Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chicken Hawks Playing Nuclear Chicken with Iran - What Could Go Possibly Go Wrong

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

My Dear America:

Clearly Donald Trump sees himself as some kind of a Hero for not bombing Iran in recent days.  

He has spelled out this scenario whereby after an unmanned drone was blown out of the sky by Iran that American Generals were getting ready to inflict some serious damage on Iran.  According to Trump the Generals came to Trump for his "Okay" for action to be taken against Iran.  Trump claims that when he asked his Generals how many Iranian lives would be lost as a result of the pending action against Iran he was advised that as many as 150 Iranians might lose their lives as a result of America's response to the destruction of the American Drone.

Trump states that his decision was that killing 150 Iranians in response to the downing of the unmanned drone did not make sense to him and he scrapped the plan to respond to Iran violently.

First of all, I want to join others including retired CIA Chief, John Brennan in praising the fact that Donald Trump has finally done the right thing in not starting a reckless war with Iran.  

That being said, however, there are some serious problems with Donald Trump's Presidential Hero story.

First of all, Donald Trump and America would not have been in this situation if Trump had not made some awful decisions prior to this latest incident.  

Trump would likely not have put our country at risk if he had not foolishly pulled the United States out of the Nuclear Deal with Iran that was intelligently and diligently negotiated by members of Barack Obama's team.  Trump stupidly pulled the U.S. out of a deal in which Iran had agreed to and from all accounts was living up to in which they had agreed not to develop nuclear weapons for a period of ten years.  Trump trashed the deal as being a bad deal for America but never pointed out what was bad about it.  Clearly what was bad about it in Trump's eyes was that it was negotiated by the Obama Team.  

Any Idiot could see that having a Nuclear Agreement, even though it had flaws, was better than not having a Nuclear Agreement with Iran.  Well, apparently one Idiot could not see that.

Also, although Donald Trump has not been known for picking the best people for his Administration The White House picking Chicken Hawk, John Bolton to replace General H.R. McMaster was clearly a disaster in the making.  Bolton, who famously bragged that he joined the National Guard to avoid winding up dead in a rice paddy in Vietnam never saw action outside of the United States.

Yet Bolton who refused to put himself on the firing line seemed to have no problems with putting other Americans in harms way in Iraq while a member of the Bush Administration.  

Anyone listening to John Bolton in his frequent commentaries on Fox News was aware of his leaning toward war with Iran.  Why Trump Chose Bolton to be his National Security Advisor is anyone's guess.  

During Trump's campaign for the Presidency he railed over and over against the Iraq War and promised never to make the same mistake George W. Bush made.  So if Trump did not want to start any more wars in the Middle East why would he hire John Bolton, who was well known to be one of the Chief Architects and Cheerleaders for the Iraq War and chomping at the bit to start a war with Iran.  

We have seen in recent months a coordinated effort by both John Bolton And Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo in a coordinated drumbeat of fear and loathing toward Iran.

Trump hired both of these certified Warmongers and now Trump seems to be dumbfounded (emphasis on Dumb) by how close to war we seem to be with Iran.  Clearly if Iran did not have Nuclear missiles before they will certainly be doing their best to develop them now.

After Trump and his cronies continue to try to create reasons to go to war with Iran it is time for the House of Representatives to let Trump and Company know that they need Congressional approval to go to war.

We seem to be getting closer and closer every day to a Dictatorship.  We have a Democratically controlled House of Representatives.  We need for them to do the right thing and Impeach Donald Trump before he does any more harm to our Democracy and our world than he already has done.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher     

Friday, June 21, 2019

Message to 2020 Democratic Candidates for President - Joe Biden is Not A Racist

Friday, June 21st, 2019

My Dear America:

Barack Obama warned us that with 20 plus Democratic Candidates vying for becoming the Party's Nominee for President in 2020 that the Candidates needed to be careful not to circle the wagons and start shooting inward to wound other candidates.  

As usual, our former President was correct in his examination of the situation.  

The Democratic Candidates do seem to be circling the wagons and shooting inward with guns and arrows aimed at each other.  For the most part, up to now Dems seem to have been aiming most of their their criticism at Donald Trump, rather than at each other.  That seems to have changed within the past few days, however.  The minor league candidates who will be debating each other next Wednesday and Thursday on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo seem to be mostly united presently in their criticism of Former Senator and former Vice President and Current Front Runner in the Democratic Race for President, Joe Biden.

Awhile back Biden seemed to have a few rough days due to an accusation by a Southwestern female politician that Joe Biden made her uncomfortable by putting his hands on her shoulders and sniffing her hair in a public setting.  In a different world which did not include Donald Trump and the Me Too Movement, this story would never have hit the airwaves.  It did hit the airwaves, however, and after Joe Biden's apology to the female politician the story seemed to fizzle out.  

Joe B. also apologized to Anita Hill for his conduct in the Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearings for Clarence Thomas.  Joe Biden was the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman when Ms. Hill reluctantly testified to the Committee regarding Present Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas's obvious sexual harassment of Anita Hill when they were working together.  Although Biden did not treat Ms. Hill with disrespect, himself, he did not protect her from others on the Committee, primarily Republicans, from disrespecting her and attempting to  assassinate her character. While Ms. Hill did acknowledge Biden's apology she made it clear that she was not yet aboard the Biden Train.

Despite some minor pot shots at Biden over the last several weeks mostly Joe Biden has been trying to stay out of the line of fire and for the most part he has done so.  Over the past couple of days, however, Joe B. has taken some significant criticism from some of his other Democratic Rivals.

The main concern on the part of the other Democratic Presidential Candidates seems to be the fact that in Joe Biden's quest for Unity in the Democratic Party and Unity in America, he cited the fact that despite Biden's political  and personal differences and disagreements with his fellow Senators, including some Senators who were obvious bigots and racists, Biden was able to communicate with them and work positively with them in many instances.

Certainly it is a different time and a different world we are living in today.  Except for Donald Trump, no politician would blatantly support racism in America.  At least that is the case for the Democratic Party.  Democrats should not and do not support Racism in today's society.

What bothers me at the present time just a few days before the first major Democratic Debate is that many of the Democrats running for President have piled onto Joe Biden as if he has admitted to being a racist himself. His long public record shows that Joe Biden is not and has never been a racist.

Clearly, Joe Biden after decades of being a legislator and a politician has made mistakes.  If you look hard enough into any politician's or person's backgound you are bound to find mistakes and wrong decisions.  Regarding Joe Biden's claiming credit for working across the aisle with Republicans, that is a proven fact.  

Did Joe Biden work with Racist Colleagues in the Senate.  

Yes, he did.

Did he subscribe to the Racist views of his colleagues.  

No, he certainly did not.

We are at a crisis point in our election process.  What is obviously shown by recent polls, even those conducted by Fox News, is that several Democrats running for President would have a decent chance to win over Donald Trump in 2020.

Those polls also show that hands down the Democrat with the best chance to win against Trump in those states won by Trump in 2016 is Joe Biden.  

In my opinion it is time for those peripheral candidates who are unlikely to win the Democratic Nomination for President to start dropping out and throwing their support to Joe Biden.  

Presently polling is showing Biden way out front in Democratic Voters preference for the race in 2020.  

The last thing that the Democratic Party needs as they get ready to face Donald Trump in 2020 is a divided Democratic Party.

We need to learn our lessons from 2016 and from many other lost elections.  As much as I respected and still respect Bernie Sanders and his reasons for running in 2016, it is time for him and for the others to get out of the way and get on board the Biden Train.  

If Joe Biden is the undisputed Democratic Candidate for President in 2020 in an undivided and highly strengthened Democratic Party We have a strong chance to take back our Democracy before Donald Trump claims a throne in the White House and refuses to ever leave.  

Clearly not only politics but Democracy is on the line in 2020.  It will be a serious and possibly a fatal mistake for our Democratic Candidates to tear Joe Biden apart with bullshit charges like a group of sharks tearing apart a white whale and leaving Biden bleeding, battered and unsuccessful in what could have been a brave rescue of Democracy in America.

I find the current group of Democratic Candidates to be an outstanding group of Democratic Leaders.  In an time when the future and Democracy wasn't so undeniably at stake I could see myself holding out to see which of these outstanding candidates might win the debates and the primary elections in order to get to the Presidential Election.  

This time around, however, I find it imperative that the Democrats stop tearing at each other and in particular Joe Biden.  

It is clear to me that Joe Biden is going to be the nominee of the
Democratic Party for President in 2020.  

What is not clear to me is what shape Joe Biden and his candidacy will be in when Americans show up to Vote in November of 2020.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, June 3, 2019

Why Donald Trump Needs To Be Impeached - NOW

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

My Dear America:

You may recall that back in the day when Tricky Dick Nixon was in the White House I communicated with you back then about Nixon's pending Impeachment.  Thank God Nixon resigned before he put us through the entire Impeachment process.  He had taken us all on a bad ride through Vietnam and Watergate but he had the good sense to get the hell out of the White House before the final impeachment hammer came down on him and he spared us and himself more Political Darkness than we had seen in quite some time.

We also communicated during the era of Bill Clinton, when after an expensive and unjustified hounding of President Clinton by the Republicans in Congress and their attack dog, "Judge" Ken Starr, the Republicans came up short in their investigation of "Whitewater". 

"Whitewater" ruined the lives of Clinton Friends, Jim and Susan McDougall.  "Whitewater" was a land deal gone bad that Bill and Hillary Clinton had not even invested their own money in.  Jim McDougall, I'm sure thought he was doing Bill and Hillary a favor in giving them a share of the Whitewater project.  Although it was certainly not McDougall's intention to harm the Clintons or himself and his wife, that was unfortunately what happened as a result of Whitewater.  

Jim McDougall tried to hold onto his self respect but eventually had to invent a scenario in which the Clintons were involved in Whitewater, which was never true.  As a result of this assault by Starr and his Right Hand Henchman, Brett Kavanaugh (Now Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh) Jim McDougall's life was never the same.  McDougall's wife, Susan McDougall, another close friend of the Clinton's, who knew virtually nothing about Whitewater other than that the Clinton's were innocent of wrongdoing, was sent to prison thanks to Starr and Kavanaugh, because she would not invent lies about the Clintons for the Starr Impeachment Machine. To her credit Susan McDougall not only went to jail but she taught other inmates in prison and when she was released she became an advocate for prison reform.

In the end Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath about an affair he had with a White House Intern named Monica Lewinsky, whose life was also ruined by Ken Starr due to her involvement with Bill Clinton.

Certainly Richard Nixon's criminal behavior deserved impeachment and Tricky Dick deserved to be thrown out of office.  Gerald Ford, Nixon's Presidential successor, after Nixon's resignation gave Nixon a Full Pardon for all his White House Sins.  Ford insisted that the only reason he did it was for the country to put Watergate behind us and to take the country forward.  Ford's pardon of Nixon did what Ford intended it to do but when Gerald Ford ran for President in his next election he lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter. It is hard to believe that Ford's Pardon of Nixon didn't have anything to do with Ford's Presidential defeat.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand did not even deserve to be investigated by the incredibly Partisan Republican Special Counsel, Ken Starr.  He was impeached by the Partisan Republican House of Representatives for lying about an affair he was having with a consenting adult.  Did that have anything to do with his job. Probably not.  Should he have been impeached for this.  Probably not. Clinton's impeachment in the House did not result in a conviction in the Senate, Thank God.  Bill Clinton continued to be the President.

What I believe is an interesting sidelight to Clinton's Impeachment is that, Hustler Magazine Publisher, Larry Flynt, offered a substantial monetary reward for anyone who could prove that the same Republican Legislators who were castigating Clinton for his Crime of Cheating On His Wife were doing the same thing.  The result was that an astonishing number of Republican Hypocrite Legislators were also exposed to be cheating on their own spouses while accusing Bill Clinton of Criminal Cheating Behavior.  

What does all of this have to do with what is happening in 2019 with Donald Trump.  It has a great deal to do with Donald Trump and the precedents that have been set in the past regarding that dirty disgusting word, Impeachment.

One would have to be either mentally deficient or a Fox News watcher, or both, to think that Donald Trump has not committed "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" while in the office of the President of the United States.  

Certainly we did not need Robert Mueller to tell us that Donald Trump has been guilty of crimes including "Obstuction of Justice" and Treason, among others.  Anyone who has been watching Television (other than Fox News) and reading Print News during Donald Trump's Presidency has been witnessing, sometimes as it is happening, Donald Trump blatantly and arrogantly committing crimes right in front of us.

Lets take the issue of the firing of FBI Director, James Comey.  How is it not Obstuction of Justice when the President of the United States goes on Television with Lester Holt on NBC shortly after firing Comey and states that the main reason that he fired James Comey was the Russia Investigation.  Just a couple of days after Comey's firing Trump was meeting with high level Russian officials (One of whom who was a high level Russian Intelligence Official) and telling them that Comey's firing would stop the Russian Investigation.  

Comey's firing did not stop the Russia Investigation (Which Trump continues to call  "A Hoax" and "A Witch Hunt") 

What we have now is a standoff in which Donald Trump is refusing to cooperate with Congress seemingly in any way.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has tried valiantly to stem the tide of Impeachment.  Certainly Impeachment is not a good prospect for anyone in the House or Senate.  Quite likely, there is more than enough evidence for articles of impeachment to be passed in the House of Representatives. It is unlikely that Trump would be convicted by the Senate based on the fact that although it is well known that many Republican Senators and Congresspersons hate Trump, only one Congressman, Jason Amosh, has had the courage of his convictions and after reading the Mueller Report has called for Trump's impeachment.  

More and more members of Congress, especially those who have read the Mueller Report, are lining up to support impeachment proceedings to target Donald Trump.  There are more and more reasons each day for Impeachment Proceedings to begin.

Unlike Trump's promise to "Drain the Swamp" what he has done instead is to bit by bit replace capable people in his cabinet like General Mattis with Swamp Creatures with little or no ethical standards at all like Steve Mnuchin.  Allegience to Trump is all that matters to Donald Trump.  Does that have a Nazi ring to anyone else.  It surely does to me.

Donald Trump may not be a Dictator yet but he is certainly trying to be and quite frankly the Republican Party members standing on the sidelines either don't realize the seriousness of Trump's dictatorial ambitions or they just don't care.  As time marches on maybe the Republicans who allow Donald Trump to exercise his crazed tendencies will don the Swastika Patches and Klan Robes or maybe as we inch closer and closer to the end of Democracy in America some other Republicans with some ethical tendencies will wake up and come forth to save our system of life before Trump completes his assault on you, America.

I personally think that if Donald Trump is not impeached by our Congress now or in the near future we are setting up a precedent that will never allow us to impeach another President, no matter how inept, unethical or lawbreaking they might be.

If not Donald Trump, Who?

If not now, When?

I, as an American Citizen call on the Congress of the United States to do the right thing. Impeach. I realize, Mrs. Pelosi, that it may not be the best thing for the Democratic Party and that it may, in the end, backfire and keep Donald Trump in office for another term.  That is not a positive prospect for our country.  

But if we don't impeach someone who flaunts the law and disrespects the Constitution as much as Donald Trump, how can we protect the American system from becoming a Dictatorship not only now but also in the future.

We are truly up Shits Creek and our only paddle is for the United States Congress (Primarily the House of Representatives) to do their jobs.  

In the case of Richard Nixon, although a great deal of information was uncovered by the bipartisan Senate Watergate Committee, it was only when Senator Barry Goldwater and others with love of the Constitution in their hearts went to the White House and told Richard Nixon "Times Up" that Nixon faced the facts that Articles of Impeachment were being voted on in the House and that it was time to face the fact that he was through and his best bet was to resign.

It is unlikely that an increasingly Arrogant Narcissist like Donald Trump will resign unless he feels that he has no choice but to do so.  Although the prospect of Mike Pence in the White House is not a good one, it is increasingly better than Donald Trump being allowed to conduct his Treasonous affairs with his killer Dictator friends.

We are no longer waiting for the Mueller Report to be released.  Redacted or not, the Mueller Report makes it clear that Donald Trump committed crimes while in office and is more than likely committing more crimes today and every day.

It is way past time to be outraged.  It is time for Congress to get on board the Impeachment Train and put Republicans on notice that when the Impeachment votes are tallied it might be a good idea for them to be on the right side of history, for a change.


Not tomorrow.  Not Next week.  Lets get to it.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher