Saturday, May 23, 2020

Good News For Michael Flynn - Treason Isn't Treason Anymore

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

My Dear America:

In Trump World it is difficult to keep track of current scandals, never mind keep track of scandals occurring in the earliest days of the Trump Administration.

I think I am right in saying that the Michael Flynn Scandal was the earliest, very first scandal uncovered by the media in January and February of 2017.

Lets reminisce.

Michael Flynn's name first came to prominence when Barack Obama in his post election meeting with President Elect, Donald Trump issued a friendly warning to Trump not to hire Flynn as a member of his Administration.  Barack Obama had fired Flynn from his post as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency due to serious concerns about, among other things, Flynn's disturbingly close relations with Top Tier Russian Leaders, including Vladimir Putin.

Of course to Donald Trump, Barack Obama's warning was nothing more than a Full On Recommendation to Trump that he should hire Flynn.  Trump did, of course, hire Flynn to be his First (but not his last) National Security Advisor.

Obama had legitimate reasons to warn Trump against hiring Flynn.  Flynn was a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army with considerable experience in counter terrorism when he was appointed by the Obama Administration to be the Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

During his tenure with the DIA Flynn seemed to raise a considerable number of Red Flags with his staff, as well as his superiors.  The main  Very Red Flag that was raised was his seemingly inappropriately more than close association with Vladimir Putin and other top officials in the GRU Russian Intelligence Agency.  When Flynn's two year appointment was done and the time came for Flynn to be reappointed, he was not reappointed and soon after he retired from the Armed Forces. 

Following his exit from the Defense Intelligence Agency Red Flags continued to pop up around Flynn's involvement with Russia.  Flynn continued to have a questionable involvement with Putin including sitting next to Putin at a dinner for RT Russian Media and being paid handsomely by Putin for a speech. Flynn also continued contacts with Russian Intelligence figures even after he became involved with the Trump Campaign in which he was one of the main cheerleaders in the "Lock Her Up" campaign against Hillary Clinton.  

In addition to continuing questions being raised about Flynn and his Russian contacts, more questionable contacts came to light after he left the Military with regard to Flynn's involvement with Turkey and with Syria.

In other words, Mike Flynn arrived at Trump's White House in 2017 with some considerable baggage including many questions about his possible involvement with Russian interference in the 2016 Election possibly and probably aiding Donald Trump.

When the Obama Administration in the final months of 2016 found out the extent of Russia's interference in the election, steps were taken to demand that several Russian Operatives leave the U.S. and certain other sanctions against Russia were put in place.

At some point during the transition between the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration Mike Flynn had a telephone conversation with Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak.  Although Flynn should have been aware of the fact that any telephone contacts between Sergey Kislyak and Flynn would naturally be recorded by U.S Intelligence Services, Flynn apparently lied about his conversation with Kislyak when he was interviewed by FBI Agents.  Flynn told the agents that he and Kislyak did not discuss the sanctions put in place by the Obama Administration on December 29th of 2016.  That was not true.  Flynn had assured Kislyak that the Obama Administration Sanctions would not last long once Trump took the oath of office.  Shortly afterward Vladimir Putin stated that Russia would not be responding negatively to the Obama ordered sanctions.

When Justice Department Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates warned White House Counsel, Don McGhann that Flynn had lied about his telephone contact with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and might be subject to blackmail by the Russians, her heads up to the Trump Administration went unheeded and shortly thereafter Yates was the one out of her job but Flynn still had his until he was outed by the Washington Post and charged with lying to the FBI.  

In subsequent days, months and years Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and was offered a deal in which if he assisted Robert Mueller in his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Election he might get some consideration in his sentencing.

Although Mike Flynn cooperated for an extended period of time with Special Counsel Mueller, at some point he broke with the Mueller Investigation, found new Fox News Approved Lawyers and changed his plea from guilty to "Not Guilty".

In the latest installment of the interesting but frightening continuing saga of Mike Flynn's Judicial and International Adventures the worst has happened.  Not for Mike Flynn, but for America.  In a move that has been beyond Brazen, Attorney General, William Barr has pressured his Justice Department Attorney's to approach Judge William Sullivan to drop the charge of lying to the FBI that Flynn admitted in court at least twice.  

On the day that Barr stated that the Justice Department would not be seeking a conviction in the Flynn case Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin to congratulate The Russian Leader on the end of "The Russian Hoax".

Naturally Judge Sullivan had some serious concerns about the dropping of charges against Mike Flynn.  Even before he issued a ruling on whether or not the charges should be dismissed three Appellate Court Judges, all of whom are Republican appointed Judges, pressured Judge Sullivan for an explanation of why the charges against Flynn were not dropped.

Although Flynn may have thought that he was home free the latest installment of this saga may have put him in jeopardy once again.  The full court of appeals, probably realizing how much this case stinks to high heaven, has decided to review the case.  As Rachel Maddow says - Watch this space

In this case the "Hoax" is not Russian.  The Hoax is on America and on the U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Courts, where in the case of Mike Flynn, so far there is no Justice.  There is only Extreme Sadness for those days gone by in which the FBI and the United States Justice Department and United States Courts were institutions  for which we could all be proud.

Those were the Days, My Friend.  We thought they'd never End 

But it seems as though we were wrong.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, May 18, 2020

Tara Reade's Allegations against Joe Biden

Monday, May 18th, 2020

My Dear America:

I recently watched Megyn Kelly's Interview with Tara Reade on You Tube.
Tara Reade is someone who evidently worked for Joe Biden for a short period of time in the 90s' when Biden was a Delaware Senator.  Ms.Reade has accused Former Vice President Biden of not only Sexual Harassment but also of Sexual Assault. 

First of all, I want to give some credit to Megyn Kelly, who in my opinion could have twisted this interview into something that it should not have been.  Ms. Kelly throughout the interview showed her considerable Journalistic skill and conducted a fair and balanced interview that she should be proud of.  Kelly appeared to cover everything that was relevant in the interview and appeared to leave out very little.  What I think was the most impressive thing about this interview is that following the interview it was impossible to ascertain whether or not Kelly believed or did not believe Tara Reade.

To be honest, I don't know myself whether or not I believe or don't believe Tara Reade.  

There are certainly some very troubling aspects to her story in which she claims that in one of the unspecified hallways of Congress Joe Biden put his hands up Reade's skirt and penetrated her with his finger while propositioning her.
Reade apparently has told this story to several people over the past 30 years including her mother and brother, as well as to some of her friends. There is an apparent consistency to her description of what has happened.  Reade herself does not appear to be crazy although she admits to being an abused wife for an extensive period.  She claims to be telling her story now because she is concerned that Joe Biden is running his Presidential Campaign emphasizing his character.  Of Course, Reade is questioning Biden's character based on her purported inappropriate interaction with him.

To me there are several very troubling aspects to this story.  In the cases of Donald Trump and many other certified abusers of women there is generally a pattern of abuse over a long period of time in which many victims of abuse can be identified.  In Donald Trump's case at least 10 women or more accused him of sexual harassment and abuse.  In Joe Biden's case There has been a pattern of Biden putting his hands on women's shoulders and sniffing their hair and occasionally making women feel uncomfortable but not a pattern of sexual abuse other than Tara Reade's claim.  Certainly that does not make Tara Reade's claim untrue but it certainly makes it a bit suspect.   

I am also troubled by the fact that Tara Reade was an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders Supporter until Bernie dropped out of the race to become the  Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020.  

Although Reade in her interview with Megyn Kelly does not show any love for Donald Trump, I can't help but think that Trump must be loving this smearing of Joe Biden't reputation.  

Another very troubling aspect of Reade's accusation is the fact that she has in Kelly's interview and in other interviews shown herself to be an enthusiastic admirer of Vladimir Putin.  

Certainly Vladimir Putin, who has been shown to be deeply involved in promoting Chaos in America along with promoting Donald Trump in the 2016 Election has to be laughing heartily in the Kremlin as he sees what is happening with Reade's deeply divisive accusations of the likely Democratic Candidate for President.

I can't say truthfully that I don't care about Tara Reade's accusations against Joe Biden.  If Biden did what Reade has accused him of he has certainly cleaned up his act because there have been no other credible accusers coming forward.

On the other hand, Donald Trump was heard in the Access Hollywood tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy and many women accusing him of doing just that have come forward over the years.  

Also Joe Biden and Barack Obama, despite Trump's baseless accusations to the contrary, showed us how to run a country in a sensible and competent manner for 8 years.  The chaos that we have seen for the past 3 plus years of the Trump Administration has been unacceptable and whether or not Joe Biden has or has not crossed the line of respectability once in his life with Tara Reade I still plan to vote for him in November of 2020. and I am hopeful that many other American Voters do the same.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Doctor Trump And The Amazing Bleach Cure

April 11th, 2020

My Dear America:

Let me say First of All that the rumors that some people have been saying are untrue.  No, Donald Trump is not a Medical Doctor.  

Yes, It has also been rumored that Donald Trump is a Graduate of Jim Jones University School Of Medicine in Guyana but that is also not true.

What is true is that after Donald Trump appointed Mike Pence to be in charge of the "Covid 19 Task Force" he quickly realized that his plan to saddle Pence with this pain in the ass assignment that Trump didn't want to be bothered with, had backfired.  

Pence, to his credit, quickly realized that Trump's castoff assignment was a very important one and one that he should and did take very seriously.  Pence gathered together some of the most important medical and governmental people to work with him on this Task Force assignment.

For probably the first time since the beginning of the Trump Administration people began to realize that Pence seemed to know what he was doing and seemed to be on the right track with how to deal with the Coronavirus.  

Unlike Donald Trump, who dealt with State Governors in the disparaging way he dealt with everybody, Pence seemed to be willing and able to build positive relationships among the United States Governors and their Health Care representatives.

As a result of his Collaborative Reputation with the Nation's Governors, Pence began to get some kudos from everyone regarding his handling of the ever increasing destructive epidemic.  

Once Donald Trump realized that Pence was unintentionally upstaging the President then suddenly Donald Trump was back in the White House Briefing Room taking over the daily Task Force Briefings.

What could Pence do other than do what he had done for over three years.  He had to "Suck It Up" and praise everything that was being done as being done as a result of "The President's Leadership."

It was clear by the way Trump mispronounced nearly every medical term in the briefings that had now become expanded into two hour plus sessions that almost always wandered away from the topic of "Covid 19" to God Knows What, that Trump didn't know what he was doing and certainly didn't know what he was doing when it came to "Covid 19."

Clearly we would all be better off if Donald Trump knew what he was doing in dealing with Covid 19.  Unfortunately for all of us, however, it seems clear that Trump really doesn't care how many people get tested or How many people die or whether we open up the country too soon or whether Governors are doing the right things in their states.  

Trump has dealt with complaints about hospitals not having enough supplies with ridiculous accusations regarding hospital employees stealing supplies.  Hospital employees are putting their lives on the line and because Trump who has authorized tremendous tax giveaways to the rich and to corporate America, does not want to deplete any further the already depleted Federal coffers, he has laid the responsibility for failures in dealing with the Coronavirus on American Governors and  other state leaders.

In Trump's mind somebody is always trying to screw him out of his November Election Victory.  Whatever problems arise they are always somebody else's fault.  The Chinese, The Democrats in Congress, The Democratic Governors, The Thieving Hospital Employees.  

One of the main mysteries to me about Donald Trump is how at this point in time when polls show Biden beating Trump in the next Presidential Election in November of this year how is it that Trump is still showing that 41 percent of Americans still support him.  How can there be that many Deplorable or stupid people out there who can look at the Trump Administration and see a man who is successful.  Good God, what the hell is wrong with these people?

But just when it looks as though Trump can't be any more stupid than he has been for the past three and half years he has stood behind the White House Podium and seriously suggested to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx that we should look into ingesting bleach and somehow putting light into our bodies as a Coronavirus cure.

Mr President.  What is wrong with you?  

That is a question that has been asked by New York Times Columnist, Tom Friedman.  It is an appropriate question that needs to be asked by all Americans.

Almost anyone in their right mind would know that ingesting bleach into our bodies is not only frowned on, it is suicidal. Bleach is poison.  Of course Doctor Trump said the next day after his dumb suggestion that he was only being sarcastic but anyone seeing the video of Trump making the suggestion of drinking or ingesting bleach can see for themselves that when Trump said it he was seriously suggesting it.  Only after nearly everyone in America reacted badly to his suggestion did he claim to be "sarcastic."

Please Dr. Trump turn the reins of power on Covid 19 back to Mike Pence and Doctor Fauci.  Get off the podium and go back to watching Fox News until November when I sincerely hope that the American People will turn you out of office.

The only positive thing about the Deadly Coronavirus in the United States is the fact that it has exposed and continues to expose the fact that Donald Trump is not the smartest guy in the room.  He is the dumbest guy in the room and he seems to be getting dumber every day.  

No mask for him as Coronavirus seems to be invading the White House.  It makes him look weak, he says.

Hey you 41 Percenters, Wake up, before its too late for all of us.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher