Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Christie rolls through Tampa

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

My Dear America:

Well the Republican Party Convention finally got underway last night with quite a few angry, whining speeches addressing Barack Obama as if he was the most hateful dictator the world has ever seen.  

Move over Hitler and Stalin.  Move over Saddam Hussein and Mummar Khaddaffi.  

According to the venom spit out by many of the Republicans at the podium all of these hateful bastards of the past can't hold a candle to the terrible Barack Obama.  

Certainly there was and is an air of unreality to this incredibly uncivilized talk on the part of the Republicans about the man who is, after all, of The President of The United States.  

I am old enough to remember quite a few conventions and quite frankly, I don't recall this kind of poisonous talk in any previous conventions,except possibly the last Republican Convention in 2008.  Clearly the Republican Party members , or more accurately the Tea Party members, feel entitled to almost return to the kind of inappropriate talk that one heard for countless years in the South when Lynch Mobs were in vogue and before Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for the cause of freedom for African Americans and all Americans.

Most of the angry whining was, in fact, pointless, dull and disjointed but after the snakes distributed their venom the Prime Time speeches were worthwhile.

Ann Romney proved to be the kind of beautiful,loving and dutiful wife who not only loves her man, but can give a damned good speech about her man.  Certainly Mitt Romney has had problems in the past relating to the common folk and still does.  Ann Romney, however, talked about young Mitt winning her heart at a high school dance long ago.  While I am tempted to joke about that, there are certainly things that Ann Romney spoke about that will certainly be helpful to Mitt's campaign.  She portrayed Mitt as a Good Husband, Great Father and Good Friend.  She also reminded the American people that unlike Romney's Primary Rival, Newt Gingrich, Romney stuck with his wife in tough times, rather than dumping her like a bad habit like Newt did to his wife when she was in the hospital with cancer.

All in all, Ann did a terrific job of humanizing her husband.  

Unfortunately, Mitt decided to join her on stage after her speech and he looked wooden, stiff, robotic and downright awkward.

Speaking of Awkward, Let's talk about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the Overweight, Overblown Egomaniacal Windbag who ended the Tuesday evening's festivities with his Keynote Speech.

Christie came on stage with the energy of a Jersey Shore bar fighter, which I would almost bet he was, in his time.  Prior to last night I have never been able to understand how it was that Christie got elected Governor of New Jersey in the first place, in a state that is heavily Democratic.  

Last night answered that question for me.  Christie is a dymamic, energetic and phenomenal public speaker and I will be surprised if the Republicans come up with a better speaker than Christie during the entire course of the convention.  

Although the speech was a barn burner, up until the last moments of the speech Mitt Romney's name was not mentioned, at all.  ODD.

Throughout the speech Christie talked about the fact that leadership should mean that a Presidential Candidate needed to have the courage to tell the truth to the American People.  Was he talking about Obama or Romney.  Certainly, of the two Presidential Candidates only Obama has told the truth to the American People.  Romney certainly hasn't.  Romney has been on all sides of every issue.  ODD and AWKWARD.

Chris Christie's speech was almost completely about his experience in New Jersey and his mother's desire to be "Respected" rather than "Loved", and his following in her footsteps.  Christie's incredible bragfest got to be a bit much when he talked about how he was concerned about "Teachers" instead of "Teacher's Unions".  The truth is that this man who claims to be concerned about Teachers has put countless Teachers out of Work in New Jersey and is certainly not a man who is loved or respected by Teachers anywhere in the United States.

Although he was bragging about what a great job he has done in New Jersey, I would be surprised if Chris Christie gets a second term, so like Rick Santorum, who lost his Senate Seat to Democrat, Bob Casey, when Pennsylvanians finally wised up and threw him out, I would not be surprised to see the Old Jersey Windbag blowing up a storm in 2016.  He certainly seemed to be blowing his own horn loudly this time out last night.  

And like him or not (And I do not) I do have to admit that Chris Christie can give one hell of a speech.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

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