 Monday October 25th, 2021

My Dear America:

At a time when Reasonably Moderate Republicans are in incredibly short supply it was sad to realize the loss to not only the Republican Party but to America when Colin Powell passed away on October 18th of this year from complications of Covid and Cancer.

I almost had the pleasure of meeting General Powell one time when I sat across from him in a church at a wedding that we both attended.  I was hoping to talk with him after the ceremony but apparently he left quickly following the wedding not wanting to distract from the happy couple who had just gotten married. The Groom was his Godson.

Almost every American who mattered had nothing but praise for the long and distinguished career of America's favorite Four Star General.  Ex President, Donald Trump, however, could not resist the opportunity to slam Colin Powell one more time in death as he had in life.  Of course, Colin Powell never had much use for Donald Trump either. In Bob Woodward and Costa's new book, "Peril" Woodward states that Colin Powell's assessment of Donald Trump was that he was "A Fucking Idiot."

It was widely assumed that one of the many factors that led to Barack Obama's Ascension to the Presidency was the very unusual and unexpected endorsement of Democratic Candidate Obama over his Republican Opponent, John McCain.  Certainly Powell's strong endorsement in the waning days of the 2008 Election of Obama over Powell's long time personal Friend, John McCain helped considerably in establishing Obama's Presidential victory.

Although it was common knowledge that Colin Powell was a long time member of the Republican Party He, also in the runup to the 2020 Election, once again supported a Democratic Candidate.  This time it was Joe Biden over Republican Candidate, Donald Trump.

Although Donald Trump liked to bill himself with the reputation of a "Country First" Candidate and President his version of "Country First" almost always translated as "Donald Trump First."

Colin Powell, on the other hand, was a man who lived his life as a "Country First" American.

Certainly Powell made mistakes in his long Military and Civilian Career but he genuinely seemed to try to live his life in his life in an honorable manner and as a result was highly respected by his peers, his supervisors and the American people.

Colin Powell was a Soldier who rose up through the ranks in his Military career over his 35 year career.  He began his Military Career in the ROTC at the City College of New York where he graduated in 1958 as a Second Lieutenant.  Powell had grown up in the Bronx in New York City where he showed in High School and in his part time work a propensity for working hard and exhibiting leadership qualities, as well as an ability to get along with a lot of different kinds of people.

Powell had some difficult assignments in his military career including getting injured in Vietnam and in being tasked with investigating the My Lai Massacre. Although Powell had not been in country during My Lai there were accusations of his whitewashing the army's responsibility in that terribly tragic incident.

Also during his Military career while serving during the Reagan and George W. Bush Administrations there were accusations of Powell being actively involved in the Iran Contra Affair.  

Powell was also involved in the Invasion of Panama in 1989 and in Desert Storm in 1990 and 91 in which Iraq was thrown out of it's neighboring country, Kuwait. In these two military operations the "Powell Doctrine" was in operation.  The "Powell Doctrine" limited American Military Action with regard to National Security Interests, Recommended only missions with overwhelming force available and only missions with widespread public support.  

During his long and distinguished career Colin Powell rose through the ranks from Second Lieutenant to Captain and ultimately to 4 star General.  He also served from 1987 to 1989 as National Security Advisor to President Reagan.  During the George H.W. Bush Administration he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was also the First African American Secretary of State between 2001 and 2005 during the George W. Bush Administration.  

During the George W. Bush Administration Powell's appearance at the U.N. claiming that weapons of mass destruction were confirmed in Iraq leading to the Iraq War was something that Powell regretted for the rest of his days.

In today's Republican Party it is difficult to find a genuine hero who is willing to stand up to their party or to Donald Trump for their principles.  Colin Powell, with all of his faults seems to have been that kind of Reasonable and Moderate Republican who has been a Hero to all Political Parties.

Unfortunately it is looking more and more as though Hero's and Reasonable People who value telling the truth like Colin Powell are no longer welcome in the Republican Party and that is a shame for all of us.

We will all miss You General Powell

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday Nightmare Live: Return Of The Creature From Mara Lago

Saturday October 16th, 2021

My Dear America:

Saturday, October 9th was a wonderful day.  It was a Family Day spent with all four of my Adult Children and 5 of my Seven Grandchildren.  Two of my Grandchildren were in College and couldn't make it for the day.  Since three members of my family have birthdays in October we were celebrating for all three of us.  I had celebrated my 79th Birthday on Friday, October 8th, the day before our Presently Day Long Celebration.  What could have been a rather depressing Birthday for me had already been saved by a couple of music playing sessions earlier in the week and on Friday.

Saturday, the ninth, was a glorious day.  Although it was cloudy it was still rather warm for a fall day in October.  The food was terrific.  The company was terrific. I was spending the day with my favorite people in my daughter's backyard and all was well.

Although I was not very happy to have to admit to myself that I was actually old enough to be 79 the day before our backyard get together, our party had put me in very good spirits.  

I had certainly been feeling as though I had a lot to be bummed out about.  One of my Best Friends, an outstanding guitar player who I had played with in bands for nearly Forty Years was moving from Pennsylvania to Denver, Colorado.  I was going to miss him a lot.  We played Great music together for all of those years.  We would still be able to play music together online using Jamkazam, a platform on which we had learned to play music together with our bass playing buddy during the Pandemic.  We had been playing really Great music together in person since getting vaccinated.  Jamkazam had been fun and would be again, I was sure, but nothing would ever be as good as actually playing  together in person.

I wasn't thinking about bummers on Saturday, however.  I was having a good time with my Wife and Kids, Grandkids and our significant others.  I was happy to be alive, having made it through Covid with the help of vaccines and masks.  I felt pretty lucky to have made it to 79 in relatively decent shape after suffering a Heart Attack just before Covid Hit.

After spending the day together with my family, my wife and I left for home late in the afternoon and when We got home I felt tired but continued to be in a good mood for awhile as I  surfed through the TV cable channels looking for something good to watch before the new Saturday Night Live came on at 11:30.  I had been surprised to see that SNL had been advertising that Kim Kardashian West was going to be the host.  Although I was no fan of the Kardashians, I was fascinated by the strange choice of Kim as SNL Host.

I was having a hard time coming up with a choice of what to watch earlier this Saturday evening however.  It didn't look like a good night for any movies that I hadn't seen before.  I was seeing nothing that caught my eye Until my remote suddenly stopped for a minute where I saw something that shocked me and fascinated me at the same time.

There he was, in living color in Des Moines, Iowa strutting back and forth across a stage in front of a mammoth crowd that was cheering loudly for the Ex President.  The Monster from Mara Lago had suddenly been unleashed in Des Moines and was now going to speak to this crowd.  

He loved it.  They loved it.  I didn't love it.  

I went back to channel surfing with the hope that I could find something more palatable to watch.  Damn, I couldn't find anything.  I tried not to but I found my remote drifting back to OAN as though it had a mind of its own.  I couldn't help it.  I was drawn to OAN like a fly to a spider.  What was the man who had become the unmentionable one to Late Night TV Hosts going to say to this crowd.

One of the first things he said was that the Democrats were going to give money to the Media.  Of course he presented the media as those Liars who were always being unfair to the crowd's "Favorite President".  I don't know what media he was talking about receiving money from the government unless it was possibly PBS or NPR.

Then he said something about "Hillary Conceded - I never conceded" and he went into his rap about "The Big Lie"  and how he really won the 2020 election and how the election was rigged.  

How the hell was it rigged.  He was the one in charge of the Election.  Not Joe Biden who was out of office at the time of the 2020 Election.  

Of course the crowd seemed well practiced in booing Democrats and Joe Biden at the appropriate times.

Then the Creature from Mara Lago started going into one of his many stories about People talking to him and of course they were all calling him "Sir." 

Shouts came from the crowd.



He thanked the crowd for coming and bragged that he had been advised that the crowd at the Des Moines Fairgrounds had broken an all time record for people showing up to an event at the Fairgrounds.  

He addressed the crowd as "Hard Working American Patriots" and told them

"We know and Love You" 

And then he started in on denigrating President Biden.

"Joe Biden and the Radical Left have brought our Nation to the Brink of Ruin"

According to Trump, Biden and the left were responsible for unleashing "Violent Criminals and Bloodthirsty Gangs" on our streets.

Then he started talking about the Taliban taking over Afghanistan as if he had nothing to do with what had happened in that country.

Although I was interested in what he was saying because I really wanted to know what the Monster from Mara Lago was up to I had to leave OAN and go anywhere away from where the Monster was speaking.

I couldn't take any more of this Lying Bullshit.

Although I only watched him for a few minutes I am still haunted by what I saw in that brief period of time.  Clearly, Donald J. Trump is still a frighteningly scary force to be reckoned with by Democrats.  Although Joe Biden has done so much for Americans of all stripes since his election, clearly there is still a very large segment of the population that is still under the spell of the Monster from Mara Lago and believe his lies and Bullshit as though it is the Gospel Truth.

It is easy to underestimate Donald Trump but it is dangerous to do so.  Trump had these Iowa Citizens in the palm of his hand and he was feeding them nothing but lies and distortions and they were sucking it up with enthusiastic pleasure.  

And they are not alone.  

Although on January 6th Republican Legislative Leaders, including Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy  were honest and truthful about Donald Trump's Culpability for the Capitol Insurrection on that day, these days those leaders are singing a different tune.  Republicans in states all over the country are trying to do what Trump continues to accuse Democrats of doing in the last election.

"The Election was rigged" Trump continues to sing to his followers.

Well, the truth is that the election wasn't rigged in 2020 but it surely looks as if it will be rigged in 2024 if the Republicans continue to get their way in states all across this country.  Republicans are doing everything they can to rig the vote in their favor as they see that without vote rigging on their part their days will probably be numbered.

Oh, Yes, I did get a chance to see Saturday Night Live later in the evening and Kim Kardashian West did a pretty good job.  She and her mother and Sisters participated in some jokes that satirized themselves and the Miracle that has been Saturday Night Live for over Forty Years continued.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher