Friday, October 9, 2020

Donald Trump - One For The Books

 Friday, October 9th 2020

My Dear America:

In addition to writing about Donald Trump over the past nearly four years I have also spent a good deal of time and money reading books about Donald Trump, in addition to reading newspapers, magazines and watching endless television coverage of The Donald.  I have also been checking out Podcasts such as "Rumble" with Michael Moore, which I would recommend highly and I must admit inspired me to start my own Podcast.

Although most of what I have read and seen about Donald Trump is negative and scandalous almost beyond belief, it still seems as though nearly a third of the American population continues to stand by a man with seemingly few, if any, positive characteristics.  It is a continuing mystery to me as to why so many people admire a man who clearly doesn't give a damn about them and cares only about himself. What is it that fascinates so many people about Donald Trump?

I think the answer to that question is that Trump has always had a talent for Self Promotion and Public Relations.  He is one of the greatest Bullshit Artists of All Time and it has served him well over the past 3 Plus years as he has successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of Americans of all stripes who, despite his faults, still love the guy

Some of the books I have read and would recommend reading about Trump include the following:

"Fire and Fury" by Michael Woolf

"Fear"  and "Rage" by Bob Woodward

"The Room Where It Happened" by John Bolton

"Too Much And Never Enough" by Mary Trump

"Disloyal" by Michael Cohen

In this posting (Episode) I will try to talk about some of what I have learned by reading all of these books about our current, but hopefully not our future, President.

First of all let us not forget that in addition to his being President of the United States and Leader Of The Free World Donald Trump is also an Author himself of many books including the following:

The Art Of The Deal

The America We Deserve

Think Big

Trump: Never Give Up: How I turned My Biggest Challenges Into Success

Crippled America

Trump: How To Get Rich

Trump: The Art Of The Comeback

Trump: Think Like A Billionaire: Everything You Need To Know About Success,    Real Estate And Life

Think Like A Champion: An Informal Education In Business And Life

Trump 101: The Way To Success

Why We Want You To Be Rich

Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received

WOW. You would think that having written so many books that Donald Trump would be too exhausted to run for President.  And what a smart guy to be able to write so many books.

Well hold on a minute.  Donald Trump not only didn't write all of these books.  He probably never even read this many books.  Anyone who watches as much cable news as I do knows full well that Donald Trump had Ghost Writers or Co Authors on all of his books and all of those Ghost and Co Writers that I have seen commenting on the experience of working with Donald Trump seem to hate him, or at the very least dislike him.  I have yet to hear one of them praise the experience of working with Donald Trump on one of his books.

The truth is, though, that all of "his" books have made it look as though Donald Trump was not only a Real Estate Guru but a Life Guru, as well.  Now it appears as though many Americans also see Donald Trump as a Political Guru.

Certainly one can give Americans a pass who have watched "The Apprentice" for many seasons, maybe read or at least heard of "The Art of the Deal" and watched Donald Trump Character Assassinate nearly all of his Republican Opponents during the Primary Season of 2016.  Then he went on and Character Assassinated Hillary Clinton, certainly one of the most qualified Candidates that ever ran for President of the United States.  He continues the Character Assassination of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to this day.  These days he has also added Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to his Character Assassination list. 

Certainly we can appreciate the fact that some people were fooled by this ballsy Politician who bragged about not being a Politician at all but who beat all of the other Politicians at their own game and had a swagger and an apparent truthfulness that many found refreshing.

It is certainly understandable that some voters who had for voted Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 might vote for Trump, the truthteller.  

But now we are in 2020 and it is no longer acceptable to call Donald Trump a truthteller.  He lies constantly about everything.  It is almost an accident if he ever tells the truth.  He lied to us about Covid 19.  He said it wasn't so bad when he knew very wellhow bad it was.  He is lying to us about mail in ballots because he doesn't want us to use them to kick him out of office.  He doesn't want to lose the Presidency to Joe Biden because Biden and Harris have made it clear that if they are elected Donald Trump will be called to account for what he has done to destroy America.

The books about Trump that I have read lay it out clearly.  Donald Trump is, whether he knows it or not, a Russian Asset and he is clearly a wannabe Dictator, who wants to be President for life just like Vladimir Putin has set himself up to be leader for life in his country.  Trump loves Dictators like Erdogan in Turkey, Kim Jong Un in North Korea, President Xi in China and Muhammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia. Trump has long been an admirer of Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein.  He brought Nazi's and White Supremacists into the White House, including Steve Bannon and Steven Miller.  Bannon was reportedly an important source for the book "Fire and Fury" and was fired by Trump shortly after the book came out.  

"Fear", the first Trump book by Bob Woodward continued the story of chaos and confusion in the White House as it ripped back the curtain showing a staggering level of ignorance and bungling at all levels in the Trump Administration.  Trump was so incensed by Woodward's negative portrayal of the Trump White House that he begged Woodward to give Trump another shot at presenting himself in a new and positive light.  

Woodward took Trump up on his offer and the result is a book called "Rage" which I am reading presently. CBS, MSNBC, CNN have all featured interviews with Bob Woodward and also featured taped conversations between Bob Woodward and Donald Trump showing, among other things, that while Donald Trump was downplaying the "China Virus" Covid 19 in his public statements he was telling Bob Woodward how dangerous and deadly the virus was going to be in January of 2020.  It is clear in the tape released by Woodward that Donald Trump knew full well how terrible the Coronavirus was going to be.  Trump now claims that he did not tell anybody how bad Covid 19 was going to be because he didn't want to panic Americans.  That makes no sense at all because throughout the Trump Administration he has been panicking Americans daily.  "The Caravans" and "Children in Cages at the Border" were clearly meant to shock and panic Americans.

In addition to "Rage" other books that I have read recently include "The Room Where It Happened" by John Bolton, an interesting but certainly Self Serving tale by Bolton, who in many ways was worse than Trump.  That is evidenced by the fact that Bolton was largely responsible for Trump pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Paris Climate Accord, two incredibly bad Trump decisions. 

Another really interesting an illuminating book I have read recently is "Too Much And Never Enough" by Mary Trump, Donald Trump's Psychologist Niece, who paints a disturbingly familiar portrait of Uncle Donald, who Surprise, Surprise, not only shafted Mary and her brother out of a considerable amount of money but also attempted to shaft his siblings out of their share of Trump's Father, Fred Trump's fortune when he died. Only the fact of Trump's Judge Sister figuring out the shaft before Donald pulled it off prevented Donald from doing to his siblings what they all ended up doing to their Dead Brother's children.  What a warm fuzzy family.

Mary presents a stark portrait of Donald Trump as a man who cares nothing about anyone other than himself, completely devoid of empathy for others.  She clearly answers the question of whether Donald is a Racist.  Yes, says Mary Trump, Donald is a Racist just like his Father and her Grandfather, Fred Trump, was a Racist.

And then there is "Disloyal" by Donald Trump's long time Lawyer and Fixer, Michael Cohen, who Trump and his Attorney General tried to keep quiet  and in jail but who was released from jail by a Judge who spotted the obvious corruption in the Justice Department's outrageous demands on Michael Cohen.  That book, like Mary Trump's book is a powerful blast of truth blowing monstrous holes in the Legend of Donald Trump.  Although Mary's book is powerful, Cohen's book is even more revealing not only about Cohen but about the terrible truth about Donald Trump.  Both Mary Trump's book and Michael Cohen's books are well written and highly readable.

I have a couple of other books about Trump Cued up at the present time including the following:

"Compromised" by Peter Strzok

"Dark Towers" (About Donald Trump and Duetsche Bank) by David Enrich

"Undaunted" by former CIA Director, John Brennan 

I probably won't be able to read all of these books before the election but I am going to try to get through as much as I can.

In addition to these books I have mentioned there are a whole slew of other books about Donald Trump out there.  Many of them are books of praise about Trump in the form of hero worship like that of Fox News.  I will try to list some other books about Trump that I am aware of that are more truthful than praise full.

"Hoax" by Brian Stetler

"A Very Stable Genius" by Phil Rucker and Carol Leonig

"Donald Trump Vs. The United States" by Michael Schmid

"Melania And Me" by Stephanie Winston

"A Higher Loyalty" by James Comey

In addition to these books that I have mentioned I would also like to add my book to the recommended Collection:

"Donald Trump And The Death Of Democracy 2020" by Jerry Gallagher 

My book is made up of Blog postings that I have been writing about Donald Trump since 2015 prior to his election and many postings about what he has been doing throughout the 3 plus years of his Corrupt Administration.

 Before the November 3rd, 2020 Election my book will be available for FREE on Several E Book Platforms at

My book will also be available for Purchase on for for a Large Print Paperback Copy for $6.04 and a Kindle E Book version for 99 Cents.

I realize that time is running out to read all of these books but as they say on Television "The More You Read The More You Know."  

Time is running out for Americans to get up to speed on what kind of people are running for President.

For me the choice is simple. 

One Candidate is a Self Serving bankrupted businessman who played a successful businessman on television while failing miserably in real business ventures.  He has also failed miserably as a President.

The other Candidate has been tested as a Senator and as a Vice President and has passed the test with flying colors.  He is also an optimistic cheerleader for America and has been widely praised for working across the aisle with Republicans all of his Political Life

For Me the choice is simple.  I hope it is also simple for you.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher



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