Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Trumpzilla Unleashed in Cleveland

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

My Dear America:

It didn't take long for things to get very ugly on the Debate Stage in Cleveland on Tuesday night, September 29th.  Anyone looking for a new and improved Donald Trump debate performance had to be sadly disappointed very quickly.  The Monster who ate the Republican Party in the 2016 Election was back and in High Gear as he tore into Joe Biden like a Buzz Saw.  Gentleman Joe did his best to keep his cool and take things in stride but even the unflappable Democratic Candidate for President didn't seem to be believing what he was seeing and hearing.  Joe actually did a remarkable job trying to actually keep the First 2020 Presidential Debate both Presidential and a Debate but he certainly wasn't getting much help from his Republican Presidential Rival.

The truth is that Fox News Personality and Debate Moderator, Chris Wallace, tried very hard to keep the Debate from going off the rails but he appeared to be overpowered and overwhelmed by Donald Trump who was determined not to show his rival, Joe Biden any Mercy or Respect.  

Trumpzilla was on the move in Cleveland and he was taking no prisoners.  Although Gentleman Joe got frustrated enough to call Trump a "Clown" at one point, he was far too easy on Trump, for the most part.  Chris Wallace was also far too respectful to Trump as Trump trampled on the debate rules as if he didn't know that it was ignorant and frowned upon to talk while his Rival Presidential Candidate was speaking.  Whether or not Trump knew the debate rules, he clearly didn't care about following the rules.

The First Presidential Debate of 2020 was, quite frankly, a Shit Show.

I hate to use terms that I will certainly be ashamed of when and if my Grandchildren read my Blog or listen to my Podcast but I really can't think of any other way to describe what occurred last night in Cleveland.  The entire more than 90 minutes was Trump doing what he does best and Worst, Dominating and Overwhelming the proceedings with his ignorance and his arrogance.  

By far one of the worst moment of last nights madness was Trump's refusal to condemn  Violence by Right Wing Extremist Groups.  Not only did he refuse to condemn Right Wing Violence but Trump gave a Shout Out and an Advertisement to the "Proud Boys", a rapidly expanding Right Wing Extremist Group who call themselves a Fraternity and have shown extremely violent behaviors and Fascist attitudes.  Even prior to the end of the "Debate" the "Proud Boys" were online bragging about Donald Trump mentioning them at the debate and passing on Donald Trump's message for their group to "Stand Down and Stand By."

This was surely a chilling message to send to the countless Americans watching the Presidential Debate on Television 

Trump also continued to rail against "The Ballots", by which I believe he means mail in ballots which, of course, he doesn't like because he knows that most of them will not be for him.

Trump is clearly delusional enough to believe that he is in a position at this point prior to the election in November to steal his way to the Presidency once again. Unfortunately he seems to have all Republican members of Congress gutlessly behind him and even encouraging him to do so.  

Where is the outrage on the part of Congress after last night's Disgusting display of the wrecking of American Norms.  No Republicans so far are condemning Trump's Reckless and Out of Control Behavior last night.  As we slither toward Dictatorship the Republican Party is presently showing itself to be a party of Hypocrites who need to be thrown out of Office along with Trump in November.

All in all, Last Night's "Presidential Debate" was not a Debate at all.  It was a Debacle and was just one more Disgusting and Disturbing incident in an Outlaw Administration that never should have had a chance to exist if all the votes that were cast in 2016 all counted.  Donald Trump continues to state that he can do what he wants because he won the 2016 Election when the fact is that Hillary Clinton got more than 3 Million more votes than Donald Trump.  He was handed the Presidency by an Outmoded Electoral College System that should be done away with as soon as the Democrats take over the White House, The Senate and The House in January of 2021.

In the meantime I would recommend to Joe Biden that in order to keep himself from trying to choke Donald Trump when Trump trashes Biden's sons, that he should refuse to participate in any further "Debates" with Donald Trump.  Certainly Biden does not need to continue to put himself in a situation in which he is Abused and Demeaned by Donald Trump.  Why should he put himself in proximity to Trumpzilla anymore.  Biden is winning and after last night's Foul Spectacle he does not need to subject himself to further torture from Donald Trump.

At the very least, if Biden does continue to "Debate" Donald Trump he should insist that the Ground Rules set by the Debate Commission that runs the debates are followed.  If Trump continues to Flaunt the rules then Joe Biden should walk off the stage for good and put an end to the Donald Trump Reign of Terror on November 3rd.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 


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