Thursday, January 12, 2017

Are We Living in Nazi Germany

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

My Dear America:

"Are we living in Nazi Germany."

President Elect, Donald Trump has recently proposed this question in one of his Tweets.

The answer to that question is as follows:

No, Mr. Trump, up to this point we have not been living in Nazi Germany or Russia or any other dictatorship or near dictatorship.

It is worrisome to me, however, that as we near the point where you will formally take the reins of Government in the United States of America that you would have the nerve to ask this question.

It was encouraging to me that you, at last, admitted that Russia was behind the hacks of The Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Although all of the United States Intelligence Agencies have made it clear that they were all united in their belief that this was true, you seemed to be unconvinced up until yesterday's "News Conference."

Although you admitted that the Russians did the hacking you then praised what we had learned from the hacking and from Wikkileaks, which was, of course, not the point. 

You also took time to denigrate the Intelligence agencies who had taken pains to make you aware of the extent of the hacking.

No, Mr. President Elect, we are not living in Nazi Germany despite the fact that you seem to be making it an effort to make it look that way.  

We are, however,  living in The United States of America, the World's Greatest Democracy and we intend to keep it the World's Greatest Democracy despite your efforts to call into question and in some cases delegitimize important American Government Agencies such as the FBI and the CIA because their conclusions do not always agree with yours.  

It is also worrisome that in your campaign for the Presidency your Presidential Campaign had nothing but praise for the press and especially CNN which covered your every move with tons of free press in the early stages of your Presidential Campaign.  Clearly the press coverage of your controversial words and deeds in the Republican Primary Campaign led to your victory in that Primary.  

In your Campaign against former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton you changed your strategy of kissing up to the press and began your Nazi style bashing of the press and doing all you could to turn your followers against the press. Suddenly the same press people who had been responsible for helping you to gain a primary victory became "disgusting" and worse other such words.  

Delegitimazation and control of the press was certainly a successful hallmark issue in Nazi Germany.  Based on your incredibly rude and downright abusive and inappropriate treatment of Jim Acosta of CNN during yesterday's "News Conference" those Nazi principles may continue to be alive and well in the upcoming Trump Administration.

Clearly the cry of "Fake News" seems to be something that we are going to hear over and over during the Trump Administration whenever you are confronted with a report or an issue which is embarrassing to you or that you simply do not wish to deal with.

Clearly, Mr. Trump you seem to be fascinated by dictators.  Your first Wife, Ivanna some years ago when asked by a magazine writer what you read at night stated that you had a copy of Hitler's speeches on your bedside table and often read it before you went to sleep 

You have also been quoted as admiring Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad and, of course, Vladimir Putin. 

You will also have a noted White Supremacist, Steve Bannon, working in a White House office just down the hall from you and a great many problematic Cabinet Officials.

You have made your reputation during this past election by denigrating Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, and Women.  

As Jewish Americans can attest to, Nazi Germany also made scapegoats of those races and religions which were "Others." 

Are We Living in Nazi Germany?

No, Mr. Trump.  We are not living in Nazi Germany.

Not Yet, at least, and although you have fooled enough people to get yourself elected you have not fooled all of the people of America and you never will.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hooray for Hillary Clinton

January 2nd, 2017

My Dear America:

It has taken me awhile to get revved up enough to return to this Blog and try to post again. 

It is a new year and normally when it is a New Year I get excited about the positive prospects of what might be coming in the New Year.  

That is not the case this New Year.  

I had hoped that I would be excited at this point in time about the coming Hillary Clinton Administration, which I expected would generally continue the incredible progress made throughout the 8 years of the Obama Administration, despite the constant obstruction by Republican Legislators.  

It seemed like a slam dunk to me, America.  Hillary Clinton was such an overqualified Candidate for President and Donald Trump was such an unqualified Candidate that it seemed to me as though there was hardly any way that Donald Trump had a ghost of a chance to pull off a win on November 8th.

I was wrong, though.  

Although I saw Hillary Clinton through the lens of her incredible experience and commitment to the American people, there were enough Americans out there in the Heartland who did not see the Hillary Clinton that I saw.  

Many of the same voters who supported Barack Obama in his two successful Presidential Campaigns apparently drank the Kool Aid provided by Donald Trump in his quest to Character Assassinate his way to the Presidency.  

Hillary Clinton had plans to fix what might still be wrong with America.

Donald Trump, on the other hand had tapped into the mean spirit of America with his "Make America Great Again" hats and often repeated slogans at his disturbingly Hitlerian rallies.

"Lock Her Up" shouted Donald Trump and his supporters.

Lock her up for What?  For having a personal E Mail Account.  Oh My God the Russians could have tapped into her E Mails, Trump shouted to his followers.

That was terrible Trump convinced his followers.

Now Trump has nothing but praise for Putin and dismisses the overwhelming evidence presented by every American Intelligence Agency that Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign during the past year's Presidential Campaign.  The largely boring information gained from those leaks released through Wikkileaks was presented by Trump as evidence that Clinton was a "Disaster"

What Nonsense.

Nothing released in Wikkileaks pointed to anything other than some backroom shennanigans on the part of the DNC staff and the Clinton Campaign Staff.

Nothing released by Wikkileaks shows that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong yet Donald Trump with a long and disturbing history throughout his life of questionable if not criminal activity is now in line to become President of the United States later this month.  

Something is truly wrong in America.

First of All, when it comes to lessons that should be learned by this past year's Presidential Campaign it seems to me that after the Al Gore and Hillary Clinton Debacles that it is time to get rid of the Electoral College once and for all. 

I would like to say to Hillary Clinton that I am proud of you.  

I was thrilled when you announced that you were running for President and although I voted for Barack in the Pennsylvania Primary in 2008 and voted for Bernie Sanders this past year in the PA Primary, in the 2016 General Election I was not only proud to vote for you but also proud to call voters on your behalf in the weeks before the election.

Even though you did not win the Electoral College Vote you won the votes of more than a couple of million  voters more than Trump.

You had a Convention that Democrats could be proud of.  You won every debate with Donald Trump and throughout your campaign you conducted yourself with dignity and respect, unlike your Republican opponent.

You, Hillary are a Class Act.  You always have been, even under the most difficult of circumstances and although I am sure you are frustrated and angry that America has now been stuck with Donald Trump, please don't think it is your fault. 

You did the best you could have done, Hillary, to show that you were more qualified than Donald Trump.  You certainly were more qualified than Donald Trump.  

You were certainly right about the deplorables supporting Donald Trump. Unfortunately on November 8th the deplorables were out in force and had convinced enough Americans to vote against their interests once again, something that the Republicans seem to be very good at.

As you and Bill walk in the Long Island Woods and spend time with your daughter and your grandchildren I hope that you can forgive the American People for their foolish fascination with the Carnival Barker and Snake Oil Salesman who will shortly become our President.

We love You Hillary and We wish you and your family and all of our families a very Happy New Year.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher