Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dear Senator Toomey: Please Do The Right Thing

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

My Dear America:

This Posting today will be my First Post following my very serious Heart Attack that occurred on January 13th.  Its great being back from the brink of death but the ongoing Impeachment Show Trial on the floor of the United States Senate is a pretty discouraging way to recover from a heart attack.  My Wife, My Kids, My other Family and Friends, My Doctors and all medical staff that I dealt with at Lehigh Valley Hospital all came through for me and I am now starting to feel as good as Bernie Sanders probably felt after his heart attack.  I, unlike Senator Sanders, am taking it easy for now.  

I did play a gig this last Saturday with my cohorts in the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society at the Hotel Bethlehem.  We played at a birthday party for Marcia Hurst that was planned and pulled off by Marcia's husband and my long time friend, Jim Hurst.  It was a great time for everybody.  It was a particularly great time for me since my partying days had almost ended forever less than two weeks before the party.

What I am saying is that I am thrilled to be back blogging even though what I have to blog about is rather depressing. 

The following is a copy of the letter that I E Mailed to Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey yesterday, January 29th, 2020.

Dear Senator Toomey:

I am writing to you today because you are about to vote this week on what will surely be the most important votes of your career.  I know that you and your Senate colleagues have all been very clear that you are strong supporters of President Donald Trump.  Why you and your party members continue to try to shield Donald Trump from justice is a mystery to me.  To me the Republican Party has always been the party of Strong Patriotic Values.  That is before Donald Trump took over the reins of the United States Government.

I am not a Republican.  I am a Proud Democrat who has never voted for you  and probably never will.  Regardless, I am a Pennsylvania resident and one of your constituents and I beg you to do the right thing with regard to Impeachment.  As a long time Republican Politician you certainly have to recognize how much Donald Trump has damaged the United States and your Republican Party.  Trump has turned all of you Republican legislators into his Co-Conspirators in his rush to kiss the ass of Vladimir Putin and numerous other World Dictators in his sick and disturbing attempt to dismantle American Democracy.

I know that you and your Republican Senatorial colleagues are proud and decent Americans who want to do the right thing. Unfortunately for you and your friends the right thing is to vote to include John Bolton and possibly other witnesses.  I don't envy you right now.  You have a difficult job to do but you and other Senators need to recognize the fact that if you support Trump and legitimize the horrible things he has done over the last three years you are kissing Freedom and Democracy goodbye.  You know what a Dangerous Megalomaniac Fool Trump is.

Clearly The Emperor has no clothes and beside that no decency.  How can you and other Republicans in good conscience sanction the terrible things Donald Trump has done and will continue to do.  

What about Syria, where he midnight tweeted an invitation to Turkey and Russia to come on in and slaughter the Kurds, who had fought valiantly as our allies in the war against ISIS.  Are you OK with that.  I doubt it.

And what about his cruel and insane border policy separating children from their families with no thought of how families might reunite.

I could go on and on but I know that you are well aware of what Donald Trump is and what he has done. 

Although it is well known that Donald Trump is not a reader his first wife has often remarked that he kept a book of Adolph Hitler's speeches on his night table and read it often.  Clearly Trump read enough about Hitler to know that if he corrupts our Congress completely he can do what he wants with no thought of consequences.

Please vote to have John Bolton and Lev Parnas testify to the Senate and vote to impeach and remove Donald Trump from office.  

If you fail to come to America's rescue don't be surprised when Democracy in America fails to survive the cruel reign of Donald Trump.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher     

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