Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin - Sleazy Rider

Monday, May 30th, 2011
Memorial Day

My Dear America:

While the swirls of Patriotism are in the wind on this special day, Memorial Day, 2011, into the hometown of the American Congress and President rides the stranger than fiction hot chick on a Harley, Sarah Palin.  At a biker rally on the Washington, D.C. mall here comes Sarah dressed in biker chick clothing and wearing a military helmet.  Can any sight be more patriotic than that.

She is also on the first leg of her "One Nation" bus tour and has just bought a house in Arizona, a place where they claim to understand Sarah Palin and her strange ideals.

When you think about it there is nothing short of amazement when you try to understand the transformation of Sarah Palin from the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska to the Governor of Alaska, to Republican Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008, to Author and Fox News Analyst (Analyst - Right) to possible Republican Presidential Candidate and major obsession of the Republican and Democratic Party, as well as the American News media.

How in the world did we let this happen and allow Sarah Palin to dominate our lives for this long and allow her to progress to the point where she might end up being the 2012 Republican Candidate for President.  Well, to be honest she is a step up from Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, but not much of a step up.

Why are Americans so obsessed,, either positively or negatively, with Sarah.  She apparently is just hard to forget.  We seem to forget her embarassingly hokey stump speeches in 2008.  We forget that John McCain's Campaign leaders were reluctant to let her talk to the media immediately after she was nominated at the Republican Convention.  We seem to forget how she paraded her unmarried pregnant daughter and her future son in law, as well as her handicapped infant around the Convention and then the country.  We seem to forget the embarassing answer to Katie Couric's simple (obviously Trick) question about her reading habits.  We seem to forget that she was investigated in Alaska for her efforts to fire her ex Brother in Law from the Alaska Sate Police.  We also seem to forget that when the pastures became greener (financially) Sarah dropped the Alaskan Governorship like a bad habit and made money hand over fist on the lecture circuit and from her first book.

Laurence O'Donnell makes a good point when he states that Fox news has fired other possible Presidential contenders like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich but has kept on Sarah and Mike Huckabee, knowing full well that they will not run.  That may well be true but oddly enough Roger Ailes, Fox News head has been quoted as calling Palin "Stupid".  

The truth is that Sarah Palin, star of the Discovery Channel's enormously successful, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" series, may not be nearly as stupid as we all thought.  She is an opportunist of epic proportions and as the list of Republican Presidential hopefuls dwindles, her name has suddenly risen to the top of recent Republican Primary polls and we should not make the same mistake we have made in the past, which is counting her out of the Presidential Race before she takes herself out.  

The truth is also that the Republican Presidential Presidential Primary field is so riddled with awful, candidates that in a field like this Sarah Palin may once again prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

Watch out Republican Party, I don't think Sarah Palin is done with you yet nor are you done with her.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newt Gingrich - Another Voice From The Bottom Of The Barrel

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

My Dear America:

If there was one person that I would not want to see capture the Presidency of the United States it is probably Donald Trump.  Certainly a close second in this Nightmare Scenario of Republican Roulette is Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich is one of the most incredibly immoral liars and cheaters who has ever lived, never mind lived in the public eye.

How he has the gall to run for Presidency, let alone public office, is beyond me.  Newt has been responsible for, if not starting, at least stoking the animosity between Republicans and Democrats to far beyond acceptable levels when he was Speaker of the House during the 90s.  Newt was responsible for pushing the process until the Government shut down and strangely enough in a weird way helped to foster the Monica Lewinsky scandal which seriously tarnished the reputation of President Bill Clinton.  Gingrich then took the opportunity to push hard for the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about  cheating on his wife with Lewinsky.  At the same time that Newt was leading the charge to root out the moral corruption of "Cheatin Bill," "Cheatin Newt" was doing the same thing, namely cheating on his wife with a staffer, who later on became his wife and eventually got the same deal from Newt that his first wife got, namely Newt cheating on her with a staffer and later marrying that person. 

Newt told his first wife that he was divorcing her while she was in the hopspital fighting cancer.  His second wife tells the tale of asking Newt how he could justify his lying and other reprehensible behavior and him telling her 
"It doesn't matter what I do, It just matters what I say."

Newt now states that he has "done some things that he is not proud of."  His explanation of his cheating, lying and other despicable acts is now that his "love for his country" caused him to do what he did.

Amazingly enough, to my mind, at least, Newt, the Sunday before last said on Meet the Press in answer to a question by David Gregory, that he did not support the Paul Ryan Plan to dismantle Medicaire.  Gingrich stated that he found the plan an example of "Right Wing Extremism."  By this Sunday, however, the outcry by the Republican and Tea Party Extremists had pushed Newt way back over to that same Right Wing Extremism that a week before he found so reprehensible.

Who knows whether Trump or Gingrich is indeed the most dangerous Meglomaniac in America.  At the moment Trump has (supposedly) taken himself out of the Presidential race.  Will that be the end of it for him.  Let's hope so.

Gingrich is still in it, however, so clearly he is presently maintaining his spot at the bottom of the Republican Candidate barrel and I am sure he will be putting his foot in his mouth and trying to lie his way out of it many more times during this campaign.

How could the American Electorate be stupid enough to elect this guy.  Well, in America, not once but twice they elected George Bush. 

That, to my mind is enough to make me worry about Newt's chances in this election.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Donald Trump - Voice From the Bottom of the Barrel

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

My Dear America:

Well, at least one impending Crisis of Doom has been averted. 

That Crisis was the prospect of Donald Trump being elected President of the United States.  I will never understand why this reckless, heartless, arrogant and clueless Egomaniac was ever allowed the airtime and media consideration that he was.  Even in his statement yesterday he was allowed the gall of stating that although business is his true love, that if he had entered the race he was sure that he would have won the Republican Nomination and in the end would have also won the White House.

Throughout Trump's short Tease Campaign he spewed venom at President Obama, demanding, among other things that Obama, who had real matters of concern, like trying to get Osama bin laden, show his true birth certificate.  Trump even went so far as to claim that Private Investigators Trump had hired found evidence of Great Concern about where the President was born. 
To shut the Donald up Obama finally released his long form birth certificate, made a fool out of Trump at the White House Correspondent's Dinner and to top it off, engineered a mission to not only eliminate bin laden but also to haul away valuable intelligence information from bin laden's compound in Pakistan.

Certainly there were plenty of good reason's for Trump not to run.  It is doubtful that, even if Obama didn't eliminate Osama, that Trump could have beaten him although the prospect of Trump even being in the race still gives me chills.

I am glad he is out of it, or at least out of it for the present, but like the Loch Ness Monster or Governor Schwartzeneger, I still fear that this opportunistic Egomaniac may still have it in his head that he will at some point say "I'll Be Back."

But for now, though, it appears as though the person who stopped Donald Trump's real or possibly false Political Ambitions was the President of NBC, the network that broadcasts Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice."  When asked whether or not Donald Trump could be replaced on "Apprentice" the NBC President indicated that not only could Trump be replaced on "The Apprentice" but that he would be replaced and it would be easy to replace him.

Within hours of that statement by the NBC President, Trump had put out his statement throwing in the towel on his Presidential bid.  

I wonder if one thing had any bearing on the other.

Goodbye Mr. Trump.  And Good Riddance.

I guess The Donald didn't want to hear the head of NBC say to him "You're fired.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher  

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama - One / Osama - Zero

May 5th, 2011

My Dear America:

Well, here we go again.  The Race for the Presidency of the United States has begun once again and events in the beginning of May, 2011 are happening at Breakneck Speed and with Great Significance.

It has only been a few weeks since President Obama officially threw his hat in the ring and announced that he was, indeed, planning to be a run for a second term for President in 2012.  One wonders why he would want to be a candidate with the incredible animosity he has received from his critics but I do not question his reasoning for his undertaking the race, I am simply grateful that he is doing it. 

The State of the Union at the present time is, in many respects a disaster.  Republicans in the House, especially Tea Pary Republicans, continue to try to dismantle the safety net for Poor and Middle Class Citizens that has been in place for many years thanks to primarily Democrats and those ancient beings that used to be known as Moderate and Progressive Republicans. 

President Obama on today's date is clearly in the drivers seat heading for the 2012 Election after showing calm, deliberate and sensible leadership in the direction of a commando campaign into Pakistan which not only killed Al Quida Leader, Osama bin ladin but also took possession of bin ladin's computers and other files, which hopefully will lead to the killing or capturing of other Al Quida operatives wherever they may be. 

Over last weekend President Obama did not display any signs that he was burdened by the coming operation to eliminate Osama.  He sat at the main table on Saturday Night at the White House Correspondents Dinner and, along with Saturday Night Live Head Writer, Seth Meyers, skewered some of the leading Republican Candidates for President, with especially deserved ridicule aimed at Republican Poll Leader, Donald Trump.  Trump was there in the audience glaring viciously at Obama and Meyers.   It had been wonderful to watch Trump, who had spent a good deal of time on the campaign trail questioning Obama's place of birth earlier last week, put in his place by the President, who released his long form birth certificate and once and for all, at least for all reasonable people, put the matter to rest.  Trump, classy guy that he is, did not apologize to the President but instead patted himself on the back for forcing the President to take time out from his genuinely important duties to deal with this Trumped up BS.  Trump's next step was to start questioning Obama's intelligence and in so doing calling for Obama to release his college transcripts.  Here again, only a stupid fool like DT would be foolish enough to question the intelligence of a man who graduated from Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude and was the first black Editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Hey, Donald Trump, when are we going to see your college transcripts.

Tonight will be the first Republican Candidates Debate in South Carolina including only a few of the Republican Candidates for President.  Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul will be there along with a guy named Gary "Who".  

I guess its never too early for Republicans to market themselves.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher