Monday, April 5, 2021

Matt Gaetz: Portrait Of An Entitled Fool

 April 5th, 2021

My Dear America:

If you find a Copy of "The Book Of Rich, Obnoxious, Entitled, Egotistical, Right Wing, Trump Loving Assholes" you will find a picture of Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz on both the Cover and the First Page.

Gaetz has dedicated his public life so far to just two things.

Getting Himself Noticed 


Kissing Donald Trump's Ass.

I have to admit that Matt Gaetz has been enormously successful in both Pursuits.

The first time I remember hearing the name Matt Gaetz was the day that Michael Cohen testified to the House Oversight Committee, for which Elijah Cummings was the Chairman.  Although not all Congressional Committees were televised there was a  lot of interest in what Cohen, Donald Trump's Long Time Personal Lawyer and Fixer, would be saying in the Committee Hearing which was going to be televised. 

At this point in time it was obvious that Cohen who had used his own money to pay off Porn Star ,Stormy Daniels had been hung out to dry by Donald Trump.  Cohen had attempted to cut a deal with the Southern District of New York's U.S. Attorney to avoid Jail time but by the time of his Oversight Committee Testimony it was understood that Cohen would be going to Jail for aiding Trump while Trump was facing no charges at all for the same Porn Star Payoff Incident that had occurred shortly before Trump's 2016 Election. Trump was also dissing Michael Cohen every chance he got.  Trump was conveniently out of the country in Vietnam meeting with Kim Jong Un on the day of Cohen's testimony.  It was correctly assumed that Cohen would have some very damning things to say about his former Employer who was now the President of The United States.  

At some point in the proceedings on the day of Cohen's Testimony one of the Television Commentators talked about an E Mail that Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz had sent to Cohen that was making threats about exposing something about Cohen's Father in Law.  It was also noticed that although Gaetz was not a member of the Oversight Committee he had been striding around the Committee Room making obvious angry looking faces at Michael Cohen.  It was something that got him noticed and not in a good way.  It would not be the last time that Matt Gaetz would go out of his way to get himself noticed.

During the Closed Hearings conducted by the House Intelligence Committee chaired by California Congressman, Adam Schiff that were investigating Donald Trump's extremely questionable and possibly impeachable conduct with regard to Ukraine once again Matt Gaetz got himself noticed by leading a rather large group of Republican House Members to conduct what amounted to an extremely inappropriate Republican raid on the closed hearings.  Once again Matt Gaetz went out of his way to get himself noticed.

On another occasion during the Pandemic Gaetz apparently in an effort to protest the fact that House members were being required to wear masks on the floor of the House of Representatives, Gaetz had himself photographed sitting on the floor of the the House in a full and overly bulky Gas Mask Once again getting himself noticed.

In an HBO Documentary that I watched recently Gaetz seemed to be the star as the documentary showed the lengths that Gaetz had gone to to be admired by and close to President Donald Trump.  In that documentary Gaetz proudly admitted to being Donald Trump's biggest fan in the House even though the documentary showed that Gaetz was derided and despised on the streets of Washington and New York by those individuals who were not fans of Donald Trump.  Noticed Again.

Certainly Matt Gaetz has also been noticed in his many Trump Fawning Appearances on several Fox News Programs extolling not only his own Republican Virtues but also those of Donald Trump.

Within the past week, though, Matt Gaetz has become noticed once again and not in a good way.  Gaetz and his Florida Buddy, Joel Greenberg (A dethroned Florida Tax Collector who seems to be trying to get himself named "The Most Corrupt Public Official Of All Time") are apparently being investigated.  Although Greenberg's activities seem to be far more wide ranging, it seems as though the United States Department of Justice is looking into the possibility of charging Matt Gaetz with transporting an underaged Minor across state lines for the purpose of sex.  Supposedly the incredibly brilliant Congressman has left Apple Pay and other online receipts that he used to pay sex partners to be picked off the internet by the FBI. He has also been known to show pictures of his sexual conquests to other Congressional Colleagues on the floor of the House.  This is not too strange since when he was in the Florida legislature he was known to have set up a game where he gave himself different points for the kind of women he slept with including Lobbyists and married women.

All I can say is that this scandal couldn't happen to a more deserving Congressman.  

After all, Gaetz is only following in the footsteps of his All Time Political Hero and Favorite President.

Donald J. Trump. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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