Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome To Bizarro America

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

My Dear America:

I remember a TV Show (I Think it was Saturday Night Live but I'm not sure) having a continuing skit in which there was a place called "Bizarro World." 

Bizarro World was a world that didn't make sense.  It was a world in which opposites meant the opposite of what we expected and were used to in our world. 

For instance in our world Black was Black and White was White,  Good was Good and Bad was Bad.  

Things made sense in our world. 

But in Bizarro World things did not make sense.  Everything was opposite of our world in Bizarro World. 

For instance in Bizarro World White was Black and Black was White and Good Was Bad and Bad was Good.

Now, however, after all these years we are finding out that Bizarro World is not all that Bizarre.  

We are living today in you, America, and you have become, in my estimation Bizarro World in the USA.  I hate to say it.  Believe me I hate to say it but I must say it.

Why are you, America, Bizarro World.  Let me discuss that with you.

In America things haven't always made sense, take Watergate, for instance.  But for the most part, when it came to Politics you or I could look at a Candidate and pretty much figure out where they stood.  And when it came time to make a decision it might not be easy to figure out who was best and who was not but with a little bit of effort you could do it and so could others.

The truth is that I still can pretty much figure out who I want to vote for and decide for what I feel are good reasons.  The problem is that now that we are living in Bizarro World my countrymen and women don't seem to have the same capabilities as I do.  Or is it me thats Bizarre.  Sometimes I don't know.

The bottom line is, America, what in the hell is going on with you.  You are either stupid or I am.  I can't figure out which of us is out of touch with reality.

For instance, what is so hard about understanding the fact that Republicans throughout the past year and a half have done Nothing to advance our Country but here, today, in Bizarro World instead of people looking at that almost Criminal Record of Republican Obstruction and lies in Washington and elsewhere, according to nearly all of the polls Republicans, or worse Tea Party Candidates, are primed to win statewide and federal races all over your country.

I don't understand it.  What is going on here.  Do people not have memories.  Have their brains been erased.  Why can't they recall the depths to which our country had sunk prior to the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and his Inauguration in 2009.  Barack brought us Hope back then and Optimism for the future. 

But after the Bush Administration plundered our banks, our spirits and our good name aound the world, Obama was handed a country that was a disaster and was headed toward a depression.  Republicans have fought him tooth and nail throughout his short lived Administration as he struggled to prop up Wall Street, the American Automotive Industry and finally after nearly a century of trying brought us at least a little bit of Health Care relief.  Obama has struggled in Bizarro World in every effort to improve our country and nearly all legitimate economists indicate that although we are still struggling with our economy that TARP and the Stimulus have, at least temporarily staved off a Depression. 

Unfortunately, however, here in Bizarro World where the Republicans seem to be lined up to take back the US House and Senate we are up the proverbial creek without much of a paddle left.

In my out of the mainstream view of things I think that Barack Obama and his Democratic Congressional Cohorts have done a good job under difficult circumstances trying to move important legislation forward in a House and Senate in which Republicans under the Bizarro eyes of Mitch McConnell and John Boner have had nothing positive to contribute to you, America, and have remained opposed to anything constructive put forth by the Democrats. 

I hope that Democrats wake up soon enough to prevent the disaster that would be the Republicans retaking of your country.  If the Republicans are successful in November they will certainly push us back in the ditch that Barack Obama has halfway pulled us out of here in Bizarro World.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher