Friday, November 11, 2016

Hard Times for Democrats

November 11th, 2016

My Dear America:

How are you holding up, America.  I, like millions of other Americans, am having a hard time waking up every day to the harsh Nightmare Reality of recognizing that in January of 2017 we are going to have Donald Trump as our President.

For my Friends, My Wife, Daughters and Fellow Democrats we are still in shock. My anger has begun to subside largely due to the decent and democratic behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton, President Obama and yes, Amazingly enough, Donald Trump.  

After the extremely troubling behavior exhibited by Trump over the course of his Primary Campaign and his Race with Hillary Clinton it was astonishing to hear his rather gracious acceptance speech.  It was also encouraging to hear Hillary's gracious concession speech.

Yesterday President Elect Trump met with President Obama and after a long and bitterly divided Election Campaign both Trump and Obama met in the Oval Office and after a long meeting sat together and talked with hardly a hint of bitterness in their remarks.

Will the Kumbaya moment last.

I hope so but I am afraid that once Trump takes over the White House it is going to be the continuation of some very hard times for Democrats of all colors, religions and genders.

God Bless us all, America. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Man in the High Trump Tower

November 5th, 2016

My Dear America:

We are just days away from what may very well be the most important Election in your long and distinguished history.  November 8th of 2016 will certainly be the most important election of my lifetime and I have been a voter in every Presidential Election since 1960.  

I feel that you are on the edge of a cliff, and in fact all Americans are on that cliff with you.  We are trying our best not to fall off the cliff into an unknown and dangerous chasm which may very well kill us all, or at the very least change you and all of us with you into a land that none of us may recognize ever again. 

Certainly there are those people who might feel as though I am overstating the case.  I do not feel as though I am overstating the case, however.

As I see it we are on the verge of an election which will be historic regardless of the two major Democratic and Republican Candidates.  

If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the First Woman to be elected President of the United States.  She will also be the most highly prepared Candidate elected to that office certainly in my lifetime.  If Hillary is elected we are not out of the woods by any means because she will still have a very unstable world to deal with. 

The incredibly Mean Spirited and Reckless Republican Party created the Highly Toxic Election Atmosphere that allowed the Mean Spirited and Reckless Frankenstein Monster called Donald Trump to character assassinate all of their other mean spirited and reckless candidates on his way to victory in the Republican Presidential Primary.  

Now as we approach the Edge of Darkness like the Walking Dead it seems as though the Republican Party and many Republican Candidates are choosing to swallow their pride and any sense of decency that they might have previously maintained and rush back to support the deeply flawed candidate that they had initially rejected.

Republicans have some nerve bitching about Hillary Clinton, especially those like John McCain, who worked with her in the Senate and had very positive things to say about her then until she had the audacity to run for President a second time.  Many of those Republicans who at least seemed to have great affection for Hillary when she was the First Lady and later on when she was a Senator and Secretary of State now act as though Hillary is a creature who is somewhere between Lady Macbeth and the Dragon Lady. 


Any Republican who claims to stand for Family Values or in fact any values at all should not be supporting Donald Trump.  Certainly his Cons are many and his Pros are few but there he is, "The Donald" , standing out there every day lying constantly about everything, proposing that the Media are his enemy, even though the media made him what he is due to the free publicity he got as he continued to talk and act inappropriately and outrageously over the course of first the Republican Primary and later on the Final Presidential Election Showdown.

When Phillip K. Dick wrote "The Man in the High Castle" many years ago I doubt that he realized that his fictional picture of You, America, as a Dictatorship would ever or could ever come true.  

The same is true of Sinclair Lewis, who wrote "It Can't  Happen Here" as a highly cautionary tale. 

What Donald Trump has shown us, however, is that It Can Happen Here and, in fact,  It has already happened here.  Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump
there is no denying the fact that this Megalomaniac Sociopath has proved and is living proof, in fact, that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

As the Presidential Candidates in the Election of 2016 race each other to the finish line we can only hope that Hillary Clinton's Campaign can help drive her potential voters to the polls and that when the Election Numbers are tabulated that in the end Democracy Trumps Dictatorship.

Good Luck, America.  

Whatever Happens We Love You.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Few Words about Debbie Wasserman Schultz

June 28th, 2016

My Dear America:

Tonight it will be Hillary Clinton's turn to accept the Nomination of the Democratic Party to be the official and only Democratic Party Candidate for President this year.

It has been an outstanding Democratic National Convention.

Unfortunately it started out with a very strangely orchestrated controversy.  The Long Time Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz first of all gave up much of her scheduled duties as Party Chairperson at the Convention in Philadelphia. 

Then finally by the end of the first day of the Convention it was announced that Debbie had resigned from her position as Democratic Party Chairwoman.

The reason for Debbie's departure was an oddly timed release by Wikkileaks of hundreds of E Mails that had been hacked some time ago from the Democratic National Committee.  Although it could not be proved, there was a strong suspicion that the hackers were Russians working in collusion with the Putin Government's intelligence agency.

Certainly, the Bromance that seemed to have been brewing between Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump and his Dictator Buddy, Vladimir Putin, made this last minute Democratic distraction and smear campaign particularly troubling.  What was even more troubling was the content of the E Mails.  

The E Mails clearly showed that not only was Debbie Wasserman Schultz guilty of tipping the scales in Hillary Clinton's favor but that it seemed as though mostly every top person at the DNC was doing the same thing. 

Now clearly in the early days of the Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign it must have appeared to DWS and all the other top staffers as the DNC as though it was an open and shut case for Hillary's Primary Campaign.  It seemed pretty clear at the early stages after Hillary announced her run that pretty much everyone who could have run against her was getting out of the way and allowing Hillary the space to run unencumbered.  

Only a few lightweight Democrats, Namely Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O'Malley seemed to be in the way of Hillary's Nomination.  Clearly she would finish off Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb in the first Democratic Debate.  

Martin O'Malley would last a bit longer but he also would fall by the Democratic wayside eventually.

To almost everyone's shock and surprise, however, a serious candidate would eventually emerge to challenge Hillary Clinton.  This Candidate was a long time Independent Socialist Senator from Vermont named Bernie Sanders.  Bernie had not even identified himself as a Democrat in decades.  At first, as Bernie has bragged, his poll numbers were as low as 3 percent.  As Bernie's campaign challenge to Hillary Clinton took hold, however, his poll numbers grew steadily and rather rapidly and in the end Bernie Sanders saw his fledgling campaign turn into a National Movement and well financed Revolution within the Democratic Party.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter myself, I in no way shape or form condone the obvious prejudice and what I feel were improper discussions and actions that the DNC bigwigs took against Bernie Sanders.  

I think that I can understand their prejudice, however, especially that of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

When not too many people were interested in talking seriously or truthfully about the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was everywhere, especially on many Cable TV News Programs acting as an intelligent spokeswoman for the Democratic Party time after time.  Clearly Debbie and her cohorts at the DNC saw the prospect of success in 2016 in the election of Hillary Clinton as a given.  

That is until Bernie Sanders came along.  More than likely the way Debbie and company saw it this Radical Independent Socialist Jew Senator from Vermont was about to gum up the works and these DNC Staffers were not going to let that happen.

I feel very badly that after working hard to make this 2016 Democratic Convention such a success that Debbie Wassereman Schultz will not be able to take pride in her accomplishment.

Clearly, this Convention has been for the past 3 days and nights a resounding success and Debbie will not be allowed to participate in it's glory.  

And the Radical Jewish Candidate that Debbie and her comrades were so afraid was going to ruin their convention has in fact been a resounding star of this convention.  

While he can't be happy about the conspiring that the DNC did to him, he has not taken it out on the party.  Bernie pursued his goals with the Democratic Platform Committee and was able to guide Hillary Clinton to run on a platform of No TPP, A public Option for Healthcare and debt free college, all Bernie's goals. Certainly Bernie Sanders could have encouraged his supporters to wreck the Convention.  Bernie has, however, requested his supporters to support Hillary Clinton and to defeat Donald Trump.

The Bernie Sanders Revolution has not really been defeated.  It has been energized by this convention and when Hillary takes her oath of office in January of next year I hope she realizes that although some Sanders Voters won't vote for her, most will.

Hillary will owe her victory, at least partially, to both Bernie Sanders and to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

I hope that in the end Hillary will thank them both.  

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

Monday, July 25, 2016

Trumpzilla Invades Cleveland For A Week - Megalomania Gone Wild - Or The Scum Also Rises

July 25th, 2016

My Dear America:

What if the Republican Party had a National Convention and Nobody came?

Well, that wasn't quite what happened in Cleveland last week but it was close.

Former Republican Presidential Standard bearers, John Mccain and Mitt Romney felt that they had been insulted enough by Donald Trump and passed on the Convention.  Many, if not most of Trump's rivals in the incredibly inappropriate bloodbath that passed as a Republican Primary Campaign skipped the Convention also.  None of the Bushes were there.  

There were a couple of Republican Presidential Primary Also Rans who made the trek to Cleveland, Namely "Blind" Ben Carson, "Little Marco" Rubio and "Lyin Ted" Cruz, who got booed off the stage for not endorsing Trump.  Some other long gone Candidates were there also including Scott Walker and Chris Christie, who after thankfully failing to gain the VP Spot, tried out for Attorney General by trying Hillary Clinton on the Bully Pulpit for crimes against Republicans. Christie encouraged repeated choruses of "Lock Her Up" yelled by Trump's crowd of bullies. 

Truth be told, I didn't watch much of the Convention on Television.  I watched a good deal of the first night, some reruns of the second and Trumps speech on the last night.  I couldn't stand to put myself through much of the dark hell on earth that Trump put his convention goers through.  

Clearly this convention was something that had never been seen before and hopefully will never be seen again.  It was truly Trumps Convention from start to finish.  Trump's ego was everywhere every night.  His wife gave what appeared to be a good speech until it was figured out that some of it had been taken word for word from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver.  Actually from the bits and pieces of the convention I saw, Trump's children performed well and were probably his greatest asset at this convention.

Trumps Vice Presidential Pick, Mike Pence did OK staying far away from most of the extreme right wing views that has made him such a darling of the Tea Party for so long.  Pence was probably the best pick of Trump's final three which included Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich.  Many other Republicans who Trump might have wanted to Pick let him know early that they weren't interested in being considered for Trump's VP.  Therefore, in the end Trump picked Pence who was clearly the lesser of three evils.

Some of the darker moments of the Trumpzilla Convention were the "Duck Dynasty" guy with his flag bandanna praising Trump, former Judge and present Senator Jeff Sessions kissing Trump's rump and Rudy Giuliani's hate filled verbal indictment of Hillary Clinton.  Benghazi was once again dragged out and blamed on Hillary Clinton as if the 9 incredibly expensive congressional committees had found her guilty of something.

One positive note was that Donald Trump proved during his acceptance speech that he can actually stay on message for a long long long period of time.  His messages were as awful and dark as they have been throughout the primary campaign.  There was plenty to blame Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for and Donald did so.

Overall, the Trumpublican Convention was Dark and Disgusting.  It is incredibly frightening to me that this Unqualified Sociopathic Egomainiac has done as well as he has during this election season.  But to tell the truth as bad as Donald Trump is there were no other better Republican Candidates in the mix when Trump joined the Candidate Army last year.  It has been a sad time for America up to now as we have seen what used to be a Republican Party made up of at least some moderates degenerate into a party full of hate filled people like Trumpzilla.

God Bless us.  This hate filled monster named Donald Trump is one person away from becoming President of the United States.  

I will be looking forward this week to a far different kind of Convention in Philadelphia, the city where liberty began a long time ago. 

Those of us who are concerned about the continuation and protection of that liberty need to get off our cans and get involved in our local Democratic Partys to help get out the vote for Hillary Clinton before it's too late.

If Donald Trump is elected our country is going to be as dark and disgusting as Trumpzilla's Convention was.  Lets do what we can to keep that from happening.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher   

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thank You Mister President

Friday, July 15th, 2016

My Dear America:

Although I know that I don't speak for all Americans, or even all reasonable Americans, I know that I do speak for many reasonable Americans when I say "Thank You President Obama for all of the positive things you have done and have tried to do during your presidency for America and the rest of the world."

I know it hasn't been easy to be the First Black President.  Your Election was something that set right wing America, including the KKK, The TEA Party and the Republican Party into attack mode from your first day in the White House. How you have managed to keep your cool under the constant fire of Republican insults and obstruction is beyond me.  But you did keep your cool, at least in public and for that I thank you.  

Thank you also for your efforts to follow through on George W. Bush's promise to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  You did the best you could to get us out of Iraq but when circumstances beyond your control dictated a need for the return of special forces to Iraq you acted responsibly despite the constant criticism of the Republicans regarding the Iraq policy, as well as every other policy of yours.

Thank you also for your courageous decision regarding taking out Osama bin laden.  You got little or no credit for that either.

Thank you also for improving the economy, saving Wall Street and the Auto Industry.  You also improved the employment situation which was a disaster when you took office.

Thank you also for your advocacy in looking out for the health of all Americans and turning Obamacare into a reality.  The Public Option would have been better but you succeeded where many others had failed.

I watched the ABC Town Hall last night on Television and was once again impressed with your caring and consideration of those who have been affected by gun violence over the course of your Presidency.  You have traveled to many cities in America where gun violence has killed many and left survivors with their lives turned upside down.  I applaud your caring and consideration for the victims and the survivors of gun violence.

There are many other issues you have dealt with during your Presidency which I could and do applaud but I think that one of the main things that I am proud of is that you have improved the reputation of America in the eyes of most of the countries of the world.  

I thank you for your wise and courageous behavior during this past Presidential Primary and for your honest support for Hillary Clinton, who seriously needs your help and support as she fights for the continuation of sanity in the White House.  I encourage you to continue to help Hillary and other Democrats in their quest to retrieve real Democracy during the coming years.

I hope that you have a great retirement and enjoy your time with your family and your friends.  You have many friends in this country and elsewhere in the world although it might be nice for Hillary, if she is elected, to recommend you for an appointment to the Supreme Court.  I think that this would be great for the country if we can get enough Democrats elected in the House and Senate to get you approved by Congress.

Whatever you do and whoever is elected this November, please realize that you will be missed by many, if not most of the Americans who have elected you twice and would elect you again if we had the chance to do so.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Whatever Happened to the Hillary Clinton Who Nearly Every Republican Admired

July 5th, 2016

My Dear America:

Today is a great day for Hillary Clinton. 

She and her followers (Including me) can finally breathe a little easier after FBI Director, James Comey today issued the pronouncement that Hillary was Careless but Not Criminal with regard to her E Mails while serving as Secretary of State.  

Anyone with half a brain could have predicted that this day would come and Thank God it has come prior to the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia. Today's Announcement by FBI Director Comey has certainly not put the issue of Secretary Clinton's E Mails to rest because his announcement of "No Charges" was not without harsh criticism of how Mrs. Clinton conducted her E Mail affairs at the State Department.

Of Course, Donald Trump immediately started Tweeting about the "Rigged System" that has kept Hillary from being indicted.  Trump, whose own offenses are many and diverse, must be beside himself today as Hillary Clinton boards Air Force One along with President Obama to go to North Carolina where the Dynamic Duo are having Dueling Campaign Rallys with Donald Trump.

Certainly Trump will not accept today's decision by Director Comey and will try to continue his character assassination techniques against Secretary Clinton.  

I, for one, am tired of hearing Donald Trump continue to refer to Hillary Clinton as "Crooked Hillary."  I would love it if Hillary would respond to Trump by calling him "Dumbass Donald" although if she did that she would probably be accused of being Shrill and Unladylike, among other Rude Republican Epithets that would be thrown her way.   I would suggest that it might be semi acceptable for her to call Trump "Dumb Donald."

I have been thinking lately of a time not so long ago when Hillary Clinton was not only accepted by most Republicans but I would go so far as to say that she was actually admired by many, if not most Republicans.  

In truth, Hillary Clinton deserves to be admired by most Americans.  She has done much in her lifetime to deserve that admiration.  In her early career following her graduation from Yale University Law School she fought for Children's Issues and was even a staffer on the famous Senate Watergate Committee that investigated and in truth was responsible for exposing Richard Nixon as a shameless paranoid criminal.

Later on she was a respected Lawyer, Law School Professor and First Lady in Arkansas.  Following that she was a highly admired and respected First Lady in Washington.  After the Clintons left the White House Hillary ran for the Senate in her new home state of New York and won the Senate Seat in which she served with distinction and was admired by her Congressional Colleagues for her bipartisanship back when bipartisanship was still a good thing.

Then Hillary ran for President in 2008 and although at first the Democratic Nomination seemed to be hers for the taking, a young upstart former Community Organizer and newly minted Illinois Senator named Barack Obama fought Hillary for the Democratic Party Nomination and after a hard fought Campaign, Obama eventually won the Party Nomination.  Both Hillary and Bill Clinton to their credit fully endorsed and worked hard for Barack Obama's Election and were certainly at least partially responsible for Obama's eventual successful Presidential Democratic Election to the highest office in the land.

Following in the tradition of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book about Abraham Lincoln,"Team of Rivals," President Obama after his Election in 2008 reached out to Hillary Clinton and to her surprise, as well as the country's, Obama asked her to become Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.  

Hillary's book, "Hard Choices," details her frenetic but successful time in office as she served as Secretary of State.  

During the time she served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was highly praised and admired by Republicans, as well as Democrats everywhere. Although Republicans had almost nothing positive to say about President Obama, almost everything said about Mrs. Clinton was very positive.  But that all changed when Hillary Clinton announced her Candidacy for President.

Following her announcement that she was going to run for President suddenly Hillary Clinton has been turned into a Republican Boogeywoman of epic proportions.  

Republicans who have claimed to be fiscally responsible have inexplicably squandered millions of dollars in at least 8 congressionally authorized investigations of Benghazi in an incredibly brazen and boldly partisan attempt to tarnish Hillary Clinton's reputation.

Even Donald Trump had words of praise for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  Today Trump calls her "Crooked Hillary" and Republican partisans call her far worse than that.  

It will be interesting to see what Republicans call her when she is the President of the United States.  It will not be surprising, however, to see Hillary once again proving to be a Competent and Praiseworthy Leader once again.


Jerry Gallagher

Friday, April 29, 2016

Reflections on the April 26th, 2016 Primary Election Results

April 29, 2016

My Dear America:

It is just a couple of days following the Blowout Primary Elections in several different States. 

It was, to say the least, an important election day for both the Republican and Democratic Front Runners.  Donald Trump crushed his Republican Rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich in all five of the Primary States including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island. 

Although John Kasich came in second in Connecticut, Maryland and Rhode Island, Trump's margin of victory over both Kasich and Cruz was at least a 30 point margin in all five states.

Bernie Sanders fared better in the April 26th Primaries.  He at least won the Rhode Island primary by about a 12 point margin.  Hillary Clinton's victories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware Were not by as large a margin of victory in all states as Trump but in Maryland she did beat Bernie Sanders by a 30 Point margin of victory.  In Delaware Hillary beat Bernie by 20 percentage points and in Pennsylvania by 12 points and Connecticut by 5 percentage points.

What do these results mean for the Republican and Democratic Parties?

It certainly seems to me as though the important Primary Elections may now have ended for both the Republicans and Democrats.  

Certainly The Republican Party is not a happy, joyous political party at the present time.  Clearly Republican party leaders do not appear to be pleased at the prospect of Donald Trump being at the head of the 2016 Republican Party Ticket. But the mean spirited, Anti Obama and Anti Obamacare Party, the party who met in January of 2009 and decided that they would do everything they could to keep President Obama from winning a second term, including shutting down the Government, clearly have reaped what they have sown.  Republicans have consistently encouraged their flock to hate Obama, to hate Democrats, to hate News Organizations other than Fox News, To hate Liberals and to tolerate stalled and ineffective government, especially with regard to Congress.

After the incredibly hateful and harmful agenda that the Republican Party has espoused for so long, the chickens have come home to roost.  Those chickens have brought with them their lead Rooster.  His name is Donald Trump.  

Trump may not be unstoppable at this point but if the Republican Party has a brokered convention which does not follow the lead of the Republican voters they are going to finish their convention as a fractured party with little hope of success in the November 2016 Election.  The truth is that no matter what happens at the Republican Party Convention, the Republican Party is going to be damaged, possibly beyond repair, at least for the upcoming election.

The Democratic Party is also a party that is headed for trouble.  I am already seeing on my Facebook page quite a number of disturbing posts by Bernie Sanders supporters indicating that they are angry and are unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton.

It is my view that Bernie Sanders has been an exciting, honest and forthright Candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  Bernie entered the race and has continued the race with some very serious core concerns, which he has had the chance to voice over the course of the Democratic Primaries.  His concerns are the concerns of many Americans and he has articulated his concerns in numerous debates and Town Halls throughout the course of the Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign.  In my view and in the view of many people who know him, including former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Bernie Sanders is one of the most honest politicians ever to go to Washington.  

When Bernie Sanders began his quest for the Presidency few people gave him a snowballs chance in hell to be as successful as he has been.  Bernie Sanders being in the race has clearly influenced Hillary Clinton to tilt to the left on many for the issues that Bernie has embraced over the many years he has been in Congress and over the year or so that he has been running for President.

Bernie Sanders turned the Democratic Primary Race for President into a referendum on whether or not the time had come for Americans to become involved in a New American Revolution to return to old respected values.  Bernie has not been a man who has based his politics on the preservation of the wealthy.  Just the opposite. He has based his politics on the preservation of the young, of the individual freedoms and of the political system that does not reward greed but instead rewards those individuals who are not rich enough to donate millions of dollars on their own to sponsor a candidate but are willing to make a small contribution to a political candidate that they can and do believe in.

The Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign is not over by a long shot.  It is not dead after the April 26th Presidential Primaries.  Sanders performance in these five recent Primary States has been disappointing to those of us who have believed that Bernie Sanders could do the impossible and beat Hillary Clinton in the conventional Primary System.  Clearly Bernie has done better over the course of the Democratic Party Primary Elections than anyone, including Bernie, thought he could or would do.  Bernie Sanders caught on with young people as well as with many other Democrats through his message of changing the political system from within.  He did his best but although his candidacy is far from dead it appears to be on life support at the present time.

Certainly many Bernie Sanders workers and voters are disappointed at the results of the April 26th, 2016 Primary races.  I am disappointed also.  But I would ask those Bernie Sanders supporters who are ready to take out their frustrations on the Democratic Party to think about the foolishness of taking that path.  Although Bernie Sanders has not said it yet, I am sure that when all is said and done, and if he is not the final Candidate for President on the Democratic Ticket, that Bernie Sanders will do the right thing.  Although he also will be disappointed that he wasn't able to reach the finish line successfully he will recognize that in the end he will need to swallow his pride and recommend to his fellow revolutionaries that either not voting for Hillary Clinton or, worse yet, voting for Donald Trump or any other Republican candidate that manages to steal the election from him, will result in an America that will look and seem more like Hitler's Germany or Putin's Russia than the America we have long loved and respected.  

Like Hitler's Germany's Death Camps for Jews, Donald Trump has already chosen the people he will blame for his almost certain failures.  Mexicans, Muslims, Latinos and Blacks may not end up in death camps but they may end up like the virtual slaves that Trump industries has created in Dubai by taking individual worker's passports from them and keeping them in debt so that they can't realistically return to their home countries.  And in Dubai if the Trump slaves try to escape they may be gunned down.This is the kind of man who is poised to run for President of the United States on the Republican Ticket. God Help Us.

The Truth for me is that I was a Hillary Supporter before I was a Bernie Supporter.  I was very impressed by Hillary's book, "Hard Choices"which was given to me by two of my daughters.  I was impressed by the hard work Hillary had put in as Secretary of State and New York Senator.  I voted for her in the 2008 Pennsylvania Primary Race and before Bernie announced his Candidacy I was prepared to vote for Hillary again this Primary Season.  As I watched the parade of reckless candidates gather together on the Republican side of the Presidential Primary Race I was extremely relieved when Hillary finally threw her hat into the ring on the Democratic side of the Race for the Presidency.   

In the end though I voted for Bernie Sanders this time around in the Pennsylvania Primary.

The truth is that I do not blame Hillary for winning the Democratic Presidential Primary. She was and is the most qualified candidate among those running for President on either the Republican or Democratic side.  Other people can do what they want but I will not waste my vote by sitting out the Presidential Election because I am unhappy if Bernie doesn't get the Nomination.  I will be proudly voting for Hillary Clinton in November of 2016.

As the political talk gradually becomes about Vice Presidents I would like to make a suggestion to Hillary and Bernie, regardless of who wins the Nomination for President on the Democratic side.  If Hillary wins I think she would be wise to follow the Obama playbook and the "Team of Rivals" concept and pick Bernie Sanders as her Vice President.  Yes, the battle has been bloody and battering at times during the Primaries on both sides.  Hillary and Bernie have fought hard for the nomination of their party.  But regardless of how much they have fought and disagreed with  each other they still have many views and concerns in common.  

One other suggestion for Hillary is the possibility of her appointing Bill Clinton to be her Vice President.  I don't know if a former President can legally serve as a Vice President following his 8 years as President, but Hillary and Bill could be an interesting and winning combination, as could Hillary and Bernie.  

If Hillary is the Nominee or if Bernie is the Nominee, an excellent choice for either one of them for Vice President would be Elizabeth Warren.

But the battle for the White House still continues, and as interesting and frightening as it has been I believe that  the candidates have many more surprises in store for the American Voters.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher