Saturday, August 30, 2008

On a Beautiful and Historic Night in Denver Barack Obama Gives The Speech Of His Lifetime and Knocks It Out Of Mile High Stadium

Saturday, August 30th, 2008
2:19 PM

My Dear America:

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 was a night that was destined to go down in history. There was no doubt about that. Barack Obama was coming at the end of this evening to accept the Democratic Party's 2008 Nomination for President of the United States of America.

The Warm Up Music included performances by Michael McDonald, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder. The Warm Up Speakers included Howard Dean, Bill Richardson and Al Gore. You knew that this was going to be a Super Important Night. Of that there was no doubt. There was a stageful of retired Army, Navy and Air Force Brass. I can't recall any Marine Generals, although there may have been one or two. The group included Wesley Clark, although he was not the one who spoke for the Millitary Brass. The gentleman who did speak for the group made it clear that these Generals and Admirals had confidence in and had already pledged their support to the man who would soon accept the Democratic Mantle.

But the most impressive speakers in the Pre Barack show included a bunch of regular folks, at least some of them recently retired from the Republican Pary, who told their heartbreaking stories of being left behind by the Bush Administration during the last 8 years. They were people who had worked hard and expected their government to help them and be there for them in their hour of need but found out the hard way that when they lost their jobs and their health care and their businesses that they were no longer the deserving party faithful.

They were on their own.

But on this special, historic night in Denver they had finally found an audience willing to listen to these voices crying out in the wilderness for help. There were plenty more stories like theirs out there and tonight they were speaking with and for the multitude.

Barney Smith was a proud, Ex Republican, who was one of the group that graced the Mile High Stadium Stage. He was certainly one of the least impressive speakers of the night but he had what was probably one of the most impressive speech lines of the night when he informed the nationwide crowd:

"I want a President who cares more about Barney Smith than about Smith Barney."

Clearly the crowd reaction told Barney Smith that he was not alone.

And then came Senator Dick Durban, the Illinois Senator who had introduced Barack Obama at the 2004 Convention where Barack, not even an elected Senator yet, gave the Keynote address and brought the house down. Dick Durban was back on the podium in 2008 introducing Barack Obama again. This time, though, Barack Obama, was more than the keynote speaker at this Convention. He was the key speaker. He was the 2008 Nominee.

The stadium crowd erupted in adulation for this kid from the wrong side of the tracks who had turned his life around and in so doing turned a lot of other kid's lives around. As Barack, the Talented Orator took off you could feel it even watching the show on TV. This was a night of profound history. As Barack gave his Acceptance Speech it was the 25th Anniversary of the day that Martin Luther King gave his "I have a Dream" speech in Washington, D.C..

At the beginning of this Campaign when the Debate Stages were still filled with such Democratic hopefuls as Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton, it was hard to imagine that on this August Night in Denver it would actually be Barack and not Hillary making their acceptance speech. It had been a long, sometimes ugly but always interesting Democratic Primary Campaign. The Democratic Party Convention, even at the beginning of this Convention week looked as though it could still turn ugly again. After all, The Clintons were being featured on two Convention speech nights. Certainly that was dangerous, others must have told Barack Obama and Howard Dean. But if there is one thing that the Clintons understand about Politics it is that politics truly does make some strange bedfellows and that Unity is everything in Democratic Party Politics.

So in the end after this ugly and contentious primary The Clintons came through for Barack Obama and on this beautiful Denver night Barack gave the speech of his lifetime, thus far, anyway. The speech was a well crafted litany of why Barack should be elected and why John McCain should not be. Anyone who has not seen it should see it and hopefully pay attention to it.

In the end the entire Democratic Denver Convention went off very smoothly and it was certainly a love fest for not only Barack and Michelle Obama and their kids. But it was also a love fest for the Clinton's, as well, Those Democratic Stalwarts, who went home from the Denver convention with as many good memories and as much good will as The Obamas and the Bidens.

It had, indeed, been a historic night in Denver and in America Millions of Black Youngsters had been shown just what heights they could aspire to. America would never quite be the same country again.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And Now For Your Listening Pleasure -The Main Event - From Mile High Stadium - BARACK OBAMA

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
11:00 AM

My Dear America:

The 2008 Democratic Convention could not have come off any better than it has so far. It has been a love fest for the Clintons and the Obama's featuring nearly every Democratic Luminary in the country. Teddy Kennedy's Rousing speech, Michelle Obama's Impressive speech, Hillary Clinton's Home Run followed by Bill Clinton's short (by his standards) Excellent speech noting the fact that the Republicans back in 1992 called him "too young and inexperienced" also. Bill Clinton is always a hard act to follow but John Kerry and Joe Biden did it as well as any politicians could have.

It was a bit sad to see, John Kerry, the nominee the last time out on the podium in a completely different role than 2004. But Kerry was hard hitting and effective as he pointed out John McCain's numerous Republican faults.

Joe Biden was also clear about his freindship with McCain being a long one but he also zeroed in on the inexplicable changes in John McCain's views over the past few years. Vice Presidential Nominee Biden may have been disappointed by the changes but he certainly used them effectively last night to show that McCain was nothing more than McBush and simply a shell of the progressive maverick that he once had been.

Over the Course of the Convention there have been many Great Speeches by many Great Democrats. Many Great short films have also been featured, such as the ones for Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But tonight comes the night that all Democrats have been waiting for. Among Barack Obama's many leadership qualities perhaps his gift for public speaking may be his most impressive gift. I got the chance to see and hear him during the Pennsylvania Primary at Muhlenberg College Memorial Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Although the speech was basically the same stump speech that I had heard on C Span many times before, Barack Obama seemed to be able to make it somehow more relevant in person than it had been on television. It was a packed hall and most speakers would probably have been intimidated or at least tired from many months of campaigning. But Barack was relaxed and on message when he spoke that night. He was not in any way a showboater. He was just a truly Great public speaker.

No matter how many people show up tonight I don't believe that it will make much difference to Barack. He is going to be speaking on the anniversary occasion of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech. He will be speaking to a crowd of Democrats many of whom just participated in his Nomination as the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States. He is also going to be speaking to millions of Democrats, Republicans and Independents over the Television airwaves.

As Barack said last night when he arrived for the last couple of minutes of the Convention "Hillary Clinton Rocked the House Last Night". Tonight it will be Barack Obama Rocking Mile High Stadium and like may of his fellow Democratic speakers at this week's Convention he too will be "hitting it out of the park".

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, August 25, 2008

Its Monday Night Live in Denver at the Michelle and Teddy Show

August 25th, 2008
12:20 AM

My Dear America:

The First Night of The Democratic Convention in Denver was truly a memorable night for two Reasons. Those two reasons were Teddy Kennedy (and Family) and Michelle Obama (and family).

There were quite a few interesting speeches such as that by Jerry Kellerman, who hired Barack Obama to be an Organizer in the South Side of Chicago when Obama was just graduating from Columbia University. Clearly Barack's old boss liked him, respected him and still considered Barack a friend. There was also Jim Leach, a former Iowa Congressman who prior to running for office, left the Nixon Administration when Nixon fired Archibald Cox and others in the Saturday Night Massacre, which led to the final downfall and humiliation of Richard Nixon. Leach, I am sure did not make any friends in the Republican party tonight as he endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama. Claire MCaskell and her children were impressive also, as were Caroline Kennedy introducing her "Uncle Teddy" Kennedy and Michelle Obama's brother introducing her.

The night belonged, however, to "Uncle Teddy" Kennedy, who, against his doctor's advice, came to Denver anyway tonight to show the Democratic Party where he stood and who he stood behind. Although Teddy Kennedy has done his share of shameful things in his life it was hard to watch Ted Kennedy tonight as a Democrat without feeling an extreme amount of Pride. Clearly Ted Kennedy even in his deteriorating health can still give a Firebrand Speech and although his speech wasn't as fiery as some he has given at previous Democratic Conventions it was still a barn burner and it lit up this convention floor. As he promised to be there in January to watch Barack take the oath of office his energy and his vigor made it seem like he might truly be on his way to full recovery and may yet return to the Senate in good health.

Speaking of Good Health, Michelle Obama seemed to be the picture of beauty, good health and good looks as she closed down the First day of the Convention with a speech that showed that she may be a new kind of First Lady, feisty, sexy and opinionated possibly beyond even Hillary Clinton. In Michelle's speech she once again mentioned the cracks in the glass ceiling that Hillary had made for the daughters and sons of the future. Following Michelle's speech Barack's image showed up on the Giant Onstage Screen and his youngest daughter in what was an adorably unscripted moment asked Barack on the giant screen "Daddy, what city are you in". Barack calmly explained that he was in Kansas City, where he had watched Michelle's speech and expressed his admiration for her eloquence and her being "Cute".

It was, overall, a Great night for the Democrats and a good start for the Convention.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Welcome to Demoland from Barack O and Regular Joe

August 25th, 2008

My Dear America:

Well, Democrats the day has finally come.

It has been a long haul from those early 2008 January days of Iowa and New Hampshire when the possibility of Barack Obama's name being considered for the Democratic Party's Nomination for President seemed like a pipe dream that only Barack and a select few were having.

This week that long shot pipe dream will become a reality in Denver, Colorado at the Democratic Party Convention where Barack will become the Democratic Party's annointed One and Delaware Senator, Joe Biden, will become the Democratic Party's choice for Barack's Vice Presidential running mate.

From where I sit, at home, in my easy chair watching this spectacle unfold on Television I am somewhat envious of my fellow Democrats sitting on the Convention floor in Denver. They are watching something that is truly historical. A black man is not only running for President of the United States but has a very good chance of being successful at winning the presidency. Who in the world would have thought this would ever have happened in America. But it has happened. He is running and if he is able to bring this Democratic Convention together, which I am sure he can and will do, he is well on his way to his Innauguration in January of 2009.

Can it happen. Yes it Can

Will it Happen. I believe it will.

I, like many other Hillary Clinton supporters was disappointed that she will not be the Candidate for either President or Vice President.

But Hillary when she lost her opportunity she lost it with class and very soon after her concession did her best to throw her support to Barack. It was in my estimation, Hillary's finest hour, until now.

Now, Tomorrow, in Denver, Hillary will take the stage and soak up the adulation that, until now was reserved for her husband. Bill will also get his share of Respect this week but Tomorrow night, Tuesday night, will certainly be Hillary's night. It will be a night she certainly deserves. It will be a sad night for those of us who are having trouble understanding why it didn't happen for her but did for Obama.

But after tomorrow, Democrats, will come Wednesday, with Bill Clinton and Joe Biden on tap, among others. And Thurday Night in Mile High Stadium it will be Barack Obama's night. And what a night that will be. Barack blew the lid off the arena in Boston when he spoke four years ago.

Is that all it was. Four Years ago.

In Boston Barack showed what he had and I don't think that there was a Democrat that heard him giving that speech that didn't realize that this was a Democratic Politician who was going places.

What we didn't realize back then, when Barack was not even a national politician yet, was just how fast this guy was going places.

This week the place he is going is to Denver.

Its probably a good thing that he is giving his speech in a stadium so that there is no roof to blow off when this Extraordinary Public Speaker gives the most extraordinary speech of his life. This is a Convention that will long be remembered and in my opinion Barack Obama will not only set this Convention on fire he is going to leave this convention spreading his message of Hope like a wildfire across America.

America is hungry for change and if Democrats can survive the Republican smear machine which is in high gear right now and stay together there is no stopping this Dynamic Democratic Ticket.

Stay Together Democrats.

This election is ours if we can stay together

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher