Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Tale of Two Presidencies

Tuesday December 4th, 2018

My Dear America:

It is a sad week in America as we say Goodbye to one of our most Decent and Professional Presidents.  

George H.W. Bush was quick to admit that  that he was not perfect and made mistakes but in contrast to the Foolish Bully who now inhabits the White House he was not only a cut above Donald Trump, he was the total opposite of Donald Trump.

Although he lost his 1992 Presidential Campaign to Bill Clinton it must be remembered that George Bush was in a Three Way Race with not only Clinton but also with Fellow Texan and Independent Candidate, Ross Perot.  Perot was a Chatty Oil Rich Curmudgeon with pretty much unlimited financial resources and although I'm sure Perot took some votes away from Bill Clinton, there is no doubt that Perot took more votes away from Bush in the 1992 Contest.  

George Bush could have gone home to Texas after his Presidential loss and gotten lost in his anger toward Clinton.  I'm sure he did that for awhile but George HW never seemed to be very angry at anyone for very long.  As time went on George Herbert Walker Bush, as well as his son, George W. Bush all became genuine friends with Bill Clinton and the trio accomplished many worthwhile endeavors together.

George HW accomplished more in his life than most people.  We have seen on CNN and other Television Networks the tributes and appreciation that most Americans have for our 41st President.  In addition to being the youngest Pilot shot down in World War II, 41 also had many other public service duties, including CIA Director, Ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, Republican Party Chairman, Vice President, as well as President of the United States.  George Bush Senior truly gave his life for service to his Country and to his Republican Party.

Certainly Bush's life was not free from controversy or questionable conduct.  He was identified by some as being at least aware of, if not involved in the CIA plot to kill President Kennedy. He was also most certainly aware of the details involved in the Reagan Era Iran Contra Scandal that involved selling guns to Iranians and using the gun money to support the Right Wing Contras fight against the freely elected Communist Sandanista Regime in Nicaragua.  

On the other hand, George HW Bush was also courageous and disciplined when he needed to be.  When Saddam Hussein invaded his neighboring country of Kuwait, Bush put together in record time an international rescue squad of many countries to get Saddam out of Kuwait.  George Bush did with allied help rescue Kuwait and put Saddam back in his own country of Iran.

Although we are hearing many positive reflections in recent days about George HW Bush, perhaps the most important quality that is emphasized is that of Bush's reputation of being kind to and concerned about other people.  Everyone who talks about him has emphasized his kindness to other people.

As we watch Donald Trump day after day go after people who criticize him or anger him in some way it is refreshing to remember that the American White House was once a place where its occupants were relatively decent and deserving people who treated other people the same way they wanted to be treated.  

It was not always that way with all Presidents but it certainly was the case with George Herbert Walker Bush.  

We Americans will miss you, George.  I didn't vote for you but I genuinely respected you as my President.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher