Tuesday, August 28, 2018

John McCain - Farewell to a Genuine American Hero

August 28th, 2018

My Dear America:

We lost a Good Man and a Great American last weekend.  

Although Donald Trump seems to have gone out of his way to demean and disrespect Senator John McCain I believe that most Americans could see just how special and upstanding this man was.  I, like many Democrats disagreed with many issues that John McCain believed in.

I did not agree with his belief that the U.S. should remain in Iraq for a Century if necessary.

There were many other issues that I disagreed with, as well,but I never really felt that John McCain was anything other than a man of principle, for the most part of his life.

He gave much to you, America and he asked much of you, as well.  You gave to each other and I believe you genuinely loved each other.

John McCain was the first one to admit that he was not perfect and he was not.

He admitted that he was a pretty serious screwup at the U.S. Naval Academy and he was.  If he was not the Son and Grandson of Naval higher ups he may very well have been tossed out of Annapolis on his ear.  But he was the kin of Admirals and he made it through the Naval Academy and then became a Naval Pilot flying many dangerous missions over Vietnam.  

McCain's luck ran out during a bombing mission over Hanoi.  His plane was hit and he bailed out landing in a small body of water.  He was dragged out of the water and beaten up by several North Vietnamese.  He was turned over to the North Vietnamese Army and took up residence at a torture facility for captured American Servicemen creepily named the Hanoi Hilton. 

Despite being tortured McCain tried to hold his ground.  When the North Vietnamese found out that he was related to important American Naval Officers they offered to release McCain to return home.  Because McCain's comrades were not offered the same deal, John McCain refused to leave his buddies and remained in Hanoi.  

When John McCain was eventually released to return home along with other prisoners following the nominal end of the Vietnam War, he arrived to a Hero's welcome.  Like many returning soldiers John McCain had his problems.  His first marriage didn't last but he did remarry a young woman named Cindy, who is presently his Widow.

With some financial help from his in laws and Arizona friends he ran for Congress and won.  Later on he ran for Senate and won, as well.

As a well respected United States Congressman and Senator John McCain formed friendships and alliances not only with members of his own (Republican) Party but with many Democrats, as well.  Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Russ Feingold and Joe Lieberman were some of his partners in Legislation.  Through his legislative alliances McCain was able to accomplish a great deal during his legislative career.

John McCain will be missed by all Americans who value Democracy.  He was someone who will not be replaceable.  Unlike many of his colleagues in the Senate and the House, John McCain was more in tune with keeping America free than maintaining good relations with Donald Trump.  

Donald Trump, after all, did not like John McCain.  John McCain was not Trump's kind of Senator.  McCain did not buckle under Trump's Twitter rants and did not care to mince words when it came to Trump's Treasonous Conduct in Helsinki and elsewhere.  

In a last desperate act of Disrespect, Donald Trump over the weekend, nixed a Press Release prepared by White House Staff praising John McCain for his Naval Service and his Congressional Service.  Also the White House Staff flew the White House Flag at half mast until the President found out and demanded that the Flag be raised once again.

Clearly Donald Trump had no respect for John McCain.  Trump's pettiness in disrespecting this accomplished American Hero is reprehensible but what else is new.

During Trump's Campaign for President, Trump was asked about how he felt about John McCain.  Trump replied that he did not feel that John McCain was really a hero because he had been captured. I like Heroes that weren't captured, Trump said.  Certainly that comment in any other Presidential Campaign would have put an end to Trump's Candidacy.

But Unfortunately John McCain's Heroic Voice is now silenced and what we are left with is Draft Dodging Donald's Disrespect for a man who was and always will be thought of as a Genuine American Hero worthy of respect by all Americans.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallgher