Saturday, November 3, 2018

It Can Happen Here And Apparently Already Has Happened Here

November 3rd, 2018

My Dear America:

Sinclair Lewis is one of the last Century's Best Known Novelists.  It is not widely Known these days but one of his Novel's was called "It Can't Happen Here."  The Novel is about the fictional prospect of America being taken over by a Cold Hearted Dictator.  Lewis saw some very disturbing things going on during his lifetime in America such as Nazis and Klansmen marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.  He was disturbed by what he saw and his Novel was a warning to Americans that it was important to be careful not to allow Dictators to take over power in the United States of America.  It is doubtful that Sinclair Lewis really thought that a Dictator would ever be successful in The United States Of America.

It is clear to me and should be clear to every thinking person in the United States that we may already have crossed way over the Dictatorship line in The United States Of America.

We have all heard the saying that "If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, its a duck."

I think that we can also safely say that "If it Walks, Talks and Acts like a Dictator, Its a Dictator."

Clearly in America we are seeing every day that Donald Trump is Walking, Talking and Acting like a Dictator.

He is not a Potential Dictator.  He is in every way shape and form a Dictator.

Trump has shown us from Day One of his Administration that he does not give a Damn about what is best for America and Americans.  Trump seems to really enjoy not Sticking it to the Man but instead being the Man Sticking it to the People.  Like every Dictator in history Donald Trump is Totally Self Absorbed

                 How We Can Tell That Donald Trump is A Dictator

Donald Trump is a Liar - Even those who are certified Trump Supporters need to admit that Donald Trump is a man who seems to have serious problems with telling the truth.  This is not a trait that is new to Donald Trump.  Many people familiar with Donald Trump's business history feel that Trump's difficulty in telling the truth has been a Long Time Trump Trait.  Trump started out his Administration insisting that his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer tell the American Press and the consequently the American People that his Inauguration Crowd was bigger than President Barack Obama's.  That was Trump's First Administration Lie.  Unfortunately It was not his last.  His Lies are so extensive that they have buried many a fact checker over the course of the Trump Administration.

Donald Trump seems to Love Other Dictators - Certainly it has been clear over the course of Donald Trump's Administration that Donald Trump has had almost a love affair with Russian Dictator, Vladimir Putin even though Putin has been clearly outed by American Agency Investigators as being behind 2016 Election interference.  But Putin is not the only Dictator that Trump has admired.  Trump started out trading Dangerous Insults with North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un.  But when Kim began saying nice things about Donald, however, Donald started saying nice things about Kim and now after their Bromance in Singapore Trump has nothing but good things to say about Kim. Other Dictators that Trump has nice things to say about are Turkey's Erdawan and Saudi Arabia's bloodthirsty leaders.  Trump has also had nice things to say about  Adolph Hitler (and studied Hitlers speeches) and Saddam Hussein.  

While Trump seems to have nothing but respect and admiration for these and other Dictators, Trump has gone out of his way to disrespect and denigrate long time American Allies including Canada, Mexico and Germany.

Donald Trump Calls The Press the Enemies of the People - Donald Trump's manipulation of the Press has been masterful.  From the beginning of his run for the Presidency Trump has been a News Whore, who knows how to get the press to pay attention to him.  Trump learned decades ago how to get on television and the front page of the newspaper by saying and doing things that were Bold, Brash, Controversial and Newsworthy.  It is well known that Trump has always been willing to say and do things that were wrong and/or Untrue but were able to get him the publicity that he has always seemed to be addicted to.  

Once Trump got the Republican Nomination largely through his manipulation of the Press, he began turning on the press and calling those Television, Newspaper and Magazine Reporters following his Campaign Rallies "Enemies of the People."  This ridiculous bullshit has continued throughout his Administration.

Like Many Dictators before Him Trump has identified other victims as Other Enemies of the People - Dictators like Trump always seem to like to identify some people as Enemies to be hated and in some instances killed.  Certainly the most extreme and disturbing example of this has been Adolph Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jewish people in countries that the Nazi's controlled.  Hitler was a psychopath who also identified Gypsy's and the Disabled as people to be also eliminated in his Death Camps in order to purify the German Race.  

Rwanda and Cambodia were also countries which went through periods of horrendous and inhuman  "Ethnic Cleansing."

Luckily for us, Donald Trump has not reached the point of being able to carry out ethnic cleansing, yet it is clear that he has begun his identification of who might be in the crosshairs if he ever gets the chance to carry out ethnic cleansing activities.

It may not be ethnic cleansing but certainly Trump has made it clear that he has no use for Muslims and Mexicans and other refugees from South America who are trying to escape from violence in their countries of origin. 

While he has not yet built Death Camps, Donald Trump has made the border with Mexico an issue that seems to resonate with many members of his base.  Trump has shown that he is ready, willing and able to take children away from their parents and lock them all up in separate facilities.  In some cases those children have no way of being reunited with their parents and will never see their parents again.

These days Trump is whining loudly about "The Caravan," a group of South American refugees who are trying to escape death and destruction in their home countries by escaping to the United States of America, a place that used to be welcoming to refugees.

Trump has deployed United States Army Troops to the border to protect America from "The Caravan" and has promised that if problems break out at the border such as rock throwing he will encourage U.S. Troops to shoot. 


Every Day it becomes more evident that we are no longer living in a Democratic Country.  Although we do have a Congress and a Court system that can work sometimes, every day Donald Trump moves us further to the Right and further away from Democracy.

We have all become too tolerant of the disgusting Behavior of Donald Trump as he has marched us closer to the border of responsible behavior and closer and closer to the end of Democracy in America.

We, the responsible Americans need to recognize that although there may not be a lot we can do to push back on Dastardly Don's Dastardly Deeds, we can and should VOTE on Tuesday, November 6th, to send a message to Donald Trump that we are Mad as Hell and That We're not gonna take it any more.

Democrats have put up a Great Slate of Candidates this Year who are willing to go to Washington and hopefully take over The United States House of Representatives and possibly the senate.  We also have some Great Candidates running for Governorships. 

We have all been too complacent for too long and have taken our privilege to vote for granted.  If we want to preserve what will be left of our Government and Constitution after Trump is finished with us we need to get every Reasonable Democracy Loving Voter to the Voting Booth on Tuesday, November 6th.

The time to take back our Democracy is Next Tuesday, November 6th.

Trump Voters will be out in force.  We Americans who love Democracy need to be out in force also.  Don't forget to vote and don't allow yourself to find reasons not to vote.  We need all of our votes to preserve America.

America, We love you and we will be out in force to help preserve you and your Democracy on Tuesday, November 6th.  Its a matter of life or Death for Democracy in America.


Sincerely and 
Democratically Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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