Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Public Opinion Polls Present the Possibility of a November Surprise in Pennsylvania

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

My Dear America:

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Republican Rout in Pennsylvania. 

People started paying attention this month to what both the Republican and Democratic Candidates were stating in their Ads and in their numerous Debates.

Clearly many Pennsylvanians did not like what they heard since the rather comfortable leads of Tom Corbett (Republican) over Dan Onorato (Democrat) for Governor (over 15 points at one time) and the 9 point lead that Pat Toomey (Republican) had built up over his opponent, Joe Sestak (Democrat) have sunk to within a few percentage points in the polls. 

I have to admit that both Corbett and Toomey seem to be a little more comfortable looking on Television than their Democratic Opponents.  They are both Smooth Republican Operators who know how to play to the cameras and also know how to play down their Extreme Positions when the TV Cameras are rolling. 

Corbett seems to like to play the role of a kindly Gray Haired Grandfather proudly stating that he will cut taxes and cut spending if it kills him, seeming not to care if it kills the state of Pennsylvania, as well. 

The Real Tom Corbett is not so kindly.  He has been known to sue to try to find out who his Social Network Critics are, unsuccessfully, Thank God, So Far.

He has also spent a fortune to root out what he calls corruption in the Pennsylvania Legislature, namely legislators using public funding to pay their staffers to work on their campaigns.  While it is true that this is against the law in Pennsylvania, It is hard to believe that only Democrats have been guilty of this dastardly crime.  But surprisingly Corbett only seemed to investigate and prosecute Democrats for this crime. 

I have two questions for Corbett. 

ONE:  Why did he investigate and Prosecute only Democrats?


TWO:  Couldn't the Attorney General of Pennsylvania spend his Offices Money and the Taxpayers Money more wisely by going after real Criminals?

Corbett's Opponent, Dan Onorato, is a well connected Western Pennsylvania Democrat with a good record that has been twisted badly by Corbett and his Republican backers.  Onorato in debates seems to have been able to finally begin setting the record straight about who in the Governor's Race is and who is not beholding to big business and especially companies that are looting the Marcellus Shale areas with no payback to the state other than through the Campaign Coffers of Tom Corbett.

In the United States Senator's Race Pat Toomey is a former 15th District Congressman who has the slick personality of a Former Wall Street Derivatives Huckster who has worked in China and seems to be more concerned about China's Economic Problems than those of America.  Toomey is an expert BS Artist and that had been working for him when not a lot of Pennsylvanians were paying attention but in the recent debates Sestak's halting and emotional speech patterns have been less slick than Toomeys but more  honest and realistic than his opponent whose dishonest House of Cards seems to be crumbling in the final days of the Campaign.

After leaving Congress Toomey ran the Right Wing Fringe Group, "The Club For (Republican Millionaires) Growth" and scared Republican Senator, Arlen Specter, into becoming a Democrat rather than face Toomey in the Republican Primary.  Specter also started with a huge polling lead over his opponent, Joe Sestak, in the Democratic Primary.  No one gave Sestak much of a chance to beat Specter, but he did.  As the Pennsylvania November Election gets closer Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey are a hairs breath away from one another in the polls and so are Corbett and Onorato. 

As a Famous Baseball Manager once said.

"It Ain't Over Til its Over"

And In Pennsylvania

"It Ain't Over Yet".