Thursday, October 31, 2019

Revenge Of The Trump Republican Insane Clown Posse

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

My Dear America:

A few days ago I had a very disturbing conversation with someone I had considered to be a friend.  My friend, it seems, ascribes to most of the principles of the New and Reckless Branch of the Republican Party that I call The Trump Republican Insane Clown Posse.  

My friend's conversation revealed, among other things, that he has no use for Blacks or Arabs.  He is OK with the Jews as long as Netanyahu remains the Prime Minister of Israel.  He hates Barack Obama, who he thinks never should have been elected President.  He thinks that no black person should have been elected President and that no other black person should ever become President of the United States of America ever again. He likes Putin and thinks that Donald Trump is smart to remain buddies with him.  

He does hate THE WALL, though because it is going to be so expensive.

Suffice it to say that I was taken back by my friend's revelations.  I can't say that I was totally surprised that he remains a supporter of Donald Trump.  I knew that he had voted for Trump but I had truly hoped that he had come to his senses by now rather than gone round the bend.

I had little to say to my friend about his revelations.  The few things I did say  to him seemed to be falling on deaf ears.  That seems to happen with Trump Voters.  With Trump Voters all the rules of civilized society seem to go out the window quickly.

Donald Trump's Republican Insane Clown Posse Members don't care that Trump 

Paid off a Porn Star to win an election

That he threw people who were close to him or members of his Campaign and/or his Administration under the bus whenever he felt that it was an advantage to him.  There always seems to have been someone other than himself to blame for Trump when the going got tough for Donald Trump. 

That he virtually led many of the Kurds who helped America defeat ISIS to their deaths in Syria as he opened the door to Turkey and Russia to come in and slaughter them.

That he lies every time he opens his mouth.

That he disrespects our actual Allies and seems to love the most despicable Dictators in the world.

What the hell is wrong with these Insane Clown Posse Members.  They seem to have changed like Invasion of the Body Snatchers Pod People from Truly Conservative Russian Hating Patriots into Putin Puppets like the leader of their  Organization.  

Where the hell are the Barry Goldwaters, the William F. Buckleys, the John McCain's in the present day Republican Party.  Where are the Commie haters and Dictator haters in the Insane Clown Posse

Today we have Republican House Member "Mad Matt" Gaitz leading his followers into what are supposed to be secure impeachment hearings in which most of the Gaitz followers are actually members of the Committees they are breaking into.

We also have Senator Lindsey Graham kissing up to Donald Trump at every turn and a Senate full of Trump followers who seem ready and willing to follow the leader into whatever disgusting cesspool he is aiming this country.  

Sound the alarm, people.  We are heading for the end of Democracy in America if we don't get rid of Trump. 

I am getting ready to do whatever I can next year to elect a Democrat for President in 2020.  Although I like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren if another Democrat ends up as the front runner and the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party I will support their Campaign for the Presidency.  

Any one of the Democrats who have stood on the 2019 Campaign Debate Stages so far would be a hundred times better President than Donald Trump, The Criminal Leader of the Trump Republican Insane Clown Posse.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Fond Farewell To Congressman Elijah Cummings

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

It is easy in the chaos of Trumpworld to look askance at all politicians and view them all with disdain and disrespect like our President Donald Trump does to anyone who disagrees with him.  

Clearly not all politicians are worthy of respect. But Baltimore's United States Representative Elijah Cummings was a man who was genuinely a good man and respected by almost all of his colleagues including not only Democrats but Republicans, as well.  

Of Course Donald Trump had no use for Representative Cummings and trashed not only the Congressman himself, who was the Chairman of the House Oversight  and Reform Committee, but Trump also trashed the City of Baltimore terming it "Rat Infested" among other slurs. It was a disrespect that hurt Elijah Cummings deeply his widow revealed at his Funeral last Friday. 

As was evidenced by Congressman Cummings' personal Oversight and Reform Committee questioning of Trump's longtime Fixer, Michael Cohen, the Congressman was unwilling to trash Cohen's reputation any more than Donald Trump and Cohen, himself had done.  

I watched the House Committee questioning of Cohen and was impressed by Congressman Cummings empathetic treatment of Cohen, who was on his way to jail for something he had done for Trump.  Namely paying off Trump's Pornstar mistress, Stormy Daniels.  Cummings clearly saw the same thing in Michael Cohen that I saw.

Michael Cohen was a man who was willing and almost anxious to go to prison to free himself from the shame of being "willing to take a bullet" for Donald Trump.  Cummings could see, as I did, that Cohen was truly sorry for what he had done for Trump and was even willing to go to Prison in order to erase the STINK of Donald Trump on Cohen's life.  Congressman Cummings knew full well that Cohen was no angel but Cummings was willing to give Michael Cohen some serious credit for coming forward to tell his Committee and the Nation the truth about Donald Trump. 

Although Donald Trump had little use for Elijah Cummings, clearly his Congressional colleagues had great respect for Cummings.  Nancy Pelosi not only showed up and spoke at Cummings Funeral, she also made sure that her Baltimore Colleague was given the honor of becoming the First African American Legislator to lie in state at the Capital, prior to his funeral.

Although Donald Trump did not show up at Cummings Funeral Elijah had a host of other Republicans including Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, two of the more right wing characters on the Oversight Committee.  But on this Funeral Day these two Trump Republican Hatchet men put down their hatchets to honor their Baltimore Friend.  

The Funeral was a virtual "Who's Who" of Democratic All Stars including 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Candidates, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi all gave stirring tributes to Elijah Cummings as did Elijah's Wife and children.

All in all it was a First Rate Sendoff to a First Rate Legislator and a man who was highly deserving of the Extraordinary Tributes he received at his Funeral Celebration.  

Elijah Cummings will be missed by many, if not all, of his colleagues.  He was truly one of a kind and will not be easy to replace in this difficult political climate.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Friday, October 11, 2019

SELLOUT: Donald Trump's Betrayal Of The Kurds in Syria

Friday, October 11th, 2019

My Dear America:

In the litany of Donald Trump's Notoriously Cruel and Shameless acts over the past nearly three years, we have seen on pretty much of a daily basis continuously New Lows in Trump's behaviors.

We have seen Donald Trump meeting with Russian High Level Well Known Diplomatic Spies in the White House a day after his firing of FBI Director, James Comey and giving them top secret level information gathered from allies. Although Trump barred American Journalists and photographers from the meeting he allowed Russian media to take pictures and was embarrassed and surprised when they released their pictures on the internet.  That meeting alone should have led to his Impeachment.  But, of course it didn't.

We have also seen Trump meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin on several occasions and taking Putin's denials of Russian meddling in the 2016 Election as gospel over the overwhelming evidence produced by American Intelligence Agencies showing that Putin was lying. Robert Mueller's Report listed many documented instances of Russian election interference on behalf of Donald Trump.  

We have also seen Trump defending White Supremacists in Charlotte, locking up immigrant children at the border and more recently pressuring Ukraine leaders to produce non existent evidence of Joe Biden's corruption in that country, while holding up money voted for by Congress and needed to fight Putin's forces on their Eastern border.  Luckily for us, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi finally got on board the Impeachment Train after this last Incident.

One would think that after Trump's Cavalcade of Cruel and Impeachable Offenses that he might hopefully start trying to behave more like a human being rather than a dangerous and bloodthirsty animal.

One would be wrong.

Following on the heels of the beginning of a serious Impeachment Inquiry regarding Trump he has shut down all semblance of cooperation with the Congress. Trump also did something that finally angered and activated his Republican backers in Congress to finally be forced to question his judgement about something. After a phone call with Turkish Leader Erdogan, who has been chomping at the bit like a mad dog for some time to cross the Turkish Border into Syria in an effort to wipe out the Kurdish forces in Syria who were our allies in the fight against ISIS, Trump caved in to Erdogan like the bone spur coward  he has always been.  In a middle of the night Tweet Trump pulled out the 60 or so remaining American soldiers in Syria and abandoned the Kurdish fighters who bravely bore the brunt of the fighting against ISIS and were, in fact, responsible for an American victory over ISIS.  The Kurds fought bravely against ISIS along with American forces for several years in order to destroy ISIS in Iraq and later on in Syria.

Trump stupidly defended his betrayal of the Kurds on the fact that they had not fought on the same side as America in World War II.  Of Course Trump's facts were wrong and his statement was false.  Kurdish forces did fight bravely in World War II.  They fought just as bravely as they did alongside American Forces in the War against ISIS.

At least some of Trump's previously gutless Republican Senators and Congressmen have voiced opposition to Trump's abandonment of the Kurds  but that doesn't seem to have mattered to Trump.  

It is well known that Donald Trump is a man who demands complete loyalty to him from everyone around him.  Unfortunately This incident is indicative of how little loyalty means when others expect loyalty from him.

This may or not be the most despicable thing Donald Trump may have ever done.  That distinction may be hard to recognize since he has done so many despicable things.  

One thing for sure is that whenever America might need allies to back them up in the future, Allies may be few and far between and extremely hard to find.

I hope that the result of this latest Donald Trump Outrage is that Republicans, particularly in the Senate, might start to wake up to reality when it comes to what kind of a world we are going to be living in if Donald Trump remains in office.

On behalf of myself and I hope many Americans who feel as I do, I want to thank our Kurdish Allies who helped us defeat ISIS.  America and the world owes you a debt of gratitude.  I hope that we can help you just as much as you helped us once we get rid of Donald Trump.   You didn't deserve to be abandoned without any warning by the Cowardly President of The United States.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Donald Trump: Crossing The Rubicon Into The Land Of Impeachment

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

My Dear America:

It has finally happened, America.  Donald Trump, your terribly flawed President, has finally done something so Foul, Stupid, Selfish and Anti-Democratic that it looks as though he is actually going to be called to account for his actions.  

Although I am tempted to be jubilant as I watch the fall of Trump after nearly three years of terrible behavior, I know that to see you , America, taken so low by this Foolish, Self Centered Huckster is nothing to cheer about. 

Besides, although Trump is now being placed aboard The Impeachment Train by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Members of the House of Representatives, they appear not to be joined, at this point, by their Republican Colleagues.

What, indeed, has happened to the Republican Party. Why are they no longer the party insisting on strong democratic behavior and values.  During the Obama Administration they seemed to never run out of complaints about Presidential behavior even though the Obama Administration was very nearly scandal free.  Republicans were willing to try to Impeach Bill Clinton for his consensual sexual relationship with White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky when all else failed in the Whitewater Investigation.  One of the Chief Investigators in Whitewater, Brett Kavanaugh,  was cleared by Senate Republicans of Sexual Assault claims against him and now sits on the Supreme Court as a continuing American Embarrassment for many years to come after his appointment by Donald Trump. 

I have taken the time to read both The Whistleblower Complaint and The White House Transcript of the call between Ukraine President Zelensky and Donald Trump that is presently at issue.  Both of these documents released by The Trump Administration are deeply disturbing and to my mind certainly show that the Impeachment of Donald Trump is appropriate and to my mind necessary.  

Why did Trump allow these two documents to be released?  

In my opinion I think that Donald Trump realized that the Zelensky Conversation was serious and possibly impeachable and that is why he and his White House Acolytes took the unusual step of immediately putting the transcript of Trump's conversation with Zelensky into a super secret National Security Computer System meant only for National Security information of major importance such as CIA Covert Actions.

The issue of the possible Whistleblower Complaint was revealed by several media outlets to be an issue of concern to The House Intelligence Committee chaired by California Democratic Congressman, Adam Schiff.  The Whistleblower, who seems to have adhered to the letter of the Whistleblower Protection Law, first of all submitted their Complaint to the Inspector General of the office of the Director of National Intelligence.  The Inspector General of the DNI Office then apparently submitted the Whistleblower's Complaint to the Newly appointed Director of National Intelligence, who, not knowing what else to do, asked for guidance from The Trump White House Counsel and the Trump Justice Department.  Director of National Intelligence Maguire was apparently not given permission  by The White House or the Justice Department to submit the Whistleblower's Complaint to the House Intelligence Committee, which was clearly required by the Whistleblower Protection Law.

More than likely the entire issue might have ended at this point had it not been for the Director of National Intelligence Office Inspector General who informed the House Intelligence Committee that he considered the issue that the Whistleblower reported to be an issue of urgency and extreme importance.  The Inspector General of DNI advised the Intelligence Committee that he had been restricted from giving further information on the Whistleblower's Complaint to The Intelligence Committee by Director of National Intelligence Maguire.

The Intelligence Committee quickly directed Director of National Intelligence
Maguire to report to the Committee and testify within a matter of days.  Some News reports indicated that DNI Maguire threatened to resign if he was forced to stonewall and give no information to the House Intelligence Committee regarding the Whistleblower Complaint.  

DNI Maguire was raked over the coals by the Committee for his decision not to release the Whistleblower's Complaint to the Committee.  Oddly enough, though, Director Maguire was not forced to resign because by the time he testified to the Intelligence Committee the Whistleblower's Complaint and the White House Transcript of the telephone conversation between the President's of The United States and Ukraine had already been released.

It seems to me as though the release of these documents by the White House was a calculated effort to avoid further embarassment and further investigation by the Intelligence Committee.  I believe that Trump felt that if he released the Telephone Transcript and the Whistleblower's Complaint that it might stir things up a bit but that after a few days or a week that the entire incident would blow over and be forgotten just like all of Trump's previous questionable actions seemed to have done up to this time. 

Donald Trump was wrong, though. The Whistleblower's Complaint and the Transcript of the Trump/Zelensky phone call was extremely disturbing to House and Senate Democrats, as well as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Not to mention Television, Radio and Newspaper Reporters, all of whom seemed to act like a bomb had gone off in the halls of Congress. 

Indeed, a bomb had gone off in the halls of Congress.  There was no doubt about that.  That bomb is still setting off explosions in the halls of Congress and everywhere else in the United States.  

A sitting American President has proven by his own documents that he reached out to the duly elected leader of another country to request that country to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, when Trump was well aware that Biden stood a good chance of becoming Trump's Democratic Party Rival in the Election of 2020. 

Certainly the issue of discrediting Democratic Rival, Joe Biden is clearly an action worthy of Impeachment.  

What is even more disturbing to me, however, is the fact that Donald Trump, as he was searching for incriminating evidence about his future 2020 Rival, was also improperly, if not illegally, holding up millions of dollars of aid that had been voted on by the House and the Senate for the purpose of helping Ukraine to remain democratic and fend off the threatening advances by Vladimir Putin and Ukraine's Aggressive Russian neighbors.  

Indeed, the funds to help Ukraine voted on by Congress were held up for months.  In fact, the funds would probably still be held up by Trump if it was not for the Ukraine Bombshell going off in the House Intelligence Committee.

It does not take much imagination to realize that it made little sense for Trump to hold up the Ukraine funds unless Trump was consciously aiding and abetting his buddy, Vladimir Putin in putting the finishing touches on his annexation efforts in Ukraine.

Certainly something went wrong in 2016 when The old and outdated Electoral College System gave us Donald Trump as our President.  Trump has lied constantly throughout his multi year Reign of Terror.  He has disrespected Congress, People who were not "White", Nato and other Allies.  He has also blatantly shown his admiration for Dictators such as Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Un, Erdawan in Turkey and Muhammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia.

America, you do not need to put up with a Wannabe Dictator like Donald Trump.  He has not ruined our Democracy as of yet but if he lasts much longer in the White House he could destroy all of us.

Let us hope that as the facts come out in the coming weeks and months about the sickening legacy of Donald Trump, that not only Democrats wake up and smell the Treason but Republicans do as well.

There is no other proper course at this time in history than to support the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher