Thursday, October 15, 2020

Still Crazy After All These Fears

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

My Dear America:

There is clearly something wrong with Donald Trump.  I think that even the most ardent Trump Admirer would have to honestly admit that there is something really off about this guy.  Something Way Off.

In a world where judgement of American Presidents on the whole has been rather harsh and limiting it seems as though with Donald Trump the standards of Presidential conduct have completely gone out the window.  

In elections previous to that of Donald Trump we have seen some very strong candidates have their elections upended by some seemingly rather minor details.

For Example:  

In the 1988 Election Democratic Candidate, Gary Hart was far outpacing his Democratic rivals in the runup to the election when the married candidate was revealed by reporters to be having an extramarital affair.  After that revelation the "Front Runner" became an "Also Ran"  

in the 2004 Primary Season Howard Dean, who had seemed to be the strongest Democratic Candidate for President at the beginning of the Presidential race had a moment of extreme frustration after losing the Iowa Caucuses to John Kerry.  Dean was recorded and televised yelling loudly the names of states that he planned to win as the race continued ending with what sounded like an unhinged Tarzan type  scream.  After this incident Dean's campaign sank like a stone and never recovered the momentum it had begun with.

In the runup to the 2012 Presidential Campaign Texas Governor Rick Perry had a momentary lapse of memory during a debate with his Republican Presidential Rivals in which he stated that there were three Agencies of Government that he planned to eliminate.  He stated that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Commerce, The Department of Education and he couldn't think of the name of the Third Agency that he wanted to eliminate. The Third Agency turned out to be The Department of Energy. Oddly enough Perry ended up being appointed Director of the Department of Energy in the Trump Administration.

Somehow the high standards that other Presidential Candidates have been held to for as many years as I remember have not been in operation during Donald Trump's foray into politics.  

Donald Trump bullied and badgered his way to the head of the Republican Pack of Republican Presidential Prospects in 2016.  After a Presidential Campaign which included Trump paying off a Porn Star and Playboy Bunny through his Lawyer/Fixer, Michael Cohen (Something that Cohen went to jail for), videotaped revelations of his bragging about grabbing Women by the pussy, Trump asking the Russians to release Hillary Clintons E Mails and Wikkileaks complying with this request, Donald Trump was still elected through the outmoded Electoral College system which ignored the over three million more votes cast for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  

Throughout the four years of Trump's increasingly flawed Presidency his conduct has continued to deteriorate to the point whereby in the last days of his Presidency he has openly and flagrantly made it clear that he is willing to do anything and everything possible to steal another Presidential Election, including deliberately trying to ruin the American Postal System.  

During Trump's Impeachment by the House of Representatives and the Sham Senate trial following his Impeachment, Congressional Republicans ignored the reality of what Trump had done and only one Republican, Mitt Romney, had the courage to vote to convict Donald Trump for one of the two charges against him.  All of the other Republican Congressional Representatives and Senators refused to call Donald Trump to account for his blatant disregard for the security of the United States and the norms of National and International conduct that all Americans have a right to expect from their President and their Government.  

The result of the Republicans failing to call Trump to account for his "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" was that he was further emboldened to think that he could do anything he wanted after his Senate Acquital and he has acted accordingly.

Donald Trump was Impeached for serious violations of National Security concerns. He has also been guilty of many other violations of ethical and sensible conduct in his Administration, So many, in fact, that it would take far more time than I have to list all of his violations of rules, norms and laws during his Administration.  

One of the most consequential shattering of norms was his shameful and selfish ignoring of the reality regarding the Coronavirus which has left more than 200 thousand dead Americans in order for him to claim that there was nothing to worry about in America during the Pandemic.  He is responsible for killing many of his followers, who followed his lead and refused to wear masks or socially distance from others.  Trump is probably still killing many of his followers as he continues to hold packed rallies even after getting Covid  19 himself.

Although Polls still predict that Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump overall in the runup to the Election I find it difficult to simply accept the polls.  It is impossible to forget that in 2016 the polls also predicted that Hillary Clinton would easily win the Presidency.  She did win more votes than Trump but sadly She didn't in the end win the Presidency.  And the rest, as they say is History, a very sad History, at that.

Now is clearly not a time that we can be complacent.  Certainly all of Donald Trumps followers who have followed him to his Death Rallies will certainly show up at the polls or send in their mail in ballots.  

Biden Supporters should not pay a lot of attention to polls that may be undercounting Trump voters by a wide margin.  Certainly we should not accept the fact that all Trump voters are admitting to pollsters their allegiance to Trump. After all, if we were Trump Voters would we brag about it to pollsters.  I have also noticed just in the last couple of weeks more and more Trump signs popping up in my Pennsylvania Community, which is known to be a largely Democratic stronghold in Pennsylvania

I talked recently with one of my daughters about our birthdays, which are days away from each other in October.  She asked me how old I would be this past October 8th and I told her 78.  "Wow, you're that old," she said.  "You must have seen a lot in your lifetime." I admitted that I had.  She then asked me a very interesting question.  "What was the most frightening time you lived through," she asked.

I have given a lot of thought to that question since it was asked by my daughter.

Yes, I have lived through a lot in my lifetime.  I lived through World War II but I was too young to know what was going on.  I was equally as unaware of what was gong on during the Korean War.  During the early 60's I was aware of the frightening Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War and like all Americans my age I lived through the horrible Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his Funeral. I also lived through the Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's suspected killer.  I lived  through Watergate and the eventual Resignation of Richard Nixon, I also lived through the Iranian Hostage Crisis during the Carter and Reagan years, The Iran-Contra Scandal, 9/11, The Afghanistan, Iraq War, Whitewater, The Monica Lewinsky Scandal and many other frightening times in my life.  

I had to admit to my daughter, however, that nothing I had ever lived through was as frightening as living through what is happening today.  Although the Watergate Scandal was a terrible political period in which President Richard Nixon was guilty of serious crimes, none of his crimes amounted to Treason.

Donald Trump has been shown to be over and over a man with obvious ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.  The United States has been living with a Russian Asset residing in the American White House for the past four years.  Trump has proved time after time that he is corrupt and that his corruption has serious ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.  

What i have told my daughter in answer to her question about what is the scariest time I have lived through is that NOW is the most frightening time of my life.  Although I and We have lived through many difficult times before Donald Trump I have never worried that the next election could amount to the end of Democracy in America.  

In this upcoming election if Donald Trump Wins we have already seen what our future will be.  Even up to now Trump has shown himself to be someone who already sees himself as a member of the Dictators Club.  

If Donald Trump is Re Elected to the Presidency of The United States Of America on November 3rd he may then be a charter member of the Dictators Club and United States Citizens may find out that the unthinkable has happened right before our eyes.

It is imperative that those of us who love Liberty and Democracy need to vote in the upcoming election.  Whether we are Republicans Or Democrats we all love our country and we owe it to our country to save it from what Donald Trump will continue to do to it.

We also need to remember when we are voting for Congressional Representatives and Senators who among them voted to unleash Donald Trump to run rampant over our Country and Constitution.  Those gutless Republicans who have enabled Trump need to pay the price for their support for unleashing the madness of Donald Trump on the American People.

November 3rd needs to be a serious day of reckoning for the Republican Party.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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