Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Out The Etch A Sketches, Brothers and Sisters: Here Comes Mitt Romney

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

My Dear America:

Well, It has finally happened.  

After this week, except for Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and his Big Bucks Buddies have pretty much clinched the Republican Nomination for President of the United States.  Unless Mitt is caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy (expression courtesy of Huey Long) before the Republican Convention he is home free and will be the Republican Nominee.

Rick Santorum bailed out weeks ago but it took a little longer for Newt Gingrich to give up the Ghost, which is what his Presidential Campaign had become.  As long as Sheldon Adelson, The Las Vegas Millionaire who kept Newt's campaign on Life Support for most of its recent existence, kept the millions coming Newt still seemed to be convinced that he was going to be the one. 

As of Yesterday, though, Newt finally had to admit that he was not going to be the One and "suspended" his campaign.  That didn't seem to mean quitting because he still sounded like he was on the stump railing at Obama this time instead of Romney.

Santorum bailed out right before the Pennsylvania Primary Election and I suspect that he was, at that point, having nightmare reflections about his last Pennsylvania Election when Bob Casey beat him so badly that It certainly appeared as though Santorum's Political Career was finished.  Considering the brutal defeat that Casey gave Santorum it seemed to me that Santorum was a fool to try out for the Republican Nomination.  In the end, though, Santorum proved that his Radical Right Wing Message still had plenty of takers in the Republican Party and the Biggest Pennsylvania Loser became a winner in several Primaries.

Certainly the fact that Santorum ran a No Frills, No Money Campaign helped him in the long run to keep going until his wins began to bring in some Right Wing Bucks.  

Certainly Santorum must also be credited with taking the health of his daughter, Bella, into consideration when he walked away from the campaign trail but the Spectre of Pennsylvania defeat certainly played its part in Santorum's decision.

So now Mitt Romney can reset his campaign and aim his Big Bucks Operation at defeating Barack Obama, rather than defeating his Republican opponents.  

Ron Paul continues to show a loyal and pretty substantial following  throughout the U.S although it is hard to tell who might be hurt worse, Barack Or Mitt, if Ron Paul run's a Third Party Campaign.  Paul's policy views run the gamut from Extremely Liberal (Getting our troops out of the Middle East and legalizing drugs) to Extremely Conservative (Closing down the Federal Reserve Bank).  

It is anybody's guess as to what will happen to Mitt Romney's views as he is freed from the stranglehold of the Tea Party over the Republican Party.  Romney's handlers are surely getting the Etch a Sketch ready to go as the newest version of Mitt Romney is prepared for distribution to the American people.   

Romney has had no problem throughout his political career in changing his views to suit his audience or to suit his prospective voters.  The newest version of Mitt Romney will certainly be available for consumption by American voters in the near future.  I would certainly not bet on whether the new Romney bears any similarity to the previous Mitt Romneys we have seen during this primary, as well as previous political races.  Romney has no qualms about changing his political views as often as other people change their underwear.  

I just can't wait to see what Political Views the new Mitt Romney will be wearing in November of 2012.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher