Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Few Words about Debbie Wasserman Schultz

June 28th, 2016

My Dear America:

Tonight it will be Hillary Clinton's turn to accept the Nomination of the Democratic Party to be the official and only Democratic Party Candidate for President this year.

It has been an outstanding Democratic National Convention.

Unfortunately it started out with a very strangely orchestrated controversy.  The Long Time Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz first of all gave up much of her scheduled duties as Party Chairperson at the Convention in Philadelphia. 

Then finally by the end of the first day of the Convention it was announced that Debbie had resigned from her position as Democratic Party Chairwoman.

The reason for Debbie's departure was an oddly timed release by Wikkileaks of hundreds of E Mails that had been hacked some time ago from the Democratic National Committee.  Although it could not be proved, there was a strong suspicion that the hackers were Russians working in collusion with the Putin Government's intelligence agency.

Certainly, the Bromance that seemed to have been brewing between Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump and his Dictator Buddy, Vladimir Putin, made this last minute Democratic distraction and smear campaign particularly troubling.  What was even more troubling was the content of the E Mails.  

The E Mails clearly showed that not only was Debbie Wasserman Schultz guilty of tipping the scales in Hillary Clinton's favor but that it seemed as though mostly every top person at the DNC was doing the same thing. 

Now clearly in the early days of the Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign it must have appeared to DWS and all the other top staffers as the DNC as though it was an open and shut case for Hillary's Primary Campaign.  It seemed pretty clear at the early stages after Hillary announced her run that pretty much everyone who could have run against her was getting out of the way and allowing Hillary the space to run unencumbered.  

Only a few lightweight Democrats, Namely Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O'Malley seemed to be in the way of Hillary's Nomination.  Clearly she would finish off Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb in the first Democratic Debate.  

Martin O'Malley would last a bit longer but he also would fall by the Democratic wayside eventually.

To almost everyone's shock and surprise, however, a serious candidate would eventually emerge to challenge Hillary Clinton.  This Candidate was a long time Independent Socialist Senator from Vermont named Bernie Sanders.  Bernie had not even identified himself as a Democrat in decades.  At first, as Bernie has bragged, his poll numbers were as low as 3 percent.  As Bernie's campaign challenge to Hillary Clinton took hold, however, his poll numbers grew steadily and rather rapidly and in the end Bernie Sanders saw his fledgling campaign turn into a National Movement and well financed Revolution within the Democratic Party.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter myself, I in no way shape or form condone the obvious prejudice and what I feel were improper discussions and actions that the DNC bigwigs took against Bernie Sanders.  

I think that I can understand their prejudice, however, especially that of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

When not too many people were interested in talking seriously or truthfully about the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was everywhere, especially on many Cable TV News Programs acting as an intelligent spokeswoman for the Democratic Party time after time.  Clearly Debbie and her cohorts at the DNC saw the prospect of success in 2016 in the election of Hillary Clinton as a given.  

That is until Bernie Sanders came along.  More than likely the way Debbie and company saw it this Radical Independent Socialist Jew Senator from Vermont was about to gum up the works and these DNC Staffers were not going to let that happen.

I feel very badly that after working hard to make this 2016 Democratic Convention such a success that Debbie Wassereman Schultz will not be able to take pride in her accomplishment.

Clearly, this Convention has been for the past 3 days and nights a resounding success and Debbie will not be allowed to participate in it's glory.  

And the Radical Jewish Candidate that Debbie and her comrades were so afraid was going to ruin their convention has in fact been a resounding star of this convention.  

While he can't be happy about the conspiring that the DNC did to him, he has not taken it out on the party.  Bernie pursued his goals with the Democratic Platform Committee and was able to guide Hillary Clinton to run on a platform of No TPP, A public Option for Healthcare and debt free college, all Bernie's goals. Certainly Bernie Sanders could have encouraged his supporters to wreck the Convention.  Bernie has, however, requested his supporters to support Hillary Clinton and to defeat Donald Trump.

The Bernie Sanders Revolution has not really been defeated.  It has been energized by this convention and when Hillary takes her oath of office in January of next year I hope she realizes that although some Sanders Voters won't vote for her, most will.

Hillary will owe her victory, at least partially, to both Bernie Sanders and to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  

I hope that in the end Hillary will thank them both.  

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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