Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Say Goodbye to Democracy, Americans - There's A New Hitler On The Loose In Our Country

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

My Dear America:

By now, nothing new that Donald Trump does or says should shock us any more than everything else he has said and done for nearly the last three years.  

Donald Trump has never been too hard to figure out.  He has shown himself to be the worst possible President over and over again for the entire time he has been in office.  He claims that he is not a racist but he locks up Latino Men, Women and Children at the border and seems to delight in the outrage that Democrats and other Normal Human Political Beings show toward this dehumanizing policy.

This past weekend Trump began a Twitter Tirade against "The Squad", a quartet of newly minted women House of Representative Members who have made it clear that Impeaching Donald Trump is high on their Congressional agenda, despite the fact that impeachment does not seem to be on the agenda of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Trump told "The Squad" Congresswomen in his Tweets to Go Back Where They Came From.  Where they came from is the United States.  Three of the four are native born citizens of the United States.  One of them was born in Somalia but is also a naturalized Citizen of the United States.  

Although the American Media has been shown to be clearly on the side of "The Squad" it appears that recent polling shows that instead of Trump's support declining from his latest outrageous Tweeting, there are indications that his denigration of the Squad and his other outrageous border conduct has tended to increase his support by the American People.

Despite Poll numbers, Trump's conduct continues to be deplorable, denigrating and disgusting, yet where is the outrage among Republicans.  It almost doesn't exist. 

I have tried hard during the course of writing this Blog to be responsible and try to write postings that I would be OK with my grandchildren reading. 

But people, we are currently up Shits Creek with very few paddles in sight.  I have been continually amazed at Donald Trump's poll numbers.  For a criminal Traitor like Donald Trump to be rewarded by relatively high poll numbers as he continues to attempt to denigrate and destroy Democracy in America, alarm bells should be going off all over this country.

I have lived in America for long enough to know that what is happening today in this country has never happened before.  We have certainly had Presidents that did try to get along with Dictators but we never had one who most certainly took his orders from a Russian dictator.  Not until Trump.

We have had Presidents who had their problems with the American Press but we never had a President in my lifetime, other than Richard Nixon, who designated the American Press as "Enemies of the People." 

While the coverage of Trump's trashing The Squad was everywhere on the news Monday night I saw something on "The Rachel Maddow Show" that struck me as very strange.  Rachel Maddow was also covering the Trump/Squad squabble herself.  Indeed, she was interviewing one of the Squad members on her show Monday night.  Prior to that interview, however, Rachel pointed out an issue of how Trump's attempt to trash the Congresswomen dominated the news so much that Television news, with the exception of her show, had made no mention of the fact that also happening on this past Monday as Trump's BS hit the fan, the second Mueller Related Trial of someone from Trump's Campaign, Bijan Kian, had begun in the Nations Capital.  Kian was a business partner of Trump's Disgraced National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Flynn and Kian were accused of being unregistered agents of foreign governments, (Namely Turkey)

So in Donald Trump's outrageous conduct regarding members of the Congressional "Squad, he completely distracted the American media from covering the beginning a trial which Trump wanted to erase from media coverage.   With the exception of Rachel Maddow and the Washington Post, that is exactly what he did.

It is easy to find denigrating epithets to hurl at Trump but he is clearly a Master of Distraction and he does it every day.  

I know that it is too much to expect the American Media to ignore what he says and does every day but I think it would be a good idea to follow Rachel Maddow's lead and when Trump is Twitter ranting about something, please check and see what other things might be going on that the "Master Distracter" might be trying to keep off the front page or the Evening Television News Programs.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Suffer The Little Children In The Land Of Monsters On The Loose

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

My Dear America:

What we are about to see today in America is an embarrassing portrait of the depths of despair that our country has sunk to under Donald Trump.  While Men, Women and Children are being held in cages and under inhuman conditions on the American Southern Border, Donald Trump will be leading a senseless parade of war weapons in Washington D.C. and giving himself an opportunity to give a self aggrandizing speech.  

Desperate Immigrants who have long heard the formerly true tales of a Good Life in America have traveled from the vilest of circumstances in their own South American Countries to a place that they had hoped would turn out to be their Promised Land.

Unfortunately, what these desperate travelers have found is no longer the Promised Land that the United States used to be.  The weary South Americans fleeing Monsters in their own countries have found on the Southern Border of the United States that the Promised Land is now a land of little or no promise.  The U.S. is now one more Monster Driven Country with nearly every American Government Institution led by Gutless, Morally Bankrupt Individuals who Donald Trump has found by dragging the American Swamp and who seemingly have no consciences and no boundries that they are unwilling to cross.

We are truly living in astonishingly difficult times.  As a person who worked with children for nearly 40 years I find it difficult to even look on Television at what we Americans are doing with immigrant children, as well as adults.  I am 76 years old and in my recollection I can't recall any president, including Richard Nixon, who treated Immigrants in such a horrible manner as Donald Trump has.

Am I the only one who sees what is going on at the Southern Border as something akin to what the Nazis did to the Jews, the Gypsies and the Handicapped during the Second World War.  How many children and adults have to die at the border before the rest of us do something about the Monster living  in the White House.

There are some positives that we can look to for hope in our future.

We do have a Democratically elected and run House of Representatives who are trying to do their jobs and investigate the President under very difficult, if not impossible, circumstances.  In my opinion we should salute Congressman Jason Amash, who has chosen to leave the Republican Party rather than support a Monster in the White House.  Good for You, Jason.  Unfortunately, however, Jason Amash seems to be the only Republican with the guts to push back on Donald Trump's increasingly dictatorial behavior.  

We do have some very fine people who are running for President on the Democratic Party ticket.  I don't know if our country will be salvageable if we have to wait till 2020 to get rid of Donald Trump.  And if Trump is defeated in 2020 will he be willing to voluntarily leave the White House.  That is another question that we don't know the answer to.

We do have the prospect of upcoming testimony by Robert Mueller.  But will Mueller's testimony change anything.  Trump has literally gotten away with countless crimes so far and he is still in charge.  He has packed the Supreme Court with Republican Cronies who may continue to save him from legitimate prosecution.

Certainly Impeachment proceedings should be going on soon and Republican Senators need to be voted out of office as soon as possible.  

We can't continue to have a Madman with his finger on the Nuclear trigger and his foot on the throats of desperate immigrants.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher