Tuesday, January 7, 2020

New Years Madness in the MIddle East

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

My Dear America:

Well, it is barely one week into the new year and it already feels as though it has been over a year since we celebrated New Years Eve 2020.

Anyone expecting a calm and responsible start to 2020 is already out of luck.  

Republicans are continuing to Praise Donald Trump for his brilliant move in taking out Iranian General Qusem Soleimani in a drone strike at the Baghdad Airport in Iraq.  The killing of Soliemani has opened up a Pandoras Box in the Middle East which may very well end with an all out war between the United States and Iran. 

In addition, the very shaky alliance between Iraq and the U.S. seems to have also ruptured as a result of the killing of Soleimani on Iraqi territory. The Iraqi Parliament has invited the United States to remove all our troops from Iraq where an already lukewarm war against ISIS will no longer be fought by American troops.

Something new in what seems to be a continuation of all out war between Republican and Democrat legislators and other Americans seems to be one more step over the line for Republicans.  Although not much love has been lost during the past several years between Republicans and Democrats, The Parties seemed to recognize at least some level of civility and recognition that they were all Americans who loved their country and in the end they were all on the same side.

That level of civility now seems to have been lost in the accusations by Republicans that Democrats who do not toe the Republican line are by definition


This new uncalled for, untrue and horribly unfair epithet is further evidence that Donald Trump's chokehold on the Republican Party has gone way too far and whether it is by Impeachment or by a Democratic Candidate beating him in the November Election this madness has got to stop.  

Already Trump Campaign literature has been sent out accusing Democrats of voting for Impeachment simply because they don't like Trump and tagging the Democrats who voted for Impeachment as Traitors.  

The truth is that by now there are very few Democrats who do like Trump. But the Impeachment inquiry was a fair and necessary investigation that Trump did his best to impede.  Only because brave Americans defied the President's order to defy House Impeachment efforts and were willing to undergo brutal and unfair abuse by Congressional Republicans during their testimony was the truth revealed that Donald Trump held up much needed military aid to Ukraine that had been approved by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress for his own selfish reasons.  One of those reasons could have been to help Vladimir Putin defeat the fledgling Democracy of Ukraine.  If that was the case who, indeed, was the Traitor.

It is time for Americans to wake up and smell the Treasonous fumes emanating from the White House and before it is too late put the brakes on Donald Trump before he turns us into the kind of police state in which no one can question anything he does and get away with it.  

Let us hope that Trump's latest thoughtless blunder will not unleash the Fire And Fury that he seems to like to Threaten the world with.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

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