Saturday, November 6, 2010

You Say You Want a Revolution - We All Want To See The Plan

November 6th, 2010

My Dear America:

"It's All Over Now" is a Rolling Stones Song that seems to be appropriate to sing or listen to at this very low point, just a few days past the Republican Tsunami that washed over our Country this past Tuesday. 

The Truth is, however, that although Democrats feel terrible right now perhaps this is the wake up call that we all needed to recognize that during the last two years while we have been complacent and uninvolved in the goings on in Washington, those Wackos and Wierdo's who inhabit Fox News and every State in the Union were busy as hell promoting their agenda, which was to kill the Obama and Democratic Agenda.

In Washington, the Congress under the leadership of John Boner and Mitch McConnell certainly did their part to kill every positive measure that the Democrats and, in particular, Barack Obama, came up with and looking back on things one would have to say they accomplished their tasks quite effectively. 

In fact, Congress between 2008 and 2010 became an Inert, Do Nothing Body which one would have thought would have been punished in this past election
by throwing the Republicans, who were responsible for the inaction out on their collective rear ends. 

One would have thought wrong. 

Instead of the American Public recognizing the insanity of the Republican effort to claw their way back to the Bush or Reagan Eras where the Corporation was King and the little guy or the unemployed girl were fed table scraps from the Wealthy Corporate Banquet Table, The American Public rewarded Republicans. 

If there is anyone out there who understands how or why Regular Decent Americans could be turned into Voters who Vote Republican in this two year period in which Republicans did not do anything for them other than try to smother every good idea which the Democrats Came up with, I would love to hear or see the explanation.

It is beyond me to understand what Americans were thinking when they voted for a party that had no use for them.  Why in the Hell did they vote against their own interest.

On this day, one day after MSNBC Countdown host, Keith Olbermann, was taken off the air by NBC for violating NBC's policy by donating to Democratic Candidates, we must take a long, hard look at Fox News.  Fox "Fair and balanced" News is nothing close to Fair and Balanced. 

It is, and has been for some time, a propoganda tool for the Republican Party with not one of its Anchors or Analysts, with the possible exception of Juan Williams and occasionally Geraldo Rivera, fair and balanced.  Fox lies and subverts the truth every day it broadcasts and still presents itself as a legitimate News Network.

Freedom of the Press certainly does have it's drawbacks.  But what can we do about Fox.  About the only thing we could do up to now is watch some other network with Anchor's willing to tell the truth and straighten out many of Fox's lies and half truths.  Keith Olbermann, along with Rachel Maddow was one of those people willing to stand up to Fox.  Now he is suspended indefinitely.  Could Keith's Friend and MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, be next to go.  I hope not but new Corporate people are now running NBC and Keith Olbermann's "suspension" is not a good sign to me.

While Tuesday's bloodbath was a terrible blow to Democrats I think we have to give credit where credit is due.  During the past two years, despite his sometimes maddening attempts to work positively with Republicans, Barack Obama tried his best to make good on his promises to you, America. 

One of the strangest things to me looking back over the past two years was the incredibly transparent Republican obstruction of efforts to pass Health Care Legislation.  In the end, at Republican insistence, there was no "Public Option" and the plan was so watered down that it was still a bonanza for Health Care Corporations but it still wasn't weak enough for Republicans not to run against it this past year and demonize it along with Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi. 

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, what about the influence of the Republican controlled Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision which opened the financial flood gates to unlimited money to be poured into Republican Campaign Coffers this year to pay for the seemingly unending negative ads that promoted lies, half truths and trash talk about Democrats all over the country.  Yes the American People should have been able to see through this mountain of obvious garbage but they didn't, not this time.

So we have Nancy Pelosi, a truly outstanding American Woman and a truly outstanding Speaker of the House, villified throughout the 2010 Campaign along with those other Democratic Outlaws, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and to a lesser extent, Bill Clinton, throughout the race.

I must say I am proud of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and especially Bill Clinton for doing all they did to promote Democrats and try their best to be a Truth Squad as they worked to help Democratic Candidates throughout the County.

I salute them and I especially Salute Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and other Democratic House leaders who I feel did their jobs as well as could be expected during the Republican Right Wing Obstruction in Congress for two years. 

I also applaud Barack Obama and Joe Biden for doing their jobs well and putting the needs of the Country First.

Do we want a Revolution.

Yes, We need one.

But not one in which we are using guns to get our way.

I believe that somewhere out there are the same people who voted Democrats in in 2008.  We need to find them, connect with them and begin our Revolution today to take back our Country in 2012.

It is certainly going to be an unbearable couple of years but as they always do they will pass very quickly.  I don't think that President Obama will roll over and play dead.  He will continue to show us that he cares and that he wants us to progress. 

He can help us and I think he will help us take back the House, Keep the Senate and Keep the White House in 2012.  But we must begin now.  We can certainly lick our collective wounds but after we do that we need to reorganize and like the Tea Party, get back to Move On and other Democratic leaning organization's like the Democratic Party in every State, County, Town and District in the Country.  Lets start working on getting good candidates like we had in Pennsylvania in Joe Sestak who came within two percentage points of beating Pat Toomey for Senate.

We can, should and I think will learn a difficult lesson from this Election and that is work hard and take nothing for granted.  Get involved in Democratic Party Politics wherever you are.  Run for Office.  Recruit others to run for office.

Get involved.

Lets not ever have a bloodbath like this happen again to Democrats in our country. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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