Sunday, October 11, 2009

BARACK OBAMA WINS THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE - Americans Should Be As Happy As The Rest of The World - Right

October 11th, 2009

My Dear America:

When I found out on Friday, October 9th, that The President of The United States, Barack Obama, had won the Nobel Peace Prize I have to admit that I was rather surprised but not really as stunned and shocked as apparently many other Americans were.

It would seem to me that it would be a slam dunk to expect that every American would react to our country's leader receiving this High Honor by expressing pride in our President's ability to impress the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

That was not the case though.

It seemed to me that although nearly every leader of every civilized country in the world was thrilled with Barack's choice, the American Coalition of the Willing, the Stupid and the Insane went after the Nobel Committee's choice with a vengeance.

It is quite true that the Nobel Committee's choice can be viewed by many perspectives. Even Barack Obama recognized that the choice was made not so much as a recognition of his achievements but more so for the fact that his election was a symbol to the world that the George W. Bush period of Arrogant Cowboy Diplomacy was a bygone era. Obama's nomination in February for the Nobel Prize was made in the infancy of his Presidency. Clearly even from the beginning of the Obama Presidency, however, it was clear that we had entered a new dawn in which respect for other Nations and Human Rights were going to be protected and revered by President Obama and his Administration

It was early in the Obama Presidency that the nomination for the Nobel Prize was made but Obama's credit as a Peacemaker had already been clearly signalled throughout his Campaign for the Presidency in 2008 and in his Inauguration speech. He wanted out of Iraq, where he was certain we should never have invaded in the first place. In Afghanistan, he is presently conferring with his advisors, including the Generals who are in the field, in an effort to determine what to do next about the 9 year old war in Afghanistan that George W. Bush seemed to leave to die as he pursued his own agenda in nearby Iraq.

Are we going to continue to waste the precious lives of our American soldiers in order to prop up the corrupt Karzai government which didn't even seem to make attempts to hide the fraud in it's recent elections.

Perhaps before we continue to go any further in propping up the Karzai Government at the expense of American lives we should give some serious thought to the fact that every single time a foreign invader has tried to control or conquer Afghanistan they have failed. Witness the Soviet Invasion which not only bankrupted the USSR but also led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

We do not belong in Afghanistan. We can't afford it politically or financially. We may have belonged there in 2001 when Al Quida was there but Al Quida is gone and we should be too. We should pay attention to some of the early Television interviews with Osama bin laden when he was pretty much a nobody who no one else was paying attention to.

In one of those interviews when asked how he intended to defeat the United States he said very bluntly that he expected to bankrupt us.

With George W. Bush's help bin laden is well on his way to doing just that.

Bankrupting the United States.

Perhaps with the Nobel Peace Prize in his future it will give President Obama pause before he commits himself to increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, regardless of what his Generals advise him to do.

I personally wish to thank President Obama for his new world agenda and his continuing attention to efforts to make peace in this world wherever it can be achieved.

Yes there are elements in this world and movements that make it impossible for world peace to be accomplished that he needs to deal with today and probably for many days and years to come.

But perhaps with President Obama's efforts to improve the prospects for Peace tomorrow may surely be a better day and President Obama, The Peacemaker, may, indeed, live up to the High Honor that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has bestowed upon him.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher