Friday, May 28, 2021

The Mystery Of Trump Cult Worship

 Friday, May 28th, 2021

My Dear America:

There must be something about him that is invisible to me.  Or at least there is something that is difficult for me to see and understand about his hold on So Many Americans, Both Republicans and even some Democrats.  I can see very clearly why and how Racists, The Klan and the Nazis can find something to love, or at least like in Donald Trump.  I have literally spent the entire four years he was in office trying to understand his hold on those Americans who love and admire Donald Trump.  I will never understand it.  It makes no sense to me. It never will.

He is very clearly a Racist himself and he doesn't hide it by any stretch of the imagination.  Maybe that's what some people like about him.  He doesn't try to hide his Racism.  He's ballsy.  He doesn't often tell the truth but he makes his Racism look like something good, Like something to be admired.

But what about those people who aren't Racists themselves who still seem obsessed and fascinated by a man who to some of us is just about the worst individual who ever occupied the White House.  

Now wait a minute, we have had some other very unsavory characters who were Presidents of the United States.  But until Donald Trump we never had Republicans lying about who won a Presidential Election.  And although we have had some terrible United States Legislatures before, until He came along we never had Republicans willing to stand back and accept Russian Propaganda as facts in the halls of Congress.

The evidence of Donald Trump's treachery and fawning allegiance not to America but to World Dictators has been clear for the entire time of his Failed Presidency.

But People who are Ever Trumpers seem to be blind to the fact that Donald Trump not only doesn't care about them but despises them just as he seems to despise much of what is good in America.

Maybe I just know too much about him.  I've read a lot of the more popular but respected books about him.  None of them were very flattering portraits of a man who should be President.  Just the opposite.

Maybe its the fact that Donald Trump, unlike many American leaders before him does not try to hide his faults.  Instead he performs his evil deeds right out front for everyone to see.  Clearly some people like that.

But at some point it is time for the Trump Cult to recognize just how much they are giving up by siding with someone who is truly rotten to the core.  

Just ask his Niece, Mary Trump, who he shafted out of a fortune.

Also Ask his Former Personal Lawyer and Fixer, Michael Cohen, who famously said he would "take a bullet" for Donald Trump.  Cohen never took a bullet for Trump but he did take two Years in Prison for Donald Trump with Trump showing his appreciation for Cohen's sacrifice by disparaging and demeaning Cohen to anyone and everyone.  

But Michael Cohen woke up to reality in Prison just like some of those people who will go to jail for Trump for their crimes committed in and around the United States Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021.  Many of them will wake up to reality in jail although it will be too late for some whose lives will be ruined by a President who preferred to propagate "The Big Lie" rather than admit to the truth which was that he was fully and legitimately defeated in the November 2020 Presidential Election. 

Michael Cohen found out the hard way just how much his loyalty to Donald Trump was misplaced and these days Cohen is out of jail and spilling his secrets and broadcasting some very interesting programs on his "Mea Culpa" Podcast.

Something tells me that Trump's Strongest Florida Congressional Ally. Matt Gaetz is also bound to find out what other Trump Acolytes have found out in due course.  Trump will be your friend when he can get something from you, but when you can no longer help him he will jettison you from his orbit as quick as you can say "Mike Pence". 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Ghosts Of January 6th

May 20th, 2021

 My Dear America:

Well, I did it.  I'm ashamed of myself for doing it but its too late.  I did it anyway.  I wanted to avoid it like the plague and I did for awhile but I just had to see for myself what it would look like for one of the most inarticulate individuals of all times when he started a Blog.

Yes, People.  I couldn't take it any longer.

In the end I had to find out what it would look like when Donald Trump started  a Blog.

Well, I found out.  I checked out Donald Trump's Blog and suddenly I am feeling like someone who stumbled on what is probably the worst Blog that has ever been produced.

Is this guy so incredibly digitally illiterate that he couldn't find someone in Mara Lago or somewhere in Florida who could have helped him to put together a Blog that he could be proud of.  Well, to be honest I'm glad he once again showed himself to be one of the dumbest, most illiterate, most creatively stunted individuals who ever created a Blog.

Actually That's Okay with me that he screwed something up one more time.  

One of my Favorite Stand Up Comedians is Sebastian Maniscalco and one of his favorite Catch phrases is "Aren't You Embarassed."

I think that Catch Phrase could not only apply to Donald Trump and his Drab Bullshit Blog.  

It could and should apply to nearly everyone in the Republican Party who is still on board with Donald Trump and his "Big Lie." Namely that he won the 2020 Election By A Landslide.

Certainly Donald Trump has a a lot to be embarrassed about besides his Blog. So do his Republican Allies.  Yet none of them seem to be the least bit embarrassed as they falsely claim a 2020 election victory and race to put the fix in on the 2022 Election in almost every state in which Republicans wield power

Yesterday was certainly not a great day for Donald Trump.  It was the day after it was announced by The Attorney General of New York State That Donald Trump who we had known was already under investigation in a Civil Case was now under a Criminal Investigation.  He is also under investigation by the District Attorney of New York City and also under investigation in Georgia for trying to influence the Georgia Secretary of State to swing the 2020 Georgia Election his way.

On the Joy Reid Show on MSNBC last night Trump's Long Time Corporate Attorney, Michael Cohen, who once foolishly stated that he "would take a bullet" for Trump had some very interesting insights into what might lie ahead for Donald Trump and his Family.  Cohen, whose loyalty to Trump has been tempered in recent years by going to prison for the crime of making payments to Trump's girlfriends while Trump showed his appreciation by denigrating Cohen every chance he could get, expressed that he felt that when Trump is charged with any crime he will probably respond by accusing Trump officials, including his own children, of acting without his knowledge.  In other words, Trump will throw anyone he needs to, including his own children who ran his business while Trump was in the White House, under the bus.

Also happening yesterday the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly, with over 30 Republican Representatives on board, approving the formation of a Commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol Siege by Trump Supporters which resulted in several deaths.  While many Capitol Rioters have been arrested and charged following the Capitol Crimes most of those arrested have pointed to Trump's speech prior to the Riot as being the reason for their Invading and Trashing the Capitol where rumor has it and the gallows they built indicates that the Capitol Crashing Rioters were looking to "Hang Mike Pence."

Pence to his credit ended up still doing the right thing on January 6th and presided over The Certification of the Electors in the evening of January 6th after the Riot was over.  Unfortunately, when he was last heard from Mike Pence was once again in lock step with those Republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell who were outraged and very vocally pissed off about what happened on January 6th but had the nerve on May 19th to speak out against and in McCarthy's case vote against the establishment of the Bipartisan Negotiated Capitol Riot Investigation Committee.  Mike Pence's Brother, Greg Pence, was one of those Republicans who voted against the establishment of the Commission.

What has happened to Republican Legislators since Joe Biden's Election Certification on the evening of January 6th, 2021?  It seems as though One by One, with few exceptions, they have chosen to forget about having their lives placed in danger on January 6th and instead have pledged their devotion to Donald Trump and by so doing have changed their minds about the Capitol Invasion by Trump's Goon Squad.  After All, They only almost died.  They are, after all, still alive.

Certainly it is clear why Kevin McCarthy couldn't wait any longer to kick Liz Cheney off of her Leadership Position.  After all, How would it look to have Liz Cheney continuing to rail against Donald Trump while other Republican Legislators and Legislative leaders were pledging their love and loyalty to Donald J. Trump.

Certainly Liz Cheney is not going to goose step back into the good graces of Donald Trump and the Republican Leaders who are continuing to back Trump and The Big Lie.  

What is going to happen to Republicans when and if Trump is indicted in the near future in more than one state?

Will Republicans who seem to have enduring devotion to Trump continue to support him when that happens?

Who knows.

What we do know is that on January 6th Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were both vocally expressing their anger at the fact that Donald Trump stoked the fires of Insurrection that resulted in lives lost at the Capitol.  And Yet, now they don't seem to give a damn about those lives lost.  

Turner Classic Movies showed the movie "Judgement At Nuremburg" Last Night.  It was an interesting and disturbing film that showed how The Nazi buildup in Germany occurred very gradually and that early signs of Adolf Hitler's hatred of Jews was not taken very seriously until it was too late for over Six Million Human Beings.   Men Women and Children perished because of no crime committed other than being born Jewish or Disabled, or a Gypsy or a Communist.

It is well known that Donald Trump is not a scholar but he did read a lot about Adolf Hitler.  He found out from Hitler's speeches how to influence crowds and find scapegoats.  At the end of the Semi Historical Trial portrayed in "Judgement At Nuremberg" Spencer Tracy as the Main Judge says something very profound at the end of the trial when former Nazi Judges are given Life Sentences.

Spencer Tracy states at the end of the Trial that what was learned over the course of the Nazi Judges Trial in Nuremberg was the importance of the following:

                   Justice, Truth and The Value Of One Human Being

These are concepts whose values seem to be rapidly disappearing in a world in which legal votes don't seem to count any more and Democracy which has lasted for over 300 years may soon be a disappearing Concept in what was once Truly The United States Of America.

In this Country if we don't wake up to reality soon The Ghosts of World War II and The Ghosts of January 6th May End Up Haunting Us All For The Rest of Our Lives.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher     

Sunday, May 9, 2021

God Save The Republican Truth Squad

 Sunday, May 9th 2021

My Dear America:

It is certainly a sad state of affairs that out of the Hundreds of Republicans in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate that only Three individual Republicans are willing to stand up and tell the truth about the November 2020 Presidential Election.

Those Individuals are:

Utah Senator Mitt Romney

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney


Illinois Representative Adam Kinsinger

This Three Member Republican Truth Squad is made up of people whose credentials are those of Genuine Conservative Republican Lawmakers who can obviously recognize Truth from Fiction and are having a difficult time recognizing what happened to the Republican Party that they grew up in.  That Party has changed in ways that Cheney, Romney and Kinsinger would never have dreamed possible

When there is so much progress going on in the White House and the Democratic Party these days I find it difficult to continue to talk and write about Donald Trump.  I thought by now that after four years of Trump Insanity capped off by the dangerous attempt to genuinely steal the 2020 Election by the January 6th Mob that Donald Trump would by now be a bad memory growing more distant every day. 

After all, he is still off Facebook and Twitter, Thank God.  But inexplicably he seems to continue to remain like a Reckless Ghost on the minds and in control of the emotions of Republicans in Congress and in the State Houses all over the Country.

It is not hard to figure out how and why Trump lives in the hearts of his Cult Members.  I try to tune in to Fox News at least a couple of times a week just to find out what Republicans are hearing on that Desperate and Deficient Television Network.  On Fox, as well as on Newsmax and on (OAN) One America News Networks it would be easy for anyone tuning in who didn't know the score to believe that Donald Trump was still the legitimate President who has been Royally screwed by the Democratic Party under the influence of Reckless Bands of Blacks and Jews.  On the Trump Cult News Networks Reality doesn't seem to exist.  Only Dangerous Democratic Enemies who have stolen their Golden President from his Legitimate Presidency seem to be worthy of discussion.  

The Trump Cult News Networks are becoming somewhat more reality based however as they are presently facing the prospect of some very significant financial losses from being sued by the Voting Machine companies that they unfairly disparaged during the 2020 Election.  Those Networks don't seem to be as inclined as they had been to put Madmen like Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy or The Russian Collaborator Guy, General Mike Flynn on their networks to spew their 2020 Conspiracy Theories.

As Republicans in Congress have become more Looney in the past few months Joe Biden has hit the ground running and has been doing what he can to get the country back on track.  He has tried to reach out to Mitch McConnell and other seemingly less radical Republicans but despite the fact that Biden and McConnell have been friends for a long time, McConnell seems to have gone fully over to the the Dark Side.  Just as McConnell had vowed at the beginning of the Obama Administration to make Obama a one term President, McConnell, who pissed Trump off by announcing in January 2021 that Biden had won the Presidential Election, now seems to realize that nearly everyone in the Republican Party is singing the old Eighties Hard Rock Anthem, "Mama, We're All Crazy Now."

I feel somewhat sorry for The Republican Truth Squad.  They are, after all, the most sane individuals in a legislature and a Party that has gone completely off the rails.  I do salute their bravery and spirit in standing up for the truth in a Party that is presently all in on telling "The Big Lie" That Donald Trump really won the 2020 Election, not Joe Biden.  

The sad truth for Republicans is that there is no basis for telling "The Big Lie."  Donald Trump will never admit that he lost the 2020 Election but the actual honest to God truth is that Donald Trump did lose the Presidency in 2020, whether he admits it or not.  

I feel bad for the thousands of Americans who did their Patriotic duty in 2020 and whether it was by mail in voting or marching to the polls they cast their ballot.  Yes, Trump voters are undoubtedly disappointed that their candidate lost but that does not give them the right to do away with the long voting history and tradition of America whereby when the voting is over the person with the most votes wins. That is called Democracy and a Democratic Tradition of voting has been with us since the days of George Washington and will be with us for as long as Democracy lives in the American Democratic system.

For the four years that Donald Trump was in office we were not living in a very Democratic system.  When Donald Trump was in office he did what he wanted, whether it was proper or legal didn't much matter to him.  He was a Power Mad Authoritarian and he is still a Dictator in Waiting and the Republican Party seems to be in Waiting with him.  

Nobody in the Republican Party other than the Republican Truth Squad seems to be willing to point out that The Emperor has no clothes, or that The Republican Party has no clues or class anymore about what is or is not Democracy.

The Republican Party also seem to have no principles anymore.  

Republicans voted for a man in 2020 who was OK with doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin, who was OK with Saudi Arabia killing and dismembering Jamal Khoshoghi, who was OK with separating Immigrant children from their parents and not maintaining information that could help them connect later on, who was OK with downplaying the worst Pandemic in my lifetime just so he could get himself re elected, who was OK with Rioters attacking the Capitol to look for and hang a Vice President who had been nothing but Loyal to Trump.

When it comes to Legislation and Principles I have very little in Common with Romney, Cheney and Kinsinger.  During the Trump Administration all Three of Them were almost in Lock Step with Donald Trump every step of the way just like all of their Republican Congressional Colleagues.  They, like the rest of their Party created Trumpzilla, the Monster Who Ate The Republican Party.

Unlike Their Goose Stepping Comrades in Congress, however, they are unwilling to Lie about the 2020 Election simply in order to appease Trumpzilla.

Good for them for not joining in on the Chorus of "Mama, we're all Crazy Now"

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher