Friday, June 15, 2018

EGOMANIA Gone Wild - Bromance in Singapore

Friday, June 15th, 20018

My Dear America:

Well it's over and there are No Nukes Flying, Thank God.

This week two of the world's most Obnoxious Egomaniacs and World Leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jon Un, met in Singapore for Five hours discussing the potential Nuclear Destruction of the World.  That was certainly a sobering subject for both Un and Trump, as it was for the rest of us living out here in the world.

To be honest  I was very concerned about the prospect of this meeting going sideways.  Both Trump and Un have proven to be remarkably unstable in almost everything they have done in the past.  

Un has insulted Trump often and emphatically ever since Trump was elected.

Trump, on the other hand, has given back as many insults and threats ("Fire and Fury) as he has received from Un.  

"Little Rocket Man" was one of the more endearing names Trump used to insult his North Korean Adversary.

Don't get me wrong.  I am happy as hell that the Trump-Un Bromance is on.  We are all better off with these two Loose Cannons getting along, as opposed to threatening each other and us.

I am positively stunned that this meeting occurred and that the result of the meeting was Kim pledging to disband his nuclear program.  Although I have heard much criticism of what America gave up with nothing given up by Kim I do not agree with that criticism.  If Kim is sincere in his pledge to stop sending rockets over Japan or anywhere else I am OK with stopping War Games in and around South Korea.

We are indeed living in strange times in Donald Trump's America.  We have much to legitimately complain about but Trump and Kim acting like Gentlemen rather than Asses to each other is OK by me.

If only Trump would have treated our Allies, including Canada, Mexico and other members of the G7  the way he treated Kim Jon Un we'd all be better off.  

Time will tell if the Donald Trump-Kim Jon Un Bromance continues.  I am hoping like hell that it does.  

To use one of Donald Trump's expressions, "We'll see what happens. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher