Sunday, May 5, 2019

Russia If You Are Listening - Why Are You Reading My Blog

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

My Dear America:

Although I have been publishing my Blog since 2008 I must admit that although I have paid close attention to Politics in my Blog I have never, until recently, began to pay much attention to the number of readers of my Blog.  In other words my Blog traffic.  

In fact, although I am ashamed of my lack of technical skills regarding my Blog, I never knew until recently that I could follow and see statistics tracking how many readers I had on a daily basis.  Once I realized that I could find out how many readers I have I was truly shocked and disturbed to find out that in recent months as my daily reader statistics seemed to be improving I found out that I could even track where my readers were from.  

What I found out that disturbed me greatly is that although my United States readership has improved significantly, at the same time my readership in Russia has improved twice as much as the U.S. readership.

The bottom line for me is Who the hell are these Russians reading "Letters To A Lost Nation" and why are they doing it.  Are they Russian government employees looking to take my negative content about Donald Trump and use it to their advantage.  I don't know who they are or why they are doing it.  If they are Russian Trolls looking to do harm to America I wish they would stop.

On the other hand if they are, by some miracle, just normal Russian Citizens who are simply trying to find out about America I welcome them.

Because of the terrible things the Russians did in the 2016 Campaign and continue to do, I am very concerned that my Blog could be used by them to sow discontent in the United States.  

I love America because, even with all it's faults it is the best country in the world.  I certainly would not be allowed to write and express myself about my government and in particular about my President in Russia in the same way I can in the U.S.  I appreciate my country even though I don't appreciate it's President.  I am lucky and proud to be an American and I want to say to all Russians who might be reading my Blog I hope that someday you are as free in your country to dissent as we are in ours.

I advertise my Blog on Twitter and Facebook and I know that they are under the gun these days because of some serious mistakes that they have made.  To Twitter and to Facebook I ask them to realize that my Blog is an American Blog with no ties to Russia other than readership.  

I don't hate Russia.  I simply feel sorry for those people who live there in a society which is not free.  

As disturbed as I am about this Russia connection with my Blog I will continue to write my Blog and will continue to hope that any Russians who read my Blog Postings will say to themselves, whoever they are, I wish we could be free enough to write this way in our country.  

Maybe someday they will be able to.  I hope that very much.


Jerry Gallagher

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