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Trump & Epstein: One Hell of a Connection

 Saturday, October 24th, 2020

My Dear America:

I swear that I really didn't want to bring this up.  It was too disgusting.  It was too disturbing.  It was just too much.  I didn't want to discuss the depravity of the sitting President Of The United States.  Although I hate to bring this up, I have to.  I was waiting for someone else to do it in the mainstream media and inexplicably it never happened.  I don't consider myself to be a representative of the mainstream media but I consider myself to be a responsible person.  Although this matter has been covered on some other backstream Media outlets the Trump-Epstein connection has rarely seen the light of day in most media outlets. 

Why am I jumping into this cesspool.  Well, mainly because I think someone fairly responsible needs to do it.  

Today I watched and was inspired by Former President, Barack Obama. He Rocked It in Florida while stumping for his Former Vice President and Close Friend, Joe Biden.  It made me long for those bygone days when Barack and Joe were in the White House and decency seemed to be the something that was expected and delivered by the Obama Administration.

Friendship is something that is Foreign to Donald Trump.  

Joe Biden has friends like Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has friends like Jeffrey Epstein, one of the most flagrantly perverted individuals who ever prowled the Mar A Lago Resort and Palm Beach, Florida. 

Or at least Trump HAD been friends with Jeffrey Epstein for about 15 years during the 80's and 90's.  Although you wouldn't know it from Trump's  recent comments when asked about Jeffrey Epstein.  

"I'm not a fan.  That I can tell you," was Donald Trump's reaction to his former friend when asked about Jeffrey Epstein recently.

I can't blame Mister Trump for running away from discussing his Friendship with Jeffrey Epstein back in the day.

One clue as to how Donald Trump really was connected for years to the convicted Serial Pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein was how Trump Reacted when a New York Post Reporter asked him about Ghislaine Maxwell at a recent White House Coronavirus briefing.  Maxwell was Epstein's Former Girl Friend and Alleged Pimp for Underaged Girls.  Maxwell had recently been arrested in New Hampshire where she had dropped out of site following Jeffrey Epstein's arrest on sex trafficking charges and the extremely mysterious supposed Epstein suicide in his holding cell in a Federal Prison in New York City.

When asked about Maxwell's arrest President Trump said the following:

"I haven't really been following it too much," Trump said, adding "I just wish her well, Frankly.  

Certainly this was an extremely odd comment for the President who still leads "Lock Her Up" chants during his Superspreader Rallys when he mentions Hillary Clinton's name.  He also has nothing good or encouraging to say about Nancy Pelosi, Governor Whitmer or almost any other woman outside of his family.  So why in the hell is he wishing an arrested and accused pimp for underaged girls well.

Although Trump's recent story is that he hardly knew Ghislaine Maxwell, Donald Trump knew her very well.  There are pictures of Maxwell and Trump together all over the internet.  The pictures almost make it look as though Maxwell was Trump's Former Girlfriend, rather than Epstein's.

Following her arrest Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded Not Guilty to charges of Perjury, Enticement of Minors and Sex Trafficking of Children.

There are also other connections and coincidences between Trump and Epstein and Maxwell.

Both Trump and Epstein were combination New Yorkers and Palm Beachers.

Both were rich and had connections in high places.  Allegedly Trump was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell.  Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz represented both Jeffrey Epstein during his countless charges of sex trafficking of underage girls and later on Donald Trump during his sham Impeachment Trial in the Senate.  Although Trump initially claimed that Epstein was never a member of Trump's Mar A Lago Club, Club records proved that Epstein was a dues paying member of the Mar A Lago Club for several years. Reportedly Epstein introduced Donald to Melania.  Trump's name and phone number was found in Epstein's book of contacts.  Trump's name was also on Epstein's private plane flight logs dating back to 1997.

Certainly Trump has completely changed his tune about Epstein as evidenced by a 2002 New York Magazine Interview in which Trump said the following about Jeffrey Epstein:

"Terrific Guy, He's a lot of fun to be with.  It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, And many of them are on the younger side.  No doubt About it - Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

Yes, a lot of them were on the younger side, the Jail Bait Side, The Pedophile Side.

Trump would like us to believe that he knew nothing about Jeffrey Epstein's sexual "Massage" Encounters with countless underaged girls.  Considering that these 2 men were close friends for over 15 years that is just not believable.  It strains credibility to think that while Epstein was paying underage girls for "Massages" daily for years that it would escape the knowledge of his Running Buddy, Donald Trump.  

Just the fact that these two men were close friends for a long time is disturbing enough.  Could it be possible that it was even worse than that.

Yes, It could.

When I was reading Ronan Farrow's book, "Catch and Kill" I came across a story that completely blew my mind when I read it.  It concerned a woman who initiated two lawsuits in 2016 against Donald Trump.  The woman claimed that in 1994 when she was 13 years old she attended a party at Jeffrey Epstein's home where she was tied to a bed and raped by Donald Trump.  In the course of the alleged sexual assault she also claimed that she was also beaten by Trump.  She also claimed that her life and the lives of her family were threatened by Trump if she ever told anybody about what happened.  To add insult to injury, following Trump's rape in which she she lost her virginity she claimed that she was also raped by Jeffrey Epstein.

The woman's lawsuit which was first brought in California was dismissed by a Judge who claimed that in the paperwork she filed she had used a false address.  There apparently were other problems with the paperwork and the lawsuit was dismissed with the young woman liable for court costs which she claimed that she was unable to pay.  The woman who filed the lawsuit without having an attorney in California was identified in the lawsuit as Katie Johnson.  Later on, this same woman, this time identified in court papers as Jane Doe refiled the lawsuit against Donald Trump in New York with the aid of Women's Rights Attorney, Lisa Bloom.  Jane Doe had been scheduled to have a News Conference with Lisa Bloom but backed out at the last minute according to Bloom due to what she considered to be serious threats on Jane Doe's life.  

Following these disturbing lawsuit claims Katie Johnson-Jane Doe disappeared and has not been heard from again.

Since the New York Lawsuit never really saw the light of day the allegations of Katie Johnson-Jane Doe were not resolved in a court of law.

Certainly there are some serious questions that need to be asked about this whole situation. Some of those questions are the following:

Did Donald Trump know that his friend Jeffrey Epstein was sexually assaulting young girls almost daily in Palm Beach and in New York?

Did Donald Trump rape a 13 year old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1994?

What were the true circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein's death inside a Federal Prison in New York City?  Was it suicide or something more sinister?

Why did Donald Trump immediately initiate tweets after Epstein's death suggesting that Bill Clinton might have had something to do with Epstein's death when it was Donald Trump who had control over Federal Prison system, not Bill Clinton. 

Did Jeffrey Epstein's death benefit Donald Trump by closing the book on what Epstein might have been capable of revealing about Donald Trump?

Also What can Ghislaine Maxwell reveal about her relationship to Donald Trump and Trump's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein?  Also Federal Authorities who didn't do a good job protecting Jeffrey Epstein need to put a video camera trained on Maxwell's cell just in case strange things start happening again.

Certainly we will probably never know the full extent of Donald Trump's Strange and Terrible Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and whether they in fact double teamed a 13 year old girl in Manhattan in 1994.  Certainly Jeffrey Epstein will not be revealing any facts about the incident.  In addition, Katie Johnson, also known as Jane Doe, is nowhere to be found to be able to tell her side of the story.  We can only hope that she is still alive and has not fallen victim to further treachery.

It has often been said recently that there is no bottom to the behavior and legacy of Donald Trump.  That may be true the but if this incident regarding the rape of Katie Johnson is true this has to be very close to the bottom of the tale of Donald Trump.

There is a song written by Canadian Folksinger and Songwriter, Bruce Cockburn That I would like to end this Episode with.  The song is "Call It Democracy." It was written and recorded many years ago by Bruce Cockburn but I believe it could have been written today and is relevant about Donald Trump and many other leaders who do not care about, let alone respect, the people they represent.  I apologize to Bruce Cockburn for using his song without his permission but I would ask him to realize how relevant his song really is to the present political situation in the United States of America.

Call It Democracy


Bruce Cockburn 

 Padded with Power here they come

International Loan Sharks backed by the guns

Of Market Hungry Military Profiteers

Whose word is a Swamp and whose brow is Smeared

With The Blood of the Poor

Who Rob Life of its Quality

Who render rage a necessity

by turning countries into labor camps

Modern Slavers in drag as champions of Freedom

Sinister cynical instrument

Who makes the gun into a sacrament

The only response to Deification 

Of Tyranny by so called "developed" nations 

Idolatry of Ideology

North South East West 

Kill the best and buy the rest

It's just spend a buck to make a buck

You don't really give a flying fuck 

About the people in Misery

See the paid off local bottom feeders

Passing themselves off as leaders

Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellas

Then its open for business 

Like a cheap bordello

See the loaded eyes of the children too

Trying to make the best of it the way kids do

One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast

To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast 

They call the Revolution

IMF dirty MF 

Takes away everything it can get

Always making certain that there's one thing left

Keep them on the hook for insupportable death

And they Call it Democracy

And they Call it Democracy

And They Call it Democracy

And They Call it Democracy 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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