Thursday, June 19, 2008

Its Mid June And The Race Is On

June 19th, 2008

My Dear America:

Sorry I haven't communicated with you in awhile. In addition to what has been happening on the campaign trail I have been dealing with a lot of things on my own trail. Some very good things and some awful things.

I don't want to jam up this Blog with a lot of personal issues, though. Let me just talk about some of the more important things that have happened in the presidential campaign during the past month.

As predicted by everyone, President Clinton, er excuse me, Senator Clinton finally and gracefully bowed out of the race. Although she was soundly criticized for staying in the race to the end, she did so. When it was clear after the last early June races that it was over for her she had a very fine Last Hurrah speech on primary election night but did not announce that she was quitting the race only suspending the campaign. The Talking Heads of course criticized her for not wrapping it up that election night but Hillary Clinton, to her credit, did not do it the way she was expected to but the way she wanted to.

On the Saturday after her last primary election night speech she ended the speculation in a big way. She had a rally of her supporters in D.C. and went out in a blaze of glory and class. She wrapped it up in a way that brought tears to the eyes of her supporters. Although she must have been dying inside she kept it together and gave her incredible speech. In that speech she enthusiastically threw her support to Barack Obama and the Democratic Primary was finally over and the party headed on down the road to unity.

There are those who will resist unity for many reasons but in the end this race will come down to two candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama. Two candidates and two political and Philosophical agendas that couldn't be more different. There will be a clear choice this November and all of the indicators show that voters will vote for a new future and not just a continuation of the abominable policies of the last 7 years.

I watched a tape this morning of Barack's wife, Michelle Obama, sitting in as a co-host on The View. This girl is bright, beautiful, a good mother and is not afraid to be herself. She even had kind words for Laura Bush who had previously had kind words for her.

What a truly historic impact these two people, Barack and Michelle Obama, are going to have when the Obama family moves into the White House and the winds of change once again blow through Washington, D.C. and from there out across our country.

You need a change America.
We all need a change.
Hold On, Its coming.

Sincerely Yours
Jerry Gallagher