Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt, Marco and Clint bring the Republican Convention to a Strange but Solid End

Friday, August 31st, 2012

My Dear America:

Well, My Dear America, the wait is over and the "Mystery Speaker" at the 2012 Republican Convention has been revealed, although the mystery continues.  

In what has to be one of the Strangest Sights that anyone has ever seen at any political convention (Democrat, Republican or otherwise) Actor/Director Clint Eastwood has to take the cake.  

Clint seemed to start out making sense but at some point along the way he started talking to an empty chair as if it was President Obama and incredibly began acting as though the invisible President Obama was telling him to "shut up" and eventually to "Go F**k Himself."


And I thought Eastwood's main problem was letting his latest wife have her own Reality Show.  I have never watched the show but now that I have seen how bizarre Clint has become, I may start to watch it.

Man, this guy was strange.

Although I never actually heard the words that they were saying because I had the sound on my television turned down, I did see The Fairly Odd Couple, Newt and Calista Gingrich at the podium together last night talking.  Maybe I missed something but common sense tells me that whatever it was I missed, I can and will be able to do without.  By the way, Newt, all the other Candidates with the exception of Romney and Ryan didn't take their wives to the podium with them.  She didn't run for anything that I recall.

Most of the other guests last night seemed to be People, Friends, Co Workers of Romney who wanted to put their two cents in on what a wonderful guy Mitt was.  

The person who actually preceded Mitt on stage and was to introduce Mitt was  the once controversial and now seemingly wonderful Florida United States Senator, Marco Rubio.  Rubio, though I disagree with most of what he stands for, is certainly a young man with charisma to spare and will, no doubt be a continuing player in Republican Conventions to come.

Although Rubio's job was to introduce Mitt Romney, he spent very little time doing that and like Chris Christie, earlier in the week, spent a lot more time and effort introducing himself, than he did Romney.  Eventually Rubio did get around to it and Romney came into the hall as one Television Commentator put it in a "State of the Union" style entrance.  He shook hands all the way into the hall as the President does when he enters Congress for The State of the Union Speech.

Romney finally got to the podium and after a lot of cheering he got down to what seemed mainly like a good solid heartfelt speech about his family, his values and his country.  Mainly it was a very positive speech and it was ably delivered in a human, rather than robotic manner.  

Although I hate to admit it, Romney, for the first time to me, at least, actually sounded like a man with convictions who could actually be President.

Certainly in comparison with the assorted buffoons who ran against him in the Republican primary (with the possible exception of John Huntsman) Romney was more than a cut above the rest.  

Toward the end of his very positive acceptance speech last night, however, Romney veered off the high road and ducked down a dark and disturbing back road to Jingoistic, Sabre rattling talk about a war with Iraq, what he termed was America's throwing Israel under the bus and the possibility of war with Syria.

Although he had a point in that we probably could have stood for freedom more honorably in the middle east, the thought of going to war in another middle eastern country should bring shivers to every American concerned about foreign policy.  

These Republicans who rail at Obama for doing "Nothing" to bring down the debt the last four years are the same people who voted to start two unfunded wars in the middle east on their watch during the Bush Administration.  

Now they seem to be ready to go at it again.  These deficit hawks, like Ryan who voted to fund Bushes adventures in the Middle East.

No, Mitt.  Nobody in their right mind wants to fund another war.  Certainly the rich are not willing to be taxed to fund it and neither are the middle class.

So Mitt.  You almost gave a great speech but as you always do, you had to pander, this time to the Warmongers.  

Just a suggestion to both you, Mitt and your buddy, Paul Ryan.  If you want to keep the deficit from getting any worse how about not stoking up any more worthless, destructive wars in the Middle East.

How about that.

Now Let's hear what the Democrats have to say.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

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