Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Revenge Of The Cyber Ninjas

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

My Dear America:

As usual, on last night's Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel blew my mind once again, as she seems to be able to do every night.  The truth is, though, that it is not difficult for Rachel to keep coming up with incredible stories concerning Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  

Quite frankly I would prefer not to write anything at all anymore about Donald Trump.  I would be happy never to write his name or hear his name spoken ever again in my life.  I know that Trump would hate it if the American Media would actually forget about him and never write about him or talk about him on Television or Radio. 

But Donald Trump is a clever devil.  He knows how to constantly manipulate his image.  He is, after all is said and done, just a Simple New York Real Estate Businessman who has figured out how to not just be successful in Real Estate but also be a successful enough Politician to become President of the United States. 

How the hell did that happen?  

He has three News Networks that make everything he does seem like works of  Political Genius.  You have to give the guy credit for balls.  He doesn't have much else going for him but he does have balls.

Getting back to Rachel Maddow.  Rachel has had the best Political Show on Television for a long time now.  She seems to have a knack for finding out and exposing stories that other journalists have either missed or just didn't think were important enough.  I remember hearing Rachel Maddow on Air America Radio.  Rachel was on a Morning show, at first with two other Co Hosts.  Chuck D. of the Hip Hop Group, Public Enemy was one of the hosts. The other Co Host was  Lizz Winstead, who was the Co Creator of The Daily Show that Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah hosted for many years. It seemed to me that Rachel's Co Hosts were hardly ever on the Air America Program but Rachel was always on and always interesting and always had Relevant Political Stories to tell.  Following the Cancellation of the Air America Morning Show it wasn't long after when The Rachel Maddow Show ended up as a Three Hour Radio Program in a better time slot on Air America Radio  

Keith Olbermann was the host of the "Countdown" Program on MSNBC when he began featuring Rachel on his program more and more.  Unfortunately for Keith, he ended up losing his show but Rachel Maddow and also Laurence O'Donnell, who were both often Olbermann's guests on "Countdown" ended up with their own MSNBC Political Shows.

It seems as though I've gone off on a tangent here about the history of Rachel Maddow in broadcasting.  That's OK Though.  I love Rachel Maddow and I have for a long time admired her broadcasting skills.

Anyway, I will try to get back on track here.  

Rachel had one of her unusual stories on last night's Television Broadcast that blew my mind.  She revealed that some Republican Party Leaders in Arizona have taken steps to try to try to recount the votes from the November 2020 Election in Maricopa County in that state.  

Why are these Qanon Conspiracy Theorists  only wanting to count the votes in Maricopa County? Because that county was largely responsible for Donald Trump losing Arizona to Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election. 

The Unhappy Arizona Republicans want to pay for their effort to Recount the 2020 Election with Arizona Taxpayer Funds, along with generous donations from Unnamed Sources.

But here's the Kicker.

The Company that the Arizona Republicans have hired to do their Dirty Deed is called Cyber Ninjas.  Yes, people, you heard that right.


Rachel also revealed that one of the prime movers in getting Cyber Ninjas on the job in Arizona and other states which Trump legitimately lost is OAN (One America Network) .

The worst of it is yet to come.  Cyber Ninjas has been required by the Arizona courts to produce documentation of how they plan to conduct the Recount.  Cyber Ninjas has advised the courts that they cannot reveal their business secrets so they just want to have Arizona trust that their methods of counting votes will be above board.

What in the hell has happened to this country?  Are we living in a Third World Country now?  Is Democracy and choosing a President by legitimate counting of votes a thing of the past. I hope not.  

It is time for Americans to wake up to the insanity that seems to have taken hold of our Democracy and won't let go.  

I would suggest that all of us start tuning  in to Rachel Maddow and follow the true story of our shameful Republican Party Meltdown.  

I thought for many years that It can't happen here that we could lose our Democracy.

I was wrong.  We are in an all out press by the Republican Party to return a Dangerous Dictator to Power in any and every way possible.  

Since we have a President who is doing the right things every day it is possible to be complacent and not worry about the Death of Liberty and Democracy in America but I am very worried that if we don't start taking these maniacs seriously that we are in for an incredibly Rude Awakening.

Start Watching Rachel if you haven't watched her before and call your Congress Person and your Senator and tell them you have not given up on Democracy and that you never will. 


Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher


Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Life And Legacy Of Walter Mondale

 Saturday April 24th, 2021

My Dear America:

Minnesota is a state that has produced some really Outstanding Politicians.  Some of those Minnesota Politicians were considered Eccentric and Unusual.  Governor Jesse Ventura and Senator Paul Wellstone were certainly out of the ordinary Politicians.  Although he was not ultimately successful in his pursuit of the Presidency, Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy set the 1968 Presidential Race into a tailspin.  His successful entry into the Democratic Party Primary Race for the Presidency resulted in Lyndon Johnson abandoning the race, Bobby Kennedy getting into the race and eventually being assassinated in California on the verge of the 1968 Democratic Convention and another Minnesota Politician, Hubert H. Humphrey eventually becoming the  1968 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate eventually being beaten by Republican Party Candidate, Richard Nixon. 

Hubert Humphrey was, in my estimation, one of the most outstanding Liberal-Progressive American Politicians of all time.  He had an important role in implementing much of the important legislation responsible for Social Welfare Benefits, Civil Rights and Fair Employment Protection which continue to protect Americans today. 

While Walter Mondale became an accomplished Democratic Politician on his own in Minnesota Politics, the fact that Hubert Humphrey was a personal friend, as well as Mentor to Mondale was certainly beneficial to Mondale's Political Career.

When Hubert Humphrey was elected Vice President to Lyndon Johnson and his Senate seat opened up, Humphrey advocated that Mondale be appointed to fill his seat.  Since Mondale had some significant experience in Minnesota Politics and Humphrey was in his corner Mondale got the nod.  

During Mondale's Senate Career, unlike Humphrey who was an unabashed and unashamed Liberal Politician all his life, Mondale recognized that he might be a more successful politician if he maintained a more Centrist position in the Senate and he did so, although he was a strong advocate for Civil Rights.  Although Mondale initially supported the War in Vietnam, Like many Democrats his support for that war faded over time.

When Senator George McGovern ran for President against Richard Nixon in 1972 he asked Walter Mondale to be his Vice President but Mondale turned him down.  Mondale had been advised by his mentor, Hubert Humphrey what the realities were with regard to being Vice President to President Johnson.  Humphrey had advised Mondale that it was largely a ceremonial job with little or no power and little or no appreciation from anyone, especially the President.

In 1976 when Jimmy Carter came out of Georgia to win the Democratic Party Nomination he talked with Walter Mondale about being his Vice President.  Mondale advised Carter that if he accepted the Vice Presidency that he would expect to actually be Carter's Political Partner and be involved in all aspects of the Presidency.  Jimmy Carter agreed to Mondale's request and the two were elected and for the most part had a positive and productive Presidential and Vice Presidential Partnership.  

Unfortunately in 1980 when Carter and Mondale Ran for Re Election the Iran Hostage Crisis had soured the country on Carter and the Carter-Mondale ticket failed to win a second term.  

While few knew it at the time Ronald Reagan's Campaign Manager and eventual CIA Director, William Casey, had reportedly made a deal with the Iran Government behind Carter's back to provide guns to the Iranians in exchange for their releasing the American Hostages that Carter had been unsuccessful in getting released.  Oddly enough the Iranian's released the American Hostages on the day of Ronald Reagan's Inauguration.

In 1984 Walter Mondale was once again on the Democratic Ticket, This time running for the Presidency.  His Vice Presidential choice was Geraldine Ferraro, a spunky and talented New York Congresswoman, whose choice had been suggested by Speaker of the House "Tip" O'Neill.  Mondale and Ferraro lost the Presidential Contest but Mondale's choice of Ferraro for the National Ticket had shown that Women had totally arrived in National Politics.

Walter Mondale went back to Minnesota after his 1984 defeat and although he kept a low profile he still kept his hands in politics.  Senator Amy Klobuchar, whose first job was as an intern with Mondale when he was Vice President, would credit him with being a Mentor and a Friend and someone who she would miss terribly following his passing.

Many people in Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States will Miss Walter Mondale.  He was an institution in his state and unlike many politicians these days, he was loved by almost everyone.  Walter Mondale was the kind of Centrist Politician that used to be the norm.  He was a throwback to another era when Politicians respected and admired each other even when the other person was of a different party and had different views.  We were all lucky to have him for a little while and we will all miss him and politicians like him terribly in the coming years. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, April 5, 2021

Matt Gaetz: Portrait Of An Entitled Fool

 April 5th, 2021

My Dear America:

If you find a Copy of "The Book Of Rich, Obnoxious, Entitled, Egotistical, Right Wing, Trump Loving Assholes" you will find a picture of Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz on both the Cover and the First Page.

Gaetz has dedicated his public life so far to just two things.

Getting Himself Noticed 


Kissing Donald Trump's Ass.

I have to admit that Matt Gaetz has been enormously successful in both Pursuits.

The first time I remember hearing the name Matt Gaetz was the day that Michael Cohen testified to the House Oversight Committee, for which Elijah Cummings was the Chairman.  Although not all Congressional Committees were televised there was a  lot of interest in what Cohen, Donald Trump's Long Time Personal Lawyer and Fixer, would be saying in the Committee Hearing which was going to be televised. 

At this point in time it was obvious that Cohen who had used his own money to pay off Porn Star ,Stormy Daniels had been hung out to dry by Donald Trump.  Cohen had attempted to cut a deal with the Southern District of New York's U.S. Attorney to avoid Jail time but by the time of his Oversight Committee Testimony it was understood that Cohen would be going to Jail for aiding Trump while Trump was facing no charges at all for the same Porn Star Payoff Incident that had occurred shortly before Trump's 2016 Election. Trump was also dissing Michael Cohen every chance he got.  Trump was conveniently out of the country in Vietnam meeting with Kim Jong Un on the day of Cohen's testimony.  It was correctly assumed that Cohen would have some very damning things to say about his former Employer who was now the President of The United States.  

At some point in the proceedings on the day of Cohen's Testimony one of the Television Commentators talked about an E Mail that Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz had sent to Cohen that was making threats about exposing something about Cohen's Father in Law.  It was also noticed that although Gaetz was not a member of the Oversight Committee he had been striding around the Committee Room making obvious angry looking faces at Michael Cohen.  It was something that got him noticed and not in a good way.  It would not be the last time that Matt Gaetz would go out of his way to get himself noticed.

During the Closed Hearings conducted by the House Intelligence Committee chaired by California Congressman, Adam Schiff that were investigating Donald Trump's extremely questionable and possibly impeachable conduct with regard to Ukraine once again Matt Gaetz got himself noticed by leading a rather large group of Republican House Members to conduct what amounted to an extremely inappropriate Republican raid on the closed hearings.  Once again Matt Gaetz went out of his way to get himself noticed.

On another occasion during the Pandemic Gaetz apparently in an effort to protest the fact that House members were being required to wear masks on the floor of the House of Representatives, Gaetz had himself photographed sitting on the floor of the the House in a full and overly bulky Gas Mask Once again getting himself noticed.

In an HBO Documentary that I watched recently Gaetz seemed to be the star as the documentary showed the lengths that Gaetz had gone to to be admired by and close to President Donald Trump.  In that documentary Gaetz proudly admitted to being Donald Trump's biggest fan in the House even though the documentary showed that Gaetz was derided and despised on the streets of Washington and New York by those individuals who were not fans of Donald Trump.  Noticed Again.

Certainly Matt Gaetz has also been noticed in his many Trump Fawning Appearances on several Fox News Programs extolling not only his own Republican Virtues but also those of Donald Trump.

Within the past week, though, Matt Gaetz has become noticed once again and not in a good way.  Gaetz and his Florida Buddy, Joel Greenberg (A dethroned Florida Tax Collector who seems to be trying to get himself named "The Most Corrupt Public Official Of All Time") are apparently being investigated.  Although Greenberg's activities seem to be far more wide ranging, it seems as though the United States Department of Justice is looking into the possibility of charging Matt Gaetz with transporting an underaged Minor across state lines for the purpose of sex.  Supposedly the incredibly brilliant Congressman has left Apple Pay and other online receipts that he used to pay sex partners to be picked off the internet by the FBI. He has also been known to show pictures of his sexual conquests to other Congressional Colleagues on the floor of the House.  This is not too strange since when he was in the Florida legislature he was known to have set up a game where he gave himself different points for the kind of women he slept with including Lobbyists and married women.

All I can say is that this scandal couldn't happen to a more deserving Congressman.  

After all, Gaetz is only following in the footsteps of his All Time Political Hero and Favorite President.

Donald J. Trump. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher