Monday, July 25, 2016

Trumpzilla Invades Cleveland For A Week - Megalomania Gone Wild - Or The Scum Also Rises

July 25th, 2016

My Dear America:

What if the Republican Party had a National Convention and Nobody came?

Well, that wasn't quite what happened in Cleveland last week but it was close.

Former Republican Presidential Standard bearers, John Mccain and Mitt Romney felt that they had been insulted enough by Donald Trump and passed on the Convention.  Many, if not most of Trump's rivals in the incredibly inappropriate bloodbath that passed as a Republican Primary Campaign skipped the Convention also.  None of the Bushes were there.  

There were a couple of Republican Presidential Primary Also Rans who made the trek to Cleveland, Namely "Blind" Ben Carson, "Little Marco" Rubio and "Lyin Ted" Cruz, who got booed off the stage for not endorsing Trump.  Some other long gone Candidates were there also including Scott Walker and Chris Christie, who after thankfully failing to gain the VP Spot, tried out for Attorney General by trying Hillary Clinton on the Bully Pulpit for crimes against Republicans. Christie encouraged repeated choruses of "Lock Her Up" yelled by Trump's crowd of bullies. 

Truth be told, I didn't watch much of the Convention on Television.  I watched a good deal of the first night, some reruns of the second and Trumps speech on the last night.  I couldn't stand to put myself through much of the dark hell on earth that Trump put his convention goers through.  

Clearly this convention was something that had never been seen before and hopefully will never be seen again.  It was truly Trumps Convention from start to finish.  Trump's ego was everywhere every night.  His wife gave what appeared to be a good speech until it was figured out that some of it had been taken word for word from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver.  Actually from the bits and pieces of the convention I saw, Trump's children performed well and were probably his greatest asset at this convention.

Trumps Vice Presidential Pick, Mike Pence did OK staying far away from most of the extreme right wing views that has made him such a darling of the Tea Party for so long.  Pence was probably the best pick of Trump's final three which included Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich.  Many other Republicans who Trump might have wanted to Pick let him know early that they weren't interested in being considered for Trump's VP.  Therefore, in the end Trump picked Pence who was clearly the lesser of three evils.

Some of the darker moments of the Trumpzilla Convention were the "Duck Dynasty" guy with his flag bandanna praising Trump, former Judge and present Senator Jeff Sessions kissing Trump's rump and Rudy Giuliani's hate filled verbal indictment of Hillary Clinton.  Benghazi was once again dragged out and blamed on Hillary Clinton as if the 9 incredibly expensive congressional committees had found her guilty of something.

One positive note was that Donald Trump proved during his acceptance speech that he can actually stay on message for a long long long period of time.  His messages were as awful and dark as they have been throughout the primary campaign.  There was plenty to blame Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for and Donald did so.

Overall, the Trumpublican Convention was Dark and Disgusting.  It is incredibly frightening to me that this Unqualified Sociopathic Egomainiac has done as well as he has during this election season.  But to tell the truth as bad as Donald Trump is there were no other better Republican Candidates in the mix when Trump joined the Candidate Army last year.  It has been a sad time for America up to now as we have seen what used to be a Republican Party made up of at least some moderates degenerate into a party full of hate filled people like Trumpzilla.

God Bless us.  This hate filled monster named Donald Trump is one person away from becoming President of the United States.  

I will be looking forward this week to a far different kind of Convention in Philadelphia, the city where liberty began a long time ago. 

Those of us who are concerned about the continuation and protection of that liberty need to get off our cans and get involved in our local Democratic Partys to help get out the vote for Hillary Clinton before it's too late.

If Donald Trump is elected our country is going to be as dark and disgusting as Trumpzilla's Convention was.  Lets do what we can to keep that from happening.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher   

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