Friday, July 15, 2016

Thank You Mister President

Friday, July 15th, 2016

My Dear America:

Although I know that I don't speak for all Americans, or even all reasonable Americans, I know that I do speak for many reasonable Americans when I say "Thank You President Obama for all of the positive things you have done and have tried to do during your presidency for America and the rest of the world."

I know it hasn't been easy to be the First Black President.  Your Election was something that set right wing America, including the KKK, The TEA Party and the Republican Party into attack mode from your first day in the White House. How you have managed to keep your cool under the constant fire of Republican insults and obstruction is beyond me.  But you did keep your cool, at least in public and for that I thank you.  

Thank you also for your efforts to follow through on George W. Bush's promise to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  You did the best you could to get us out of Iraq but when circumstances beyond your control dictated a need for the return of special forces to Iraq you acted responsibly despite the constant criticism of the Republicans regarding the Iraq policy, as well as every other policy of yours.

Thank you also for your courageous decision regarding taking out Osama bin laden.  You got little or no credit for that either.

Thank you also for improving the economy, saving Wall Street and the Auto Industry.  You also improved the employment situation which was a disaster when you took office.

Thank you also for your advocacy in looking out for the health of all Americans and turning Obamacare into a reality.  The Public Option would have been better but you succeeded where many others had failed.

I watched the ABC Town Hall last night on Television and was once again impressed with your caring and consideration of those who have been affected by gun violence over the course of your Presidency.  You have traveled to many cities in America where gun violence has killed many and left survivors with their lives turned upside down.  I applaud your caring and consideration for the victims and the survivors of gun violence.

There are many other issues you have dealt with during your Presidency which I could and do applaud but I think that one of the main things that I am proud of is that you have improved the reputation of America in the eyes of most of the countries of the world.  

I thank you for your wise and courageous behavior during this past Presidential Primary and for your honest support for Hillary Clinton, who seriously needs your help and support as she fights for the continuation of sanity in the White House.  I encourage you to continue to help Hillary and other Democrats in their quest to retrieve real Democracy during the coming years.

I hope that you have a great retirement and enjoy your time with your family and your friends.  You have many friends in this country and elsewhere in the world although it might be nice for Hillary, if she is elected, to recommend you for an appointment to the Supreme Court.  I think that this would be great for the country if we can get enough Democrats elected in the House and Senate to get you approved by Congress.

Whatever you do and whoever is elected this November, please realize that you will be missed by many, if not most of the Americans who have elected you twice and would elect you again if we had the chance to do so.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher

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