Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Repolishing The Repulsive Republican Health Care Turd Bill Hopefully For The Last Time

September 26th, 2017

My Dear America:

As Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, as well as other Devastated Island Regions, try to recover from Hurricane destruction damage and President Trump continues his foolish and dangerous war of words with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump has decided to start a Tweet Storm about National Football League players kneeling during the National Anthem.  

Talk about Tone Deaf.  Donald Trump is the Poster Child for that affliction.  

While all of these things have gone on Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana have once again made an attempt to resurrect the awful, hated by all, worthless and shameless Health Care Bill that most sane Americans had hoped they had seen the last of.

Why did Graham and Cassidy try to bring this Turd of a bill back from the dead?  Good Question.

The only good answers that I can think of are the following: 

1) the fact that as of next Saturday the Republicans will lose their opportunity to Jam this bill through the Senate with only 50 votes needed.

2) The Republican Congress along with the So Called Republican American President have not passed any significant legislation since the inauguration of Donald Trump.

3) Although this Turd Bill was promoted as a Health Care Bill, certainly the real reason that it was presented and promoted by the Republicans in the first place was that by saving or taking away millions of dollars from Health Care it would provide an opportunity for Republicans to repay their Millionaire and Billionaire donors by providing massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

Right now it appears as though the Zombie Health Care Bill is finally truly dead with a stake in its heart and hopefully will no longer rise from the grave any longer.  But who knows really.  This is Republican Run America, after all and anything can happen here and as we have seen this year it usually does.

If the Republican Health Care Turd Bill is truly dead I think Americans have a few people to thank.

John McCain, for one.  McCain has shown once again that he continues to have the courage that he showed in Vietnam during his time living in the Hanoi Hilton.  Thank You, John.  We appreciate your courage and feel badly that your Friend, Lindsey Graham did not show you enough respect by putting you in the difficult position that he did put you in. 

Thank You Susan Collins for once again showing that you also have the courage to look past party loyalty to vote for what is best for average Americans, not just support for the Rich and Privileged.

I suppose that we need to be also thankful for the probable "No Votes" of Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, even though their "No Votes" are probably only because the Republican Health Care Turd Bill is not Radical or Reprehensible enough to suit them.

Probably one of the most influential people in this latest Health Care Debate has been Jimmy Kimmel, who showed himself to be not only a very concerned father to his son who has heart surgeries in his future but very concerned about other parents and children in similar circumstances as his family.  Health Care Bill Sponsor Bill Cassidy apparently made the mistake of lying to Kimmel on air about what his bill would propose and Kimmel, thinking about those other parents who could not afford the surgeries his child will need, made it a point all last week and this week to point out the outright lies that Cassidy had promised him.
Thank you Jimmy Kimmel.

Also thank you to all those individuals who showed up at Congress to demand that Congress should not take away their Obamacare lifeline.

These people may have finally kicked off The New American Revolution in which all of us who truly care about America and, like Jimmy Kimmel, care about our fellow Americans can band together to throw the Republican Bums out and vote in Democrats and Independents to Congress who will care more about Average Americans than they do about their wealthy Donors.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher