Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will the Real Paul Ryan Please Stand Up

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

My Dear America:

Last night was another trip into the Republican Party's Bizarro World Convention in Tampa, Florida.

The night could have very well been billed as the "Night of a Thousand Has Beens."  Mike Huckabee was there, as was Rick Santorum.  I did see a bit of Mike Huckabee's diatribe and could have lived without it.  I made no attempt to catch Rick.  I have seen more of those two than I ever wanted to see.  

One of the more impressive speakers was Condoleeza Rice whose speech was less negative than most others.  It appeared as though she was the Republican's token Black Woman and token Representative of the George W. Bush Administration.

Susana Martinez, The Governor of New Mexico, was the token Latino Woman and her story of being a Former Democrat Turncoat Republican must have touched the hearts of the Tea Party Republicans.

Last, but not least, was the Republican Party's and Romney's Choice for Vice President, Paul Ryan.  Ryan was a decent speaker but it became harder and harder to understand what this man, who sounded to me like a Democrat defending Democratic programs was talking about.  

Ryan must have thought that every American listening to him on Television was a dunce that had no idea what this hateful, dishonest, lying young Republican Thug was up to.  

He talked over and over about how Obama did "Nothing" about a whole number of issues.  What he didn't talk about was the fact that when President Obama was trying to line up support for his programs the Republicans in Congress, Ryan being one of the more obnoxious obstructionists, shafted the President at every turn.

One of Ryan's outright distortions of the truth concerned the Simpson- Bowles Commission which made suggestions to improve Government and which Ryan was a member of.  According to Ryan, President Obama received the Commision's report and in an outraged tone Ryan stated that Obama received the report and did "Nothing" about it.  It would seem that if Ryan was on the Commission and that it made a report that he was pissed off that the President did nothing with that report then certainly Ryan must have worked hard on that report and approved and supported that report.

That was not true, however.  Ryan was outraged that Obama did nothing with a report that Ryan voted not to approve when he was on the Commission.  

Ryan also sounded like a liberal when he chastised the Democrats for not supporting Medicare.  Ryan claimed that he and Romney were going to "Save Medicare."  He just didn't say how he and Mitt were going to do that.  

Ryan also didn't bother to disclose to the Republican delegates and to the American people that up to a few weeks ago he was leading the charge in congress to destroy Medicare as we know it.  

Now he is going to be it's saviour.


Ryan is a Liar, plain and simple and he seems to be running away from every principle he held up until Romney chose him for his running mate.  

Fact checkers, Beware.  Your job is going to get a lot harder in the next few months thanks to the man voted the biggest Brown Noser of his Jaynesville High School Class.

Oh, By the way he doesn't believe in Ayn Rand's philosophy anymore.


Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher    

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