Friday, December 15, 2017

The Big Sick Republican Tax Scam

Friday, December 15th, 2017

My Dear America:

It has truly been one hell of a year for your Democrats and Middle Class, America.  The Trump Administration has shown a lack of Compassion, Decency
and Common Sense, the likes of which we have never seen before. 

I would have predicted that no President could have been worse than Richard Nixon or George W. Bush.  I would have been wrong.

Two Important Congressional Democrats, Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers, have been forced to resign recently due to accusations of Sexual Misconduct.  

On the other hand, President Donald Trump, who was accused of Serial Pussy Grabbing during the 2016 Presidential Campaign shows no sign of apologizing to the many women he Sexually Assaulted.  

Trump even had the Gall to vocally support former Alabama Supreme Court Judge and accused Child Molester, Roy Moore, in his bid to win a Special Election to become a United States Senator from Alabama.

Thank God Roy Moore lost and Democrat Doug Jones won the Special Election.  But Senator Jones didn't win by much.  Still, the Doug Jones win, along with Democratic wins for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia are giving Republicans well deserved Panic Attacks.

What is giving Democrats Panic Attacks is the proposed Spectre of Republicans passing what Donald Trump has the gall to call "The Middle Class Tax Cut."   

The Tax plan that is being considered is a Scam of Epic Proportions.  Although the plan does propose some meager tax breaks for some middle class taxpayers what the Republicans are not advertising are the facts that these meager middle class tax breaks have an expiration date.

The massive tax breaks for Rich Americans and Rich American Corporations do not expire, however.  

There is no doubt that the effort by Donald Trump and his Republican Cohorts to pass this piece of crap bill will result in more money for Trump and his Rich friends.  It will also free up massive amounts of money for Republican Donors to keep the Republican Political Coffers filled so that the madness of Republican irresponsibility might continue unabated.

What Democratic and in particular Middle Class and Poor voters must learn from this past awful year is that Republicans are much more concerned about their Donors than they are about their constituents.

Democrats and Middle Class Republicans, as well, need to realize that after the "Middle Class Tax Cut" Bill begins to bankrupt our country, America, the next step in the Republicans Evil Plan is to weep and wail about how much Social Security and Medicare is destroying you, America.  

As we stand at the Front Gate of 2018 Democrats and Middle Class and Poor Republicans, as well, need to wake up and smell the Bull Shit.

While there are decent, dedicated and concerned Republicans, They are increasingly in the minority in the Republican Party.  

Those Republicans who continue to want to stick it to the middle class by eliminating or cutting Social Security and Medicare altogether need to go.

Those Republicans who are demanding the resignation of Robert Mueller need to go.

Most Especially, Donald Trump, who continues to be the Master of Distraction while he guts everything good that he can from your government and the lives of your citizens, needs to go.

What is incredibly clear to me is that those of us who are Democrats or Reasonable Republicans or Independents need to prepare during the coming year to seek out good Democratic Candidates for Congressional And Senate Campaigns and stump for them.

Hopefully it is still possible to rescue your American Democratic Government but Time is running out. If we don't move fast we may be joining the ranks of Donald Trumps favorite World Government Leaders, all of whom seem to be vicious thugs and Dictators.

Lets hope that 2018 Turns Out To Be A Truly Happy New Year.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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Time for a new post.
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