Wednesday, March 31, 2021

G. Gordon Liddy: The Mysterious Oddball Figure From Watergate Is Dead At 90

 March 31st, 2021

My Dear America:

Quite Frankly I haven't thought much about G. Gordon Liddy for a long time.  With Donald Trump in the White House doing his best to wreck the Country for the past four years it was hard for me to concentrate on anyone beside Trump or one of his Flunkies.

But today my wife while reading the newspaper advised me that Gordon Liddy just died.  Suddenly I was back there in the Seventies again thinking about Watergate and specifically thinking about G. Gordon Liddy, one of the most controversial figures involved in the Watergate Scandal.  Indeed, if it was not for Gordon Liddy there probably never would have been a Watergate Scandal.  

I realize that there a a lot of younger people who do not remember Watergate and a lot of older people who might have forgotten about it or never paid much attention to the details of Watergate.  During the Seventies in America it was difficult, if not impossible to avoid hearing about or thinking about Watergate during and after the Nixon Years.  

Watergate was the name of the Residential and Office Complex in Washington D.C. where the Democratic Party Offices were located in 1972.  In June of 72 a Security Guard at the Watergate Complex found tape keeping one of the main doors from locking.  The Guard called the police and the police came and surprised and arrested several men inside the Democratic Party Offices. What became obvious very quickly was that the men inside the Democratic Offices worked for the Committee To Elect The President (CREEP) and as they say the rest is history.

Anyone looking to find out more about Watergate might do well to obtain my book, "Letters To A Lost Nation: A Watergate Chronicle" which is available in a Paperback and Kindle Edition through  The book is also available in several other E Book Platforms through  A better known book about Watergate is "All The President's Men" by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who reported for the Washington Post during Watergate.  Their excellent reporting dug up much of what the Nixon White House tried to cover up.  "All The President's Men" was also made into a very excellent, exciting and revealing movie starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as the Washington Post Reporters.  In addition, several important Watergate Figures including G. Gordon Liddy, John Dean and many others wrote their own books about Watergate and their involvement in the scandal which dominated much of the early Seventies.

Watergate left many of the Watergate Scandal Figures stripped of their Law Licenses, Dignity and Virtually Unemployable following the National Scandal known as Watergate. 

What came to be known as "Watergate" began and ended with the establishment in the Richard Nixon White House of The "Plumbers".  The Plumbers were a very Shady Group of Individuals working in the White House charged by Richard Nixon, and Assistants, John Ehrlichman and H.R. Haldeman, with plugging "Leaks", namely leaks of information that Nixon and Company did not want to be released to the press or the public.

The Watergate Burglars and many Nixon White House Aides including Ehrlichman, Haldeman, John Dean, E Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy all spent some time incarcerated  mainly due to crimes associated with Watergate.  Liddy was convicted of Conspiracy, Burglary and Illegal Wiretapping and received one of the Harsher Watergate Sentences which was 20 years in Prison (and a 40 Thousand Dollar Fine) primarily due to the fact that he refused to Cooperate with the Government and Testify at his Trial.  Howard Hunt and others cooperated with the Justice Department and the Special Prosecutors Office and received far lighter sentences than did Liddy.  Liddy  served 4 and a half years of a 20 year sentence until President Jimmy Carter, apparently recognizing the unfairness of Liddy's unusually long sentence compared to other more cooperative Watergate Defendants, commuted his sentence to 8 Years, which allowed Liddy to apply for Parole and be released from incarceration.

Liddy and the plumbers not only Broke into Democratic Headquarters but also broke into the Office of Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist.  Ellsberg was a former Defense Department Analyst who released the contents of a Top Secret Report prepared by the Defense Department on the Vietnam War.  Although that report was prepared during Lyndon Johnson's Presidency, President Richard Nixon was incensed that Ellsberg released the Top Secret Report to both the Washington Post and The New York Times and pushed for Ellsberg's arrest and trial.  Due to White House Shenanigans the Judge at Ellsberg's Trial declared a Mistrial.

Gordon Liddy was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Hoboken and West Caldwell, New Jersey.  His father was a Lawyer and Irish and Liddy's mother was Italian.  

Liddy Graduated from Fordham University in 1952.   After his Graduation Liddy joined the U.S. Army and served for two years as an artillery officer during the Korean War, although he remained stateside during his stint in the army.  In 1954 Liddy began attending Fordham University School of Law.  While there he earned a position on the Fordham Law Review.

following his Graduation from Law School in 1957 Gordon Liddy began working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, initially serving as a Field Agent in Indiana and Colorado.  He became one of the youngest Bureau supervisors at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.. Liddy was a Protege of FBI Deputy Director, Cartha DeLoach.  Liddy became a part of Director J. Edgar Hoover's Personal Staff and became his Ghostwriter.  Among his fellow FBI Agents Liddy had a reputation for recklessness, a reputation that Liddy Proudly wore like a badge of honor throughout his life.

Liddy resigned from the FBI in 1962 and worked as a Lawyer in New York City until 1966.  He was then hired as a Prosecutor in Dutchess County, New York where in 1966 he led a drug raid in Millbrook, New York in which he arrested Timothy Leary.  His prosecution of the LSD Advocate Professor was unsuccessful, at least partially because Liddy accidentally shot a hole in the ceiling during the courtroom proceedings 

Liddy tried his hand at politics by running for District Attorney and running for U.S. House of Representatives in New York's 28th Congressional District.  He was unsuccessful in both attempts.  

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote an article about Liddy at one point stating that he bungled his way to the White House.  Certainly somehow or other Liddy got hired in 1970 as an aide to White House Domestic Advisor, John Ehrlichman.  He also served as General Counsel to the Finance Committee of the Committee to Re Elect The President from 1971 to 1972 while also serving as one of the Leaders of the Plumbers Unit.

In 1971 Liddy was moved to the 1972 Re Election Campaign in an effort to extend the scope of the White House Plumbers "Special Investigations Unit" to further improve control of damaging leaks to the press.

While at the Committee to Re Elect Nixon Liddy developed some rather far fetched and in some cases downright weird plans and plots, some of which were rejected by Campaign Leaders such as a plan to kidnap anti war protest organizers and transport them to Mexico during the Republican National Convention in 1972.  Another Strange and Terrible Liddy Plan was to lure mid level Democratic Campaign Officials to a Houseboat in Miami where they would be secretly photographed in compromising positions with Prostitutes.  Most of Liddy's crackpot ideas were rejected by Attorney General who later became Campaign Manager, John Mitchell but a few were given the go ahead by Nixon Administration Officials including the Break In at Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist's Office and the bugging of the Democratic Party Offices at the Watergate.

Unlike many other Watergate figures who went to jail followed by a life of obscurity, Gordon Liddy did his time but did not fade into obscurity.  Clearly Gordon enjoyed the limelight and once his prison time was over he returned to stake his place in history, as unapologetic as he had ever been.  Liddy received a lot of attention when he published his biography, "Will".  He wrote about his plan to kill Washington Columnist, Jack Anderson because of Nixon's statement "We need to get rid of this Anderson Guy".  Luckily for Jack Anderson White House Officials shut down this plan before Liddy was able to act on it.

In the mid 1980's Liddy began to have some success on the lecture circuit and in 1982 was actually listed by the Wall Street Journal as the top speaker on the College Lecture Circuit.  He was also involved in debates with Timothy Leary, of all people and also with Al Franken on College Campuses.  The Debates with Leary, who had been called "The Most Dangerous Man in America" by Richard Nixon, were featured in a 1983 Documentary Film called "Return Engagement", apparently in reference to Liddy's arrest and failed prosecution of Timothy Leary.  

Liddy also began to make a name for himself as an actor in several Movies and Television Shows including Miami Vice where he played a semi recurring role as a shadowy former covert operations officer who, Miami Vice Star, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) knew from his military service in Vietnam.  

In the early 1980's Liddy, with the partnership of a former Illinois Policeman, launched a private security firm called G. Gordon Liddy & Associates.

In 1992 Liddy began to host his own radio talk show.  This show was controversial and led to national syndication  and success for over 20 years.  

Liddy also wrote Several Nonfiction and Fiction books over his career.

He was married for 53 years until his wife passed away in 2010.  Liddy and his wife had Five children.

Because of his Weird and Controversial history Gordon Liddy was the butt of many a late night talk show host's jokes for many years.  Although he was certainly a man who led Richard Nixon down a strange and terrible path, in the end things turned out Okay for Gordon Liddy.

One of the the more disturbing yet interesting things I read today about Gordon Liddy is that, Like Donald Trump, who studied all of Adolph Hitler's speeches, Gordon Liddy was also fascinated as a young man by Hitler's speeches. 

Controversial Birds of a feather, I guess.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher    

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

How Many Deaths Will It Take Till We Know That Too Many People Have Died

 March 24th, 2021

My Dear America:

Bob Dylan asked the question many decades Ago in his song "Blowin In The Wind."

Unfortunately we are still asking the same question: "How Many Deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died."

We have had over a year of intolerable deaths due to Covid 19 and Donald Trump's lack of response to it.  Trump told us just hang on and in the Springtime or Summer it will just go away. It didn't. Clearly Trump didn't want us thinking about Covid 19 because we might blame him for the deaths that occurred from it and not vote for him.  So he ignored Covid and Americans died in astonishing numbers.  

We Democrats won an important victory in November 2020 when Joe Biden was elected by a considerable margin.  Once Biden was inaugurated Gentleman Joe has done what Donald Trump should have done in the first place and faced up to the Pandemic Straight on.  Biden has hit the ground running and very quickly set up a plan that is working to get Americans Inoculated As soon as possible.  Already deaths from Covid 19 are finally decreasing as a result of the Covid Vaccinations.  

I've already gotten my two shots of the Pfizer Vaccine and my wife will get her second shot tomorrow on March 25th thanks to Joe Biden doing the right thing.

It is going to take awhile until we can feel safe in America from the Deadly Ravages of Covid but we are finally on our way back to health thanks to Government setting up a workable plan and following through on that plan.

Unfortunately Government has yet to come up with a solid bipartisan solution to another deadly epidemic that has caused so many of us to lose our lives in America. 

That epidemic is Gun Violence in America.

Within the space of a week we have seen 18 people killed in two mass shootings.  One in Atlanta Georgia where 8 people lost their lives and One in Boulder, Colorado where 10 more people lost their lives.

The shame of it all is that unfortunately we Americans have become numb to the continuing violence that we have seen over and over in these mass shootings and as we see the death counts get higher these shootings seem to bother us less and less.  

How many of these shootings have we seen at this point.  Hundreds of them. Thousands of innocent victims have lost their lives.  For what.

When Republicans were in charge of the Senate they seemed to have plenty of "Thoughts and Prayers" but offered very little in the way of solutions to the problems of gun violence.  Republicans, with the aid of Republican Leaning media outlets, seemed to be more concerned about the health of the NRA (National Rifle Association) than the health and the lives of American Citizens.

Clearly something is wrong in America when the lives of American Citizens seem to mean so little to Politicians.  Its just a fact of life in America the Republicans and the NRA seem to tell us over and over again.

The Democrats are trying to take your guns away the Republicans, The NRA and Fox news all tell us.

And it is true to some extent that Democrats are indeed trying to take away Some Guns Away from Some People but they are Not Trying To Take All Guns Away from All People in America.

It is time for Senator Joe Mansion to realize that the time for Sensible Gun Legislation is now.  After the devastating Sandy Hook massacre of toddlers in Connecticut Mansion, along with Pennsylvania Republican Senator, Pat Toomey, sponsored a bill together that would not have done a lot to curb gun violence but it would have done Something.  Unfortunately even that rather limited bill didn't pass through the Republican Senate and the gun violence and mass shootings have continued.

Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Columbine, Miami, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and now Atlanta and Boulder.  The list of Mass Shootings seems endless and two in one week should be a wake up call to all of us that it is time to end this monstrous problem, or at least do what we can to curb the violence and reduce the death toll.  

The truth is that in America it is going to be almost impossible to completely eliminate mass shootings because Americans do not want to give up their guns, nor should they.  

Clearly we should take a look at and take a lesson from other countries all over the world who do not seem to have the same problems with guns and mass shootings that we do.  Many counties such as the United Kingdom do not allow gun possession and have virtually no shootings. 

Although I am not one of them, I do have friends who derive enjoyment from going out into the woods and killing animals.  I don't like the fact that they do it but I still think that under the Second Amendment of the Constitution Americans should have a Legitimate right to own and  responsibly use a gun.

I also think, however, that there is not a legitimate reason in hell for anyone who is not a Police Officer or a Legitimate Member of the United States Armed Services to own or carry an AR 15 or AK 47 or a weapon like these in the United States of America.  They should be banned from sale to the General Public Now.  They were banned for some time thanks to Senator Joe Biden helping to push the ban through.  It is time for President Biden to work toward getting that ban back in place for our safety and the safety of our neighbors.  When that ban was in place America was safer.  Our country needs to be safer again. 

It is time for Senators Joe Mansion and Pat Toomey to get together once again to help get Responsible Gun Legislation passed.  Now that the Democrats control the Senate they should push for responsible gun legislation.  Even if the legislation fails at least Americans will find out which party and which Senators really care about their health.

Certainly Mental Health is another issue that is a factor in gun violence.  There are very few gun massacres carried out by individuals who are thought to be mentally stable.  For the most part, mass killers are almost to a man (There are very few women Assassins)  Anti Social Loners with few or no friends who might get picked on by others.  In other words they are people who need help and in many cases don't get it.

Lastly, when are we going to realize that registering the sale of guns is something  that could be a very positive thing.  Even most members of the NRA agree with that.  Background checks can and more than likely have prevented some people with problems from purchasing a gun and therefore might have prevented some mass shootings from occurring.

I have had two guns in my house for several decades which I have never fired.  I have no plans to fire them and if I am lucky I will never fire them.  But I do believe that the second amendment gives me and most Americans the right to bear arms Responsibly.

I am not now and never will be a member of the National Rifle Association but I and Joe Biden and most Democrats will continue to support the legitimate right of Americans to own and use guns Responsibly.

No, Ted Cruz, Democrats are not looking to take away all American Guns from all Americans.  We just want guns used responsibly.  What the hell is wrong with that.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bloody Sunday Remembered

 March 7th, 2021

My Dear America:

I was 23 years old when "Bloody Sunday" occurred on the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma Alabama 56 Years Ago.  A Group of Civil Rights Marchers crossed the bridge on March 7th, 1965 and were met by the Alabama State Police and a Posse armed with billy clubs and tear gas.  The marchers, including Dr. Martin Luther King and a young Future Congressman named John Robert Lewis, were scheduled to march to the State Capitol of Montgomery, Alabama.  They were stopped after crossing the bridge by the Police and Posse who beat the marchers severely in front of Television Cameras that photographed the bloodbath in which many marchers, including young John Lewis, were beaten within an inch of their life. The beatings stopped the Civil Rights March on that day and the March leaders returned with the group to the Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church in Selma to begin planning their future moves.  

The Group Marched for a Second time across the Edmund Pettis Bridge on March 9th, 1965.  The State Troopers stepped aside to let the marchers pass but Dr. King led the group back to the A.M.E. Church to obey a Federal Injunction while seeking protection for the Marchers from a Federal Court.  That night one of the Marchers was beaten and murdered. James Reeb, a Unitarian Universalist Minister from Boston had been so outraged with the Bloody Sunday beatings he witnessed on Television that he had come to Selma to join the marchers along with many other clergy and sympathizers who had gathered for the second march.  Reverend Reeb would unfortunately never leave Selma alive.

On March 21st the Marchers gathered once again and this time after marching proudly across the Edmund Pettis Bridge they continued on their march to Montgomery protected by 1900 members of the Alabama National Guard and many additional FBI Agents and Federal Marshalls.  The Marchers averaged 10 miles a day walking along U.S. Route 80 which was called in Alabama the Jefferson Davis Highway and arrived successfully at the Capitol with 25, 000 supporters as they entered the Alabama Capitol.  

The Route taken by the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights Marchers is now designated as the "Selma To Montgomery National Historic Trail." 

Certainly the Brutal Beatings shown on Broadcast Television and the Murder of Reverend Reeb put some serious pressure on President Lyndon Johnson and the United States Congress to wake up to the terrible reality of life in the Segregated South for African Americans.  LBJ addressed a Nationally Televised Joint Session of Congress on March 15th to ask for Legislation to be passed addressing the problem of Racial Justice not only in the south but everywhere in America.

In response to Johnson's call for legislation the Voting Rights Act finally became law on August 6th, 1965.

Bloody Sunday was not the end of Racism in the South and Elsewhere in the United States of America but it was an important move forward to an America that had taken giant steps toward Racial Justice.  There have been many giant steps taken since 1965 in what Martin Luther King Called a Stride Toward Freedom and Justice for black Americans.

Fast forward to today and we have seen in recent years some giant steps backward with regard to Racial Justice in America.  Certainly some Right Leaning Supreme Court Decisions virtually doing away with some established Voting Rights Standards is a disturbing and unwelcome addition to problems concerning voting rights.  The Trump Administration seemed to welcome all voting rights restrictions that seemed to limit Democrats and in particular black Democrats.

Black Lives Matter Protests were unwelcome in Trump World and the concept of Black Lives Matter during the Trump Administration was often met with a level of violence against BLM Supporters not seen since the days of  Reactions to 50's and 60's Civil Rights Protests.

Certainly Ex Civil Rights Advocates in Congress like John Lewis and James Clyburn have done all they could to remind all Americans to keep their guard up against efforts to turn back the Racial Clock to the Bad Old Days before Civil Rights Protests helped to improve Racial Justice for Black and Brown Americans.

We have seen in the runup to the 2020 Election Donald Trump and his Republican minions straight up blatantly trying to steal the election by any means they could. Trump almost destroyed the United States Postal Service to make it difficult for Democrats to vote for mail.  The many court challenges that went nowhere and Trump's threatening the Georgia Secretary of State are some of the most incredibly searing images of Political Corruption that we have ever seen in a Presidential  administration desperate to stay in power and out of jail.  

But on this 56th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the first one where John Lewis is not taking his Friends and Colleagues to Selma to celebrate the day he was brutalized for Freedom and Justice, we must remember for John what he went through and why he went through it.  

We have seen more than two hundred attempts throughout the United States by Republicans to push through Legislation that would make it more difficult for Democrats, and in particular Black Democrats, to vote in the coming years.  

We Democrats need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting the rights of All Americans to vote in every election that they are eligible to vote in.  If we don't protect our right to vote we may slip into an America that will look more like Nazi Germany than the land of the free.  

We must realize that although Donald Trump is out of office his Authoritarian spirit still haunts us.  Donald Trump did in fact encourage his followers to attack the Capitol Building on January 6th after refusing to accept the truth about the 2020 Election.  Trump is still telling the big lie.  He told his followers at C-PAC that he won the election in 2016 and in 2020 and was thinking of "Beating the Democrats a Third Time."  

The truth is that Donald Trump did beat the Democrats in 2016 not by number of votes but by the outmoded Electoral College System.  In 2021 he tried this time to encourage his Vice President to break the law and refuse to declare Joe Biden the legally elected President.  When Pence refused to break the law Trump threw Pence to the Trump Wolf Pack and we can be sure that if that group gotten hold of Pence on January 6th that they, indeed, would have hung him on the Capitol Grounds.  

Now inexplicably Mike Pence who did the right thing on January 6th and the Secretary of State in Georgia, Brian Raffensperger who also did the right thing in the 2020 election, as well as most of the Republicans in Congress are still pledging allegiance not to the American Flag but to the Trump Flag.

I will never understand how anyone who really believes in Freedom and Democracy can get behind a Dictator Wannabe like Donald Trump. 

It is time for Democrats to get involved in their state legislatures, many of them controlled by Republicans, and figure out how to keep voting alive and well in their states.  

We narrowly saved Democracy on Election Day in 2020 but we should have learned by that experience that we need to be as vigilant as John Lewis was throughout his life and do what he taught us to do to protect our right to vote.  It is a fundamental right that we should protect for as long as it needs protection.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Revenge Of Trumpzilla - Donald Trump At C-PAC

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

My Dear America:

It was getting late on Sunday Afternoon in Orlando at C-PAC after the results of the Presidential Straw Poll that Surprise, Surprise Donald Trump won by capturing 55 Percent of the vote.

What - Only 55 Percent of the vote.  

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in Second


South Dakota Governor Christi Noem came in Third.

To be Honest, the C-PAC Straw Polls of the past had not been Great Predictors of Presidential Election Success.  Ron and Rand Paul had been previous C-PAC Straw Poll Winners.  As we know, Things had not worked out well for their Presidential Aspirations 

There had clearly been a rather Different Vibe this time around this year at C-PAC.  Unlike other years there were empty seats this time around.  There weren't as many men in suits looking like they were at an FBI Convention this time around.  The crowd looked diverse, at least in dress.  Certainly that could have been at least partly because this time around C-PAC was being held in Orlando, Florida.  

The crowd seemed to be at least partially made up of Hillbilly Wannabes and actual Hillbillies, as well as Bikers.  There were some people who looked like College Students from the Math and Business Departments of some prestigious schools.  When the Loudspeakers rang out with the sounds of "Macho Man" the College Students danced what I would call the Pogo.  In other words they just jumped up and down looking like they were on Pogo Sticks.  Quite Frankly, it looked pretty weird.

Friday and Saturday had been filled with Speeches and Group Discussions featuring many of the Usual Republican Suspects including Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump Junior, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and many others.  Funnyman Ted Cruz started his speech with a real killer of a joke about how Awesome Orlando was, "But Not as Awesome as Cancun."  That joke went over like a fart in church.

Some of the Group Discussions were bizarre featuring many individuals who nobody had ever heard of talking mainly about the Greatness of Conservatism, How terrible Joe Biden was doing and, of course, the Greatness of Donald Trump.

One of the Group Discussions featured a guy with a Terribly Gay looking Hairdo (Emphasis on the Terrible).  His name was Maj Toure and he was joined by a few other black Conservatives.  They sounded as though they were all feeling the spirit in a Black Baptist Church and the Spirit was Conservatism.  Maj had a tough time keeping the group under control.

What I noticed over what I could stomach watching of C-PAC on Friday and Saturday was that some of the spontaneous enthusiasm of yesteryear was not there this year. I remember watching previous C-PAC Conventions which in fairness were almost always in Washington D.C. where the Republican Suits seemed to be packed in like sardines and on fire with Conservative Zeal throughout the Convention.  In other years The suits were on their feet nearly all the time that "Conservatives" were speaking.  The enthusiasm was palpable.  You could feel it throughout the C-PAC weekends.

Not this time.  

Not even after the C-PAC Movies that came on right before Trumpzilla lumbered onto the stage.  The movies could have been called "C-PAC Around The World."  The movies were fast paced and eye catching.  They were interesting and well produced promotional films for C-PAC.  Clearly some considerable money had been spent on them. One of the Movies was a Tribute to fallen Conservative Hero and Icon, Rush Limbaugh.

But then the films were over and although C-Span had advertised that Donald Trump had been scheduled to appear at 3:40 he never made it until long after Four PM.

It was very late in the afternoon when Trumpzilla, himself arrived on the scene lumbering onto the C-PAC Stage.  As he passed the American Flag he did not hug it this time as he had in Previous years.  He just sort of grabbed at it and kept on going.  

Although there was certainly an enthusiastic reception for the former president it was less than he had been used to prior to his Incitement of Insurrection on January 6th of this year.  Indeed, one of the most interesting things to me about this year's C-PAC festivities was that the Radical Right Wing Storming of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 was not ever mentioned by anyone on the stage throughout the weekend.   To the C-PAC Attendees It was like it never even happened.  

As is usually the case with Donald Trump his "Speech" was disjointed and unorganized and flipped around from one bizarre topic to another with not much planning of what he was about to say next.  "We've been doing a lot of winning" Trump said strangely.  

Trump paid his respects to Rush Limbaugh, who had died recently and had a movie about him shown on two big screens right before Trumpzilla arrived.

Trumpzilla then began to nail his favorite things to complain about:

Fake Media

Cancel Culture - What - Trump didn't invent Cancel Culture but he certainly was a strong purveyor of it throughout his Political Life.



Communism - Except for Vladimir Putin.  Trumpzilla thought Poor Vlad was misunderstood.

But what Trumpzilla was really after on the C-PAC Stage was to discuss what a disastrous month it had been since he had left Washington and Joe Biden had taken up residence at the White House.

Biden was, according to Trump, Anti Jobs, Anti Women and Anti Science.

However - I think that it could be successfully argued that in reality it was Donald Trump who was Anti Jobs, Anti Women and Anti Science.

According to Trumpzilla America had in the past month gone from "America First to America Last."

A catchy phrase but Certainly not true.  Indeed, I think the opposite is true.  America has gone from America Worst to the Best America has been in four years.

Then the Grievances and the bragging really began.

Biden was going to open the borders to "Chain Migration."

Biden should open the schools "NOW."

The Republican Party is "The Party Of Love."

Send Money to the "Save America PAC".

And what about those Turncoat Republican Bastards and Bitches who had the Audacity to vote for Trump's Impeachment.

And Don't Forget that Republicans need to "Save the Second Amendment" from Democrats who want to take America's Guns away from them.

But Most of all Trump wanted all C-PAC attendees to know that the truth was that Donald Trump had won both the 2016 and 2020 Elections and he was seriously considering beating the Democrats for a Third Time.  

As Trumpzilla lumbered off the stage to the strains of the Village People singing "Its fun to Stay at the YMCA" It was obvious to me that although Donald Trump incited an Insurrection in Washington D.C. on January 6th and since then had been living out of the limelight, that we had not suffered the last of the Revenge of Trumpzilla.  He might be leaving for now but like Douglas Macarthur and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Trumpzilla would be back in one way or another. 

But at least those of us who were not Trumpzilla Addicts could enjoy four years of  New Hope and Change and breathe a sigh of Glorious Relief that a Normal Administration was Now in the White House and will be there for at least four more years.

Glory Hallelujah 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher