Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down To The Wire in West Virginia And Kentucky

May 13th, 2008

My Dear America

It seems like a lifetime since I wrote to you last and, in fact, it has been. In this Democratic Primary Season a day is a lifetime. Three Months is like a century in this race. Although my blog has been inactive for awhile I haven't been, though. When the Political Rock Stars traveled through my area (The Lehigh Valley Area of Pennsylvania) I went to see them. I saw both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. I didn't see and hear Hillary Clinton though because when she came to town on a Sunday I was just returning to Allentown from the Greenbriar Mountains of Pennsylvania where I had spent a Rock and Roll extended weekend with some band buddies.

Bill Clinton looked Great when I saw him at Muhlenberg College's Memorial Hall. He was tall and relatively skinny and walked around a large stage in front of a Giant American Flag. I went to see Barack with My married daughter and two of her kids. The kids were great, for the most part, but they had to wait a long time and finally they started begging to be taken home. When Barack came out onto his tiny platform they were as excited as my daughter and I. Barack was a wonderful speaker, as was Bill, but the Barack moment was marred by the fact that the umbrellas we had been forced to leave in boxes outside Memorial Hall were stolen. Both Barack and Bill spoke at the same place, Memorial Hall at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.

My family was "A Tale Of Two Candidates" throughout the Pennsylvania Primary. My married Daughter was a Barack supporter (Still Is) and my second youngest daughter was a Hillary supporter to begin with. My Youngest Daughter never mentioned who she was supporting . She just went and voted on election day without a word about who she chose. My second youngest daughter became a even more of a Super Hillary Supporter when the husband of her boss, Congressman Rob Andrews, A Superdelegate from New Jersey, took my daughter along with his own to a party for Superdelegates at the Clinton's D.C. home. When she got a chance to get a picture taken with Hillary she told Hillary that our family had a cottage right down the road from Hillary's at Lake Winola outside of Scranton. Hillary asked the family name and when my daughter said Houlihan Hillary jumped up and down saying "Sure, I know the Houlihans". Anyway my daughter got her picture taken with Hillary and I sent it by E Mail to everyone on my E Mail List. Hillary recognizing my mother's family name at Lake Winola. That did it for me. I was on the fence before. But after hearing about that and seeeing the pictures of my Daughter and Hillary I was hooked on voting for Hillary, At least in the PA Primary. My Hillary loving wife and Daughter have accused me of voting for Obama in the PA Primary but I did not. I voted for Hillary and my candidate won in PA.

Now its down the road right before the West Virginia and Kentucky Primaries and the Pennsylvania Primary seems like a distant memory. If you listen to Television Talking Heads Hillary hasn't got a chance. To be honest I think its time that Hillary and Barack get together at some God Forsaken place off the beaten path out of the reach of TV Cameras and lock themselves in a room until they negotiate a peace treaty with each other and an agreement to run together for the good of the party and the good of the country.

We can't allow the Democrats to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Certain Victory. Not this time. Hell No

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher