Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In A World Gone Mad, Why The Hell Is Anyone In Their Right Mind Paying Attention To Lindsey Graham

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

My Dear America:

I have tried very hard over the period of time that I have been writing my Blog to use language that I consider to be appropriate and not offensive to anyone. I admit that I have slipped a few times but for the most part I have been pretty successful in my effort not to offend anyone other than Republicans and Tea Baggers.  I have made this effort to be appropriate primarily because I wanted my Blog to be something that showed young people a modicum of appropriate language and might be something that did not lead young people in a wrong direction.  I still hope my Blog will not turn off young people but as I start this Blog Posting I must in advance apologize for some of my language.

Here Goes.

Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Korea, China and Russia.

People, we are truly up Shits Creek without a paddle.  There is no doubt about that.  We are loaded up with Crises across the Globe.  Some of them appear to be easily solvable but many, if not most of them, seem to be without the possibility of any solution and instead of moving toward getting solved these problems seem to be moving toward getting worse.

Certainly the problem of Israel and Hamas is one that seems to be headed toward more death and destruction, not less.  Yes, Israel deserves to live without fear of bombs dropping on them from a terrorist organization.  But the residents of Gaza also deserve to live without fear of death and destruction at a moments notice.

In the Ukraine the death of nearly 300 innocent airline passengers in a plane shot down by a Russian Air Defense System seems to have encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to step up Russia's belligerent activities in the Ukraine, rather than to cause him to become more hesitant to act.  Any illusions about Putin being a sensible and sensitive world actor at the present time are being put to rest as Vlad pushes on in his plan to conquer all the territory he has seen some of his more peace loving predecessors allow to become free and independent states.  Georgia and Crimea are back under Russian control.  Clearly Ukraine is next on the Russian agenda.

According to Self Appointed Republican Guru, Arizona Senator John McCain, we have never seen it so bad.  He may be right but He may also be wrong.  Has he forgotten the Vietnam War in which The U.S. lost fifty million Soldiers killed and God knows how many more wounded.  During that war McCain spent a great deal of time in a North Vietnamese prison camp.  Doesn't he think that that experience was worse than today.  Perhaps McCain, a failed Republican Candidate for President in 2008, can claim some credibility in his statement based on his experience.

On the other Hand, why is Lindsey Graham, the man described by Comedian-Commentator, Bill Mahr as "McCain's Bitch", showing up constantly on Television commenting on the deteriorating state of world affairs.  Graham recently won his Republican Senatorial Primary Battle to keep his Senate Seat. I suppose that in a world where many politicians are fearful of Tea Party challengers this has gained him some credibility but the truth is that neither McCain, and certainly not Graham, have any real standing when it comes to commenting on world affairs.  

McCain and Graham are twins in one respect.  They trace pretty much all of the world's problems to President Obama.  Even though the world is falling apart and now would be a good time for Republicans to get off the Benghazi Bandwagon and start believing in and practicing the concept of "My Country, Right or Wrong", That doesn't seem to be happening. 

Republicans continue to blame President Obama for the messes they clearly started.  Witness Dick Cheyny, Ryan Crocker, John Bolton and other Bush era strategists having the gall to get on Sunday Television news and talk shows following the ISIS crisis in Iraq and blame ISIS on Obama's rush to get out of Iraq, instead of their own rush to get into Iraq in the first place.

As much as I didn't appreciate George W. Bush when he was in office I thoroughly appreciate the fact that he seems to be keeping his mouth shut while his advisory parade of fools have continued to embarass themselves on Television.

And following the ISIS crisis the parade of Bush Era Has Been Obama Haters on Television were joined by none other than Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

So My question is who determines who will be invited to television shows like "Meet The Press', "This Week", "Face the Nation" and "State of the Union". 

And also who determines the topics discussed.  Whoever is in charge of these mostly well respected programs should take some care in deciding on who will or will not appear on these shows and take pains to only include appropriate guests who actually have something worthwhile to contribute to discussions other than whining that "Its all Obama's fault."  

We expect Unfair and Unbalanced News on Fox News.

We expect something better from Network and Cable News Networks other than Fox.

In a World Gone Mad Let's at Least get Lindsey Graham off News shows where he has nothing worthwhile to add to any discussion other than bashing President Obama.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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