Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan Shrugged: The Good News Versus The Bad News about Romney's Ugly Choice

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

My Dear America:

Well, today Romney dropped the bombshell announcement that his pick for Vice President on the Republican ticket will be Paul Ryan.

                       Paul Ryan

What in the hell was Romney thinking as he and his campaign staff trotted out this dyed in the wool admirer of Ayn Rand and opponent of such American tried and true concepts as Social Security and a Woman's Right to Choose.

Romney had a chance prior to this decision to show that he was truly a man of the people, who, despite his tarnished reputation as a Capitalist, really did have a soft heart for the Poor and the Middle Class in America.

No More.

With his choice of Paul Ryan he has chosen which side he is on and in the Presidential Election of 2012 his dangerous gamble may or may not pay off.  I am certainly of the hope that Ryan's pick will show Romney's true colors.  

Now we know for sure that not only did Romney love the Paul Ryan Budget but he also loves Paul Ryan, The Arch Conservative hero of Tea Party Activists everywhere.  Unfortunately for the more sane and less rich portion of the American population, Romney's desperate gamble might just ignite the spark in the Republican and Tea Parties that will energize the Tea Party and Republican activists to completely get behind Candidate Romney, who they have had nothing but tepid support for prior to now.  

Ryan is a Rich man's dream candidate.  He is in favor of smashing the New Deal and every entitlement program to shreds while he refuses to tax the rich on his way to establishing what he calls fiscal responsibility.  

While Ryan will certainly engergize the Republican base, he is also certain to energize the Democrats as well.  In the Democratic Party Paul Ryan is as close to the Boogyman as Progressives and Liberals can get.  Clearly the Democrats will come out in droves to volunteer against Romney and his Ugly Stepson.  

On the Republican side, the Tea Party Republicans will also be out in droves to stump for Romney and his Neo Nazi Running Mate.  

I know that I will be racing to Obama headquarters myself next week to volunteer my services to fight the Republican Menace now that Paul Ryan is on board the Romney Express.

All I can think of to say further is what Barack Obama says after all his speeches.

                   God Bless the United States 

We are certainly going to need that blessing to keep Romney and Ryan out of power.

Unfortunately, Romney and Ryan are certainly going to have the financial advantage from all of their Rich Corporate Friends who will be pouring money into the Romney Campaign Coffers like manna from Heaven.

On the positive side, we are certainly going to have two completely different and stark choices for President in November.  

Lets hope that the Republicans money cannot buy common sense from the average American who has no stake in what Romney and Ryan represent for their future.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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