Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Home Stretch Begins - An Incredible Review of an Incredible Campaign Up To This Point

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

My Dear America:

It has certainly been a wild and bumpy ride on this year's Road To The White House and it is far from over yet. This has been a year of incredibles in every way, shape and form and it is only prudent to expect that there will be more mind blowing incredible things to come, although it is difficult to anticipate what could be more incredible than what we have already seen.

What have we seen that is incredible. Well lets see.

One incredible thing that has happened or more accurately two incredible things that have happened is that both Democratic and Republican Last Candidates Standing were not the Candidates that the party pros would have picked at the beginning of January. The Mavericks in both parties took the lead the hard way. They earned it. And now they are racing each other toward the finish line. INCREDIBLE

Hillary Clinton proved to be a formidible candidate and a very aggressive opponent of Barack Obama. After the bloodletting Primary Campaign was over even though many of Hillary's backers were angry to begin with when Hillary endorsed Barack she meant it and both Hillary and Bill Clinton proved to be Barack backers with a Capital B at the Incredible Denver Convention. Barack, Joe Biden,The Clintons and the Convention were INCREDIBLE.

The Republican Convention was just as Incredible as the Democratic Convention. John McCain immediately took the wind out of the Democratic Sails on the Friday after the Democratic Convention by announcing his Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin. The Conventioners loved her and she was especially greeted with enthusiasm by the Republican Religious Right, who were overjoyed to see someone who was just as extreme as they were taking the second spot on the ticket. Sarah soon showed that although she was an attractive Hockey Mom Governor she had a few skeletons in her closet. Her unmarried daughter was pregnant and evidence was mounting that Sarah had put pressure on the Alaska Director of Public Safety to fire her ex brother in law. Although the ex brother in law was still on the job the Alaska Director of Public Safety was no longer in his. He had been fired. Sarah said it was for reasons other than refusing to fire the ex brother in law. Now the McCain Campaign is involved in trying to shut down the scandal before it completely finishes their candidate. INCREDIBLE.

And then there is the most Incredible development of all. The impending Financial Collapse on Wall Street. McCain at first claimed that it was all an illusion and that the fundamentals of our ecomomy are sound. Shortly after he realized how dire things really were he changed his tune and the man who claimed to know nothing about the economy was suddenly acting like an expert and claimed to suspend his campaign while he flew back to Washington to help alleviate the crisis. He also threatened not to show up for the First Presidential Debate and wanted to delay the debate. Obama refused to follow the bait. He allowed McCain to suspend his campaign and rush back to Washington. Then Bush and his financial team came up with the idea of a bail out package for Wall Street with a price tag of 700 Billion Dollars. Not only was that amount incredible. The original proposal from the White House and Henry Paulsen would have placed that amount of money in Mr. Paulsen's hands with no oversight of any kind. He would not even have had to answer to the courts in the first proposal. That proposal was not approved and finally a more realistic proposal with oversight and with some curtailing of million dollar parachutes for escaping wall street executives was part of the final deal.

McCain and Bush, the proud deregulators had insisted "Hands off Wall Street". These guys wanted no part of Nationalizing Health Care but now they wanted Wall Street Nationalized.

Just think of what the rest of us could have done with 700 Billion Dollars. We could have paid for a National Health Care Program. And where in the world is this money going to come. From Chinese and the Middle Eastern Bankers who must be continuing to chuckle as we continue to show them that they are in charge of our financial situation, not us.


I fear for our safety in the future and what I fear most is that this Ship of Fools that we are on could possibly Continue with Captain McCain taking over for Captain Bush. If that happens, God Help Us.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher