Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome To Wall Street: The Birthplace Of The New American Revolution

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

My Dear America:

As you well know by now the New American Revolution has begun and oddly enough it has begun on Wall Street, probably the least likely place for a Revolution to start. 

Occupy Wall Street is a determined bunch of Americans who have had it, who are fed up and who are, Like Peter Finch in the movie "Network," "Mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore." 

What are they mad at and what is it they are not going to take anymore.  Well, they're mad at a lot of things.

They are mad that the 99 percent of Americans are buckling under incredible debt and financial burdens while the 1 percent of Americans, who are the Super Rich are doing well and getting the tax breaks that the 99 percent need and deserve.

They are mad at the fact that a college education has become out of reach for many deserving young people as college costs in public, as well as private schools have put those who have graduated in an economy with no jobs, no heath care and outragous debt for their college loans.  Many other students have found that the prohibitive costs of College has forced them to drop out, without a college education and with a lot of debt, but no degree.

My daughter, an incredibly gifted student, who went to a great private college and just recently completed Law School understands what Occupy Wall Street is all about.  She is looking at upwards of two hundred thousand dollars of debt and is unable to get credit without a co signer for a loan.  She and all the other students who are Occupying Wall Street know what a crock of lies the American Dream has become for young people under the oppressive yoke of the Obstructionist Republican Congress.

We are in a period of time where we need a Revolution of epic proportions.  We certainly don't want the blood of any Americans running in the streets.  But we do need to show those in positions of power that the middle and lower classes in America are no longer satisfied to sit home and tolerate their destruction at the hands of the rich and powerful.

What we need is for the anger and disgust with what is happening to America to be channeled in a positive manner, namely at the ballot box.  The Democratic party has, unfortunately, become as dependent on corporations as Republicans have.  I have had friends talk to me recently about their disappointment with President Obama and their plans not to vote for him again.

My response to my friends is "Who are you going to vote for, then."  Their answers are usually that they will not vote or will vote for an alternative candidate. 

I tell my friends that now is not the time to give up on Obama.  Has he been a disappointment? 

Yes, he has.

But the main reason that he is a disappointment is that Republicans have done everything they could do to stand in the way of everything he has tried
to do to help the average American.  

Even now, when everyone in the country knows that the main concern on every American's mind is jobs, the Republicans continue to stand in the way of Obama's Jobs Bill with some Republicans even going on record saying that the jobs bill will not be passed because the Republicans do not want to give Obama Any credit for Anything.  The Republican Party has become a heartless and uncaring party, who seem to care about nothing except defeating President Obama in the next Presidential election and keeping Millionaires satisfied.

Any and every Progressive who looks at the present Republican field of candidates has to feel a cold chill go down their back as they think that any one of this field of has beens and wack jobs might actually become President of the United States.

We think that we are in rough shape now.  Think about the prospect of one of these Republican "Contenders" in the oval office. 

If that is not enough to get us down to Wall Street with the Revolutionaries then get ready for this country to hit the skids even harder than it has so far.  I would urge everyone who has not completely given up to dust yourself off, get down to Wall Street or wherever they are protesting in your area and get on board the Revolution Train and don't lose sight of that light at the end of the tunnel on this train. 

President Obama

Barack Obama may not be everybody's cup of tea but in the era of the Tea Party Takeover of the Republican Pary, it is time for the Occupy Wall Street Movement to start thinking about Occupying the Democratic Party and fighting for the ideals that John Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey believed in. We need not only to re elect Obama but to load him down with a Congress of Democrats who will not stand in the way of progress but will help Obama to make progress happen for all Americans.

Occupy Wall Street also needs to continue their Non Violent Power boosted and keep out the Anarchists who will destroy their credibility and their movement.

In my opinion: 

Long Live Occupy Wall Street and Long Live the Democratic Party.

They need to work together, the sooner the better.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher