Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Times They are a Threatening

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

My Dear America:

Russia Threatened the United States this week over Nuclear missiles.

Although it did not get the Out Front Coverage it certainly deserved, it can be argued that although it was certainly the most threatening news about Russia that I can remember in a long time it came at a time in which there was a whole lot of other weird and disturbing, as well as some good news in the United States.

Recently Donald Trump attempted to show how tough he can be on Russia by pulling out of the Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia that had been negotiated by and agreed to by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev back in the 80's before the (Alleged) fall of Communism in the Soviet Union.

The facts seem to be that the Russians were already not following the terms of the  nuclear treaty anyway and were blatantly developing more powerful and more long range nuclear missiles. 

What could have been done and certainly should have been done by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in their well publicized meetings was to discuss and renegotiate the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.  They apparently did not find time in their discussions to discuss this incredibly important issue. 

Instead their discussions were about other things such as Trump approving having Vlad and the Russia intelligence service assist the United States in investigating Russian hacking in the 2016 Election and Donald approving the interrogation of Americans Vlad did not approve of.  Of course the only reason we know that Trump and Putin discussed these things is because Putin revealed what was discussed to the Russian press and they revealed it to the world.  

Luckily The Congress stepped in and put the screws to the Russians helping us to investigate Russian hacking of our elections and Vlad's plan to interrogate those Americans he didn't like.  In an overwhelming bipartisan vote the House and Senate put Trump and Putin on notice that these things were not going to happen.  

Donald Trump went out of his way in every instance regarding his meetings with Putin to make sure that nothing of what he discussed with the Russian leader would ever be revealed to anyone in America.  That lack of information included the American (Enemies of the People) Press, the Congress, The State Department, The Pentagon and even the White House Staff.

So basically the bottom line is that either the President of the United States did not care enough to renegotiate a workable Nuclear Proliferation 
Treaty with Russia or he tried but failed to Renegotiate a Treaty with Uncle Vlad.

Trump has continued to trumpet his "great" relationship with the Russian Premier.  If he did try to renegotiate a nuclear treaty why didn't he tell us about it.  If he tried and failed to negotiate a treaty why in the world would his response be to destroy the only Nuclear Proliferation Treaty we have with Russia and give Putin a free pass for him to develop and improve his Nuclear arsenal.  At least with a treaty in operation Putin could be held to account for what he was doing with nukes.  Now, he is free to do what he wants with nukes and so is Trump.  

Is Putin being treated toughly by Trump.

Not at all.  Putin now has no nuclear treaty to have to answer to the United Nations for.  And Putin this week made it clear that he will be taking full advantage of Donald Trump's No Nuke Treaty policy.

Clearly Trump is a Wannabe Dictator who wants to be in the club with the Big Bad Boys, Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, Muhammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and  Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

For more than two years Trump has done what he wants and has had no Congressional oversight until now.  

It is time for both Republicans and Democrats in Congress to act responsibly and hold Donald Trump to account for the damage that he has done as his Wrecking Ball Administration continues his destruction of Democracy in America.

We have had enough of Donald Trump.  We can't wait two years to have him voted out of power.  He has done a hell of a lot of Damage in the past two years.  It is Unthinkable to imagine what more he can and might do if he is allowed to continue on his path to Dictatorship.

Trump needs to be impeached and that impeachment needs to begin as soon as possible.

Do we need to see Storm Troopers breaking down our doors for Republicans to wake up to what is going on.

Wake Up America while there is still time to save your Democracy.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Few Words About Andrew McCabe

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

My Dear America:

Former FBI Director and Assistant Director, Andrew McCabe has been making the rounds on television this week talking about his new book "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump".

Like his former FBI colleague, James Comey, Andrew McCabe has some very frightening things to say about his experiences with Donald Trump, as well as his experiences with Comey and Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.  

Like his former colleagues, Andrew McCabe appears to be someone who, without much fanfare, did his FBI work well enough to move up the ladder in the Federal Bureau of Investigation without major incident prior to Donald Trump running for President and eventually becoming President.

Although I know nothing more than what I have read about McCabe and seen and heard in his television appearances I do find that what McCabe has to say seems credible.  After all, during his long career in the FBI he, like James Comey, has had a standout record and as far as I have gleaned was known as a straight shooter with a reputation for telling the truth before Trump came to town.

The truth McCabe is telling these days seems to be that he had the unfortunate task of being in top FBI positions when Donald Trump came into office with a record of seriously traitorous behavior.  

Clearly McCabe knows that his television and bookstore shelf life will not be lengthy so he has stepped up with his well reviewed book and his alarming television appearances with some very disturbing statements about Donald Trump.  

Certainly, Donald Trump has had no use for either James Comey or Andrew McCabe.  Following his Presidential inauguration Donald Trump tried to get Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump and when Comey did not bow down to Trump he was fired.  Following that McCabe moved into the hot seat of Director and seemed to be one more of Trump's firing targets.  Trump finally got McCabe out of the FBI shortly before McCabe was planning to leave the FBI on his own with a pension and other benefits which he deserved after many years of Federal service.  In an act of sheer vengeance Trump fired McCabe just hours before he would have received full benefits.

Certainly Trump has treated others in his Administration very poorly but McCabe's firing shows the truly reprehensible character of the monster that haunts 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.    

McCabe in his interviews has tried to be honest about what has happened to him during his stint in the Trump Administration.  McCabe does not shy away from admitting his concern that Donald Trump may be either a witting or an unwitting Russian Asset.

Certainly Trump's record of making countless decisions far more beneficial to Vladimir Putin than to America disturbs Andrew McCabe, as it should disturb us all.

Why members of the Republican Party continue to make excuses for Trump instead of being outraged by his continuing disturbing and reckless homage to Putin is hard to understand. 

As we continue to watch Trump destroy the lives and reputations of decent Americans like Andrew McCabe and James Comey and listen to Trump continue to call the Russia Investigation a "Hoax" it is time for Republicans to wake up to reality and recognize that our President is in one form or another a "Russian Asset.

Good God, how have we let this happen and how long are we going to continue to allow a "Russian Asset" to lead the American Government.

Sincerely Yours
Jerry Gallagher