Friday, March 31, 2017

Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue

Friday, March 31, 2017

My Dear America:

After more than 100 days of Donald Trump in the White House one thing is for sure.  We in the United States are sinking fast and at this point there is no sign of a Lifeboat arriving any time soon.  Trump's Freak Show Presidential Campaign allowed many Americans to feel rather calm and reassured that Hillary Clinton would win easily over Donald Trump in this past November's Election.  I am deeply ashamed that even in my normally Blue State of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump eked out a small but significant Election Victory.  I am proud, however, that in my Election District Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

In the end, however, despite Hillary's vote count being nearly three million more than Trump's overall, she lost three significant normally Blue States and in so doing lost the Electoral College Vote.

Whatever the reason was that Trump won and Hillary lost, what has followed since the 2016 Election and later on the Inauguration has been, to use one of Donald Trump's favorite words, A DISASTER.

Although it is less than 3 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated, it seems to feel more like 3 years.  Trump has put into power in nearly all of the Cabinet Positions people who are not just unqualified but are well known enemies of the US. Departments they lead, for example Scott Pruitt in Environmental Protection and Rick Perry in Energy.  

Although members of the Republican Congress and Senate seemed to have fits and even sued when President Barack Obama issued Executive Orders, the Republicans this time around seemed to be cheering on President Trump when he continually issues his Executive Orders.  

In these relatively early days of the Trump Presidency we have all gotten used to hearing Trump distort, lie and distract over and over again to the point where Americans are almost numb to it.  

What has happened and is continuing to happen is that Trump's efforts to "Drain The Swamp" never happened and instead of Trump disposing of Individuals with Special Interests, Trump has hired them for his cabinet and other important Government positions.  So in the end the Swamp is far more dangerous and destructive than it had been before.

What has emerged as probably the most disturbing aspect of the Election of Donald Trump is the increasingly obvious Russian connection to the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Trump White House.  The House of Representatives Investigation into Russia's connection with the Trump White House seems to have stalled due to the bizarre behavior of its Chairman, Devin Nunes.  The FBI, however, is continuing to investigate the Russia-Trump Connection and the Senate Intelligence Committee seems to be also in pursuit of the Truth about Russia and Trump.

Although clearly there is a lot more out there to find regarding Russia and Trump, in my opinion most of the relevant information can be found by googling the following:
                                    Trump Russia Dossier

and click on    Trump Intelligence Allegations-Document Cloud 

After reading this 35 page Dossier good luck getting to sleep tonight America.  I guarantee this information will give you some well deserved Nightmares.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallgher